Opinion: UNC should enact new policy fighting substance abuse

With almost an eighth of American college students meeting the medical definition for substance abuse or dependency, something has to be done at the university level to facilitate a change in culture.

Opinion: Students need to hear from the history task force

On Sept. 2, Chancellor Carol Folt announced the UNC-Chapel Hill History Task Force. This comes after the Board of Trustees voted to rename Saunders Hall, and the task force would be responsible for researching and examining the racial history of the University, submitting the first report on McCorkle Place and Carolina Hall by Nov. 18. 

Opinion: The BOT should allow additional student trustees

There are currently 13 members of the UNC Board of Trustees. Eight were selected by the Board of Governors, four by the governor and the other is the student body president. 

Opinion: No right turns on red addresses the wrong problems

A recent suggestion by Chapel Hill Town Council addresses a wide concern about the town’s walkability. 

Opinion: Gov. Pat McCrory ought to veto anti-immigrant law

The bill is titled “Protect North Carolina’s Workers,” when it should actually read as “Protect North Carolina from Undocumented Immigrants and the Unemployed” because those are the targeted groups who supposedly threaten the integrity of this state.

Opinion: Governments should mail voter registration forms

“We should be creative, and we should accommodate the needs of every community to open up the democratic process. We should make it easy and accessible for every citizen to participate,” Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) once said.

Opinion: UNC was right in joining Coalition for Access

When graduating, students receive their degrees from UNC; the piece of paper conferred to them is not just an endorsement of their academic ability.

Opinion: A religious test has no place in NC’s constitution

Embedded in the North Carolina Constitution are these deeply unfortunate words: “The following persons shall be disqualified for office: First, any person who shall deny the being of Almighty God.”

Opinion: CCI should update campus when printers crash

You walk into Davis Library and immediately spot a long line at the printer. After waiting a few minutes, you hear a librarian say that the entire Carolina Computing Initiative Printing system is down — this would be inconvenient for some, but for those who have papers due in 5 minutes, this could be ruinous for a grade.

Opinion: UNC student government needs a unified website

As of now, the three branches of student government — the executive branch, student congress and the honor system — have three separate websites without any clear indication of how they work together.

Opinion: After a session of regression, the dust settles in Raleigh

It is finally over. The N.C. General Assembly closed its session on Wednesday. The town, the University and its community are no longer under deliberate and passive assault after a legislative onslaught in line with regressions in 2013.

Opinion: Students should explore all on-campus options

Students have had trouble with Chapel Ridge’s management, Stratford Hills and Stratford Apartments don’t come furnished, and when winter weather hits, climbing the hill from Town House Apartments is not ideal.

Opinion: Students should alter their boring wardrobes

Take a stroll through the Pit anywhere between noon and 3 p.m. on a busy weekday early in the semester. Or even a less busy weekend. It doesn’t matter.

Opinion: UNC should fund emergency support for LGBT students

College can create odd separations between family and students. While each student navigates it distinctly, a contradiction arises in the freedom of college financed by parents.

Opinion: Motorists should be cautious while driving on campus

UNC’s campus was built for pedestrians. If possible, driving should be avoided there altogether, as it mostly creates hassles and risks to safety. But people will drive on UNC’s campus as long as we live in a car-dependent culture.

Opinion: Students should shop at places that give back

The seasons are changing once again, and as the temperature drops, students are beginning to leave the shorts and T-shirts behind and make the switch to their flannels and jeans.

Opinion: Renewable projects should target a coal-free campus

Solar umbrellas, LED lighting and the shiny new solar panels on the Student Union roof are wonderful additions to this campus, courtesy of the Renewable Energy Special Projects Committee.

Opinion: Orange County should reinvest from jail to schools

This month, a Charlotte-based architecture firm began designing a new jail for Orange County, which would increase its capacity by 87 compared to the current structure.

Opinion: Students should care about local elections

If anything is clear about Chapel Hill, it is, as Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt said in a recent debate, that this is a town where for every three people, there are four opinions.

Opinion: Homelessness must not be kept out of sight

On Thursday, residents were scheduled to start moving into the new Chapel Hill homeless shelter at 1315 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.