Greenbridge warned after violating traffic laws

After violating at least five traffic-related construction laws, Greenbridge development has decided to place extra workers on its surrounding streets to ensure subcontractors obey traffic laws, spokesman Mark Vevle said.

After several meetings with the community and a number of complaints, the construction developer and town staff discussed the violations of Greenbridge’s management construction plan and traffic violations, Public Works Director Lance Norris said.

He delivered a letter to the development, located near the corner of West Rosemary Street and North Graham Street, with possible actions.

“The intent is not to stop the construction, but that the behavior stops,” Norris said.

The letter stated that effective Feb. 17, the town Police Department would issue criminal citations to drivers and operators who committed violations. No citations have been issued.

Even though the development has been issued traffic violations in the past, Norris said an order to stop work is possible only if they get five violations that result in citations.

Vevle said the extra workers should help ease traffic. Additional workers were placed along Merritt Mill Road and Graham Street.

“There have been a few instances when we’ve made mistakes but that was unfortunately out of our control,” he said.

The construction company hasn’t received a citation since the meeting on Feb. 16, Norris said.

Inspections of the environmentally friendly development have found violations with the construction permit.

The construction company closed Rosemary Street without a town permit or using proper traffic control.

The company allowed construction vehicles to travel in the wrong direction on one-way streets. It also used forklifts and cranes without following traffic procedures.

Vevle said that the development hires a builder and the builders hire subcontractors, which leads to having many companies working at the site at the same time.

These violations have placed pedestrians on the surrounding streets in hazardous conditions, Norris said.

“We can only remind people of the rules so many times,” he said.

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