Opinion: History classes need critical inquiry

Criticism of the new Advanced Placement U.S. History (APUSH) curriculum framework is misplaced and fails to acknowledge the merits of the new structure’s intent.

Opinion: Extending rural internet access must be a priority

Lost in the clamor surrounding the possible expansion of the Google Fiber network to the Triangle has been the fact that areas of adjacent Chatham County are still not served by standard internet service providers.

Opinion: UNC should consider options to improve tailgating

With two night games already in the books, this year’s football season has started well for the UNC fan base. 

Quickhits for Sept. 18, 2014

ECU Twitter mobilized against yesterday’s light-hearted cartoon as if it were a particularly nasty STD.

Opinion: Tillis' plan won't help women pay for birth control

North Carolina voters should not be fooled by North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis’ (R) political ploy to support over-the-counter birth control medication.

Opinion: Model for athlete working group isn’t working

In management classes at Kenan-Flagler Business School, they teach that when setting up a task force, it is critical to give it a clear direction, someone to report to and a deliverable.

Opinion: The criminal justice system should be further reformed

On Sept. 12, The New York Times took a rare break from its critical coverage of North Carolina’s government to highlight a promising development: The state is saving money and improving quality of life for its residents by sending fewer parole violators back to prison. This is encouraging, but to continue toward meaningful reform, students should press for a dramatic overhaul of North Carolina’s incarceration policies.

Burn Book for Sept. 17, 2014

We bristled at Bob Hall of Democracy North Carolina’s assertion that the state had “a miserable record of voter participation.” We care, damnit!

Opinion: Attributing terrorism to Islam is counterproductive

The anniversary of 9/11 should be a time for solemn reflection, remembrance and contemplation.

Opinion: Accord on Fire and Building Safety, Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety have clear differences

When it comes to UNC’s apparel partnerships, accountability is key.

Viewpoints: Immediate military action is necessary


The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant poses an immediate threat to American lives and interests, as well as the general stability of the Middle East. Because of this and the possibility of a future threat on American soil, President Obama is justified in exercising his executive powers to conduct American-led missions in the region.

Viewpoints: Obama should seek legitimate support for action


By operating under laws designed for another conflict and allying with repressive regimes, the President has put us in a precarious strategic and moral position in the country’s fight against ISIL.

Opinion: Linchpin of UNC's accessibility is in danger

Earlier this week, The New York Times ranked UNC third among all U.S. schools for the economic diversity of its student body.

Opinion: Migrant children should not be used as political pawns

North Carolina recently joined a national conversation when the Surry County Board of Commissioners issued a strongly worded resolution to keep migrant children out of their county.

Quickhits for Sept. 11, 2014

Crap flap


Let’s get one thing straight: If you’re pooping in your residence hall’s corridors, you’re a bad person.

Opinion: Student Congress should seek consistency

Student Congress is one of the three branches that delivers on the promise of self governance for UNC students — a promise to, in the words of the student code, “enrich each student’s experience at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.”

Opinion: Housing efforts were stymied by the state

The state government bureaucracy needs to be held accountable for problems in addressing Chapel Hill’s affordable housing gap.

Opinion: Today's students should draw on past activist successes

In 1963, conservative lawmakers in Raleigh passed the infamous Speaker Ban, a law that aimed to keep communists from speaking on campus and to squelch the bourgeoning civil rights movement in Chapel Hill.

Opinion: Administrators should focus on personal education

Websites don’t go far enough to educate students about important issues facing the University.

Opinion: Antiquated law causes too much strife for cyclists

The law is stacked against cyclists in North Carolina.