Opinion: Students should consider making a break reading list

Joy can be a complicated thing in the age of the internet. It seems easier than ever to enjoy doing something without it giving you much in return.

Opinion: The Triangle is a startup hub, but also much more

Triangles are the strongest polygons. Like all other polygons, all of a triangle’s sides are straight. But with the least number of sides of any polygon, triangles, by nature, have an underestimated strength.

Opinion: Graduate students should be allowed to self-govern

Graduate and undergraduate students study in the same libraries, go to class in the same buildings and often can be found in the same bars and coffee shops after class.

Opinion: UNC’s history task force must fulfill its potential

On Tuesday, students, staff and faculty opened their UNC email accounts and found a message from the co-chairpersons of UNC’s task force on campus history.

Opinion: Chapel Hill should stop planning and start building

Riding a bicycle in town has been a dangerous experience for many. Between 2013 and 2014, three cyclists died and 44 accidents occurred.

Opinion: UNC governance needs autonomy from the NCGA

To put it mildly, the Board of Governors has knocked its illustrious reputation (and that of the UNC system’s) down several notches in recent years.

Opinion: Activism should avoid the concept of allyship

Ally — it’s a term we throw around too often.

Opinion: Be responsible and remember to tip your bartender

You walk up to a bar and order a drink. Your bartender is friendly and fun, makes you laugh and takes your order. He or she delivers your drink back to you and takes your credit card or your crumpled bills. An exchange has been made.

Opinion: Be wary of seasonal affective disorder this winter

As the weather gets colder, so do people’s moods.

Opinion: Efforts to help refugees must begin at home

“Think globally, act locally,” is a phrase often associated with environmental movements, but the principle acquits itself well in a variety of contexts. That is why it was heartening when Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt emerged as a national leader voicing the opinion that the U.S. should accept more refugees than it currently plans to from Syria.

Opinion: LFIT classes should include mental health education

One of the few absolute certainties for any student at UNC — besides rushing Franklin after a basketball win over Duke or that social media becomes inundated with pictures of the Old Well in the spring — is that each student will have taken a Lifetime Fitness class, or its equivalent, by the time he or she has graduated.

Opinion: Proactive stance on campus internet privacy is needed

Have you looked up symptoms for an odd ailment on WebMD on a UNC internet connection? Sent anything controversial on your University email? Have a weird porn fetish?

Opinion: Housing should end zero-tolerance marijuana policy

The first time a UNC student living in a dorm is caught with a small amount of marijuana for personal use, that student can be evicted. Every time housing employees suspect marijuana use, they are mandated by UNC policy to call the police.

Opinion: All parties should actively engage with dissenters

Events on campuses across the country this week have yielded a monumental reaction.

Opinion: UNC and Chapel Hill need to create more safety lights

On Friday, a young woman was almost kidnapped. The next day, an arrest was made.

Opinion: UNC’s role requires raising standards for wages

UNC’s housekeeping staff does a lot for students living on campus. They take out pizza boxes people were too lazy to throw away themselves and clean up messes after long nights of partying, and they do it all with little gratitude or contact with students.

Opinion: Chapel Hill and Carrboro should buy their electric grids

The democratization of the energy sector is coming, but Duke Energy is digging in its heels. Its decision to challenge environmental group N.C. Waste Awareness and Reduction Network is an indication that the utility company will stop at nothing to prevent the transition to a clean energy economy.

Opinion: Chapel Hill must protect its pro-immigrant culture

Chapel Hill was once a “sanctuary city.” The town had policy to limit the power of authoritative institutions to discriminate against immigrants — sadly, this status was made illegal by the North Carolina General Assembly’s HB 318.

Opinion: Students should be required to meet with housekeepers

If you’ve ever lived on-campus, you’ve probably seen your fair share of empty pizza boxes in bathroom trash cans, candy wrappers on the lounge floor, flattened cardboard boxes tossed out in the hallway and other trash left behind by careless residents. You’ve also seen all of the above disappear by the next morning.

Opinion: Debate over free speech does not end conversations

I the summer of 1963, the North Carolina General Assembly passed the colloquial “Speaker Ban Law,” forbidding certain speakers from speaking on any public university campus, including UNC.