Opinion: Help undergrads learn about rural North Carolina

Rural areas have historically been overlooked and screwed over by the political system, big business and Mother Nature.

Opinion: UNC’s culture should give more attention to rural areas

It’s been a few weeks since Hurricane Matthew struck North Carolina, and Chapel Hill residents have had little reason to consider the hurricane’s effects.

Opinion: Don't beat yourself up; take a break

Fall Break just concluded, and while you still may be a little hungover from the fall-themed parties, it was probably a great step back from all the stresses of school. 

Opinion: Don't harm yourself by doing things you hate

Obligations are important. Clubs rely on people steadily attending and participating in order to accomplish anything worthwhile. Keeping these obligations is incredibly important, but students still have an obligation to engage in self-care. 

Opinion: Walking in Chapel Hill ought to be better and safer

It is a wonderful time to be in Chapel Hill — from spooky decorations on Franklin Street to the leaves changing around the Old Well. Clearly, now is the time to compose the best Instagram photos and explore this wonderful area. 

Opinion: UNC should open up art classes to help students de-stress

Even though many of us are not particularly talented in the visual and performing arts, we can all agree that life at UNC gets stressful — especially during midterms.

Opinion: You don't have to imagine your daughter to know assault is bad

This should not have to be said, yet we must repeat it: Stop objecting to horrific actions and words against women by defining their humanity in relation to men.

Opinion: A thanks to those who help

In the afternoon of Oct. 8, the eye of Hurricane Matthew passed over Wilmington. By Oct. 10 — a mild, mostly dry weather day in southeastern North Carolina — many of the state’s rivers and waterways had flooded, stranding thousands.

Opinion: The invisible hand can kill styrofoam

Have you ever ordered a hamburger from Sutton’s to go? Or maybe frozen yogurt from YoPo? Sometimes, especially given the weather blessing Chapel Hill right now, it's enjoyable to eat on Polk Place.

Opinion: Cooper needs to take charge for N.C. to recover

Attorney General Roy Cooper should be our next governor. Cooper has a history of standing for what is right.

Opinion: North Carolinians should cast their votes for Hillary

Hillary Clinton is best suited to lead this country both in policy and in spirit. It is not her political resume that earns her this endorsement; it is her proven ability to truly listen to citizens’ needs and work tirelessly for their good.

Opinion: UNC should hire a historian of American slavery

UNC’s own history has attracted tremendous attention in the past few years — especially its racial history. The campus was built partly by enslaved people and many of our older buildings are named after slaveholders; just because this is true of other Southern institutions doesn’t make it right.

Opinion: Midterms can hurt the mind, body and spirit — take care of yourself

With midterm season upon us, the overwhelming burden of our academic and extracurricular lives rears its ugly head. So far, we have kept this monstrous beast at bay through procrastination, compartmentalization and ingestion of various sweets and substances.

Opinion: Female celebrities deserve empathy

Glossy magazine covers, photoshopped photographs and over-the-top glam contribute to the image of celebrity women as so perfectly sculpted that they are not human.

Opinion: Respect student voices in fee decisions

This year, we have seen a flurry of important fee proposals come before the set of fee committees that meet every other year at UNC. Composed of administrators and students appointed by student government, these committees hold the power to decide what student-wide fees are approved.

Opinion: Women can have hobbies, despite what men might say

As girls and women take their place in the world outside of the domestic sphere, they inevitably find hobbies that have historically had a male audience. 

Opinion: UNC should provide more lactation spaces on campus

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the color pink is everywhere. Pink ribbons fly, people run 5Ks in pink tutus and even the NFL, with its rocky-at-best gendered history, trades out some team colors for pink.

Opinion: Instruction, not administration, is our mission

Administrative bloat is a topic on which conservatives and liberals seemingly agree. All parties seem to agree cutting salaries and costs at the administrative level is worthwhile. We admire and commend this cost control. 

Opinion: All genders should play, and we don’t care who knows

The high-paying, professional sports world is occupied only by men. According to Forbes Magazine, no female athletes are in the top-25 highest paid.

Opinion: Consider the ethics of the demand you create for drugs

College students are among the staunchest participants in the movement for ethical purchasing.