DTH Columnists

Henry Gargan, Opinion Editor

Henry is a senior journalism and global studies major from Chapel Hill.

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Sam Schaefer, Assistant Opinion Editor

Sam is a junior history and public policy major from Chapel Hill. 

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Alice Wilder, Feminist Killjoy

Alice is a sophomore women's and gender studies major from Charlotte

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Corey Buhay, Misadventures of a Naturalist

Corey is a senior environmental studies major from Atlanta.

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Clark Cunningham, From Atoms to Zebrafish

Clark is a senior biology and chemistry major from Chapel Hill.

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Meredith Shutt, Court of Culture

Meredith is a senior English major from Fayetteville.

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Seth Rose, Justice League

Seth is a senior political science major from Durham.

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Nikhil Umesh, Beyond the Quad

Nikhil is a senior environmental science major from Greensboro.

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Matt Leming, Dropping the 'The'

Matt is a senior Russian and computer science major from Asheville.

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Jackie O’Shaughnessy, Handle of Jack

Jackie is a senior public relations major from Holly Springs.

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