Opinion: Without transparency, no confidence in endowment's ethics

The saying is "follow the money," but at UNC and many public universities it isn't that simple. 

Opinion: Language classes should include gender neutrality


The Daily Tar Heel decided to switch to gender-neutral terms to promote inclusivity in 2015. This included using the word “first-year” instead of “freshman,” and “chairperson” instead of “chairman” or “chairwoman.”

Opinion: A bill that balances ideologies? Balance this!

Another Republican state house, another bill scoring cheap political points by crying foul against liberal professors. At least this one does not even feign policy knowledge or responsibility.

Opinion: Girl is a four-letter word

“Girl power,” “riot grrrl,” and “black girl magic” are all feminist movements attempting to reclaim the word “girl” in the name of equality. But the catchall usage of the word “girl” just isn’t in line with feminist messages.

Opinion: Young, smart and broke: after leaving UNC, consider giving back

Word has it that there is an essential Carolina experience that not one of us undergraduate students — from first-year to senior — has actually experienced yet. 

Opinion: Let’s continue to help UNC become accessible to all

All UNC students deserve to be able to fully participate in their classes — which makes the work of the Accessibility Resources and Service office not only logistically important for students, teachers and staff alike, but key to UNC’s mission.

Opinion: Patronize local businesses instead of Aramark

This board has written before, though not recently, about its worries surrounding UNC’s food services provider, Aramark. Aramark supplies food for public and private prisons, something that the banners in Lenoir do not advertise. 

Opinion: Freelancers, unite!

A whole new crop of UNC seniors will graduate on May 14. Some will enter graduate school and others full-time employment or internships. Others will enter the giant “gig economy,” working in short spurts as independent contractors. 

Opinion: The cover letter: script of life, act two

With graduation comes the humbling, daunting grind of applying for gainful employment — unless that surprise trust fund or “modeling scout’s” number plays out.

Opinion: The Civil War ruined UNC and the South for years

“Down South, people are still fighting the Civil War.” Most people are familiar with this sad but true reality of how the South grapples with its racist history.

Opinion: Pretending to be homeless doesn’t solve the issue

We commend the good work being done by the Community Empowerment Fund, Habitat for Humanity and others to provide support and transition services for people experiencing homelessness in Chapel Hill.

Opinion: Gender studies classes are for all genders

Registration is in full swing and students are trying to figure out what classes to take next year. Through general education requirements, students at UNC are able and encouraged to broaden their horizons outside their chosen fields. 

Opinion: UNC should help students afford LinkedIn Premium

As the end of the school year is fast approaching, the scramble for jobs is in full force for graduating seniors.

Opinion: UNC should better promote the VISTA program

We talk about making a difference in our University, Chapel Hill, our hometowns, our state, our nation and our world. 

Opinion: Valorization makes the war drum louder

The military’s presence is etched into the composition of our University. It is near impossible to walk around campus without encountering a visual indicator of armed service. 

Opinion: Jocks vs. nerds — a peace treaty for UNC


We may as well admit it. For all the recent valorization of nerd culture, America is a society that both needs and yet continuously hates nerds.

Opinion: Withdrawing from school can be useful for some students

Every undergraduate student at UNC likely feels the pressure to graduate in four years — many of us opt to overload during registration to graduate even sooner.

Opinion: Our boys returned victorious, but they're still students


This board decided that now, while you’re still experiencing the high from rushing Franklin Street, is the time to not only thank our men’s basketball team, but to look more closely at the standards to which they are held.

Viewpoints: Teenage smoking is a major public health issue

One of the largest factors in addiction is starting early; having just one cigarette during childhood doubles the likelihood of later addiction. 

Viewpoints: Raising age is a swipe at poor young adults

The health risks of smoking, even to smokers, are accepted as reality. Yet to paraphrase i‑ek, we know what we are doing. We choose to do it anyway.