Opinion: UNC needs to adopt a new pass/fail gen-ed policy

General education requirements demand students expand their mindset beyond their chosen discipline.

Opinion: Orientation planners should revisit time uses

Stress is high at New Student Orientation: new faces, new places and a whole lot of new information.

Opinion: Chapel Hill should publicly remember Lincoln High

Lincoln High School, a school built to keep people separate, was the 1961 AA football champion. Or at least that’s what the trophy, now sitting in a dusty cabinet in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools’ central office, says.

Letter: Life does not contain any trigger warnings

I refused to read the summer reading book. 

Letter: We should give Coach Fedora our support

In response to Jack Carver’s letter, “Larry Fedora’s record is disappointing,” in my opinion Coach Fedora still deserves our unwavering support.

Opinion: Board of Governors should own up to its political nature

Although the problem of money in politics has become a much-discussed issue in the presidential race, this issue is not confined to national politics. In fact, it reaches right to the heart of the UNC system’s governance.

Opinion: CDS and FLO Food are advancing mutual goals

Carolina Dining Services is practicing what it preaches about sustainability. Its actions provide a refreshing break from usually unresponsive bureaucratic models on campus.

Opinion: Summer reading should integrate other art forms

When students enroll in the University of North Carolina, most understand that they will be entering a community devoted to tackling some of society’s most pressing issues.

Opinion: Professors should share their views in popular forums

UNC is a place where experts in particular fields impart their knowledge to others in an institutionalized manner.

Opinion: Syllabuses should contain helpful content advisories

Trigger warnings — alerts to material that may elicit negative emotional reactions — are a topic of debate among professors.

Column: Welcome to ‘Having It All’


Daily Tar Heel online managing editor Kelsey Weekman and I spent the summer talking about a podcast.

Opinion: UNC entreprenurial community needs greater inclusion

Last Wednesday, Chancellor Carol Folt’s welcome-back message highlighted a leadership award UNC received from Deshpande, a foundation that promotes entrepreneurship across industries.

Opinion: Hooker Fields needs to create a physical schedule.

UNC students are incredibly privileged to enjoy the sports and recreation facilities provided by our University.

Editorial: Federal recognition needed for Northside district

Chapel Hill and Orange County are not unique in their lack of affordable housing. There is not a single county in the United States that meets the demand, according to a CityLab article.

Opinion: A new jersey policy would be an embarrassing farce

Several high-profile Division I NCAA colleges are changing their jersey policies, and UNC might be joining them.

Opinion: UNC should respond to activism with public action

The spray-painting of Silent Sam for the second time in three months is not the beginning of a discussion; it is the outcome of one.

Opinion: UNC should stand by employees in a consistent manner

When several UNC academic personnel were fired in the aftermath of the release of the Wainstein report, it seemed easy to believe that the rolling of heads would soon begin to slow.

Opinion: Board of Governors must engage the public

With the UNC Board of Governors’ interview process for the next UNC-system president slated to begin in September, the board’s unwillingness to make more than token efforts at democratization is disheartening.

Opinion: Binge drinking problems require a policy shift

In fraternity basements, at crowded house parties and behind dorm room walls, incoming college students will spend these first few weekends of the semester drinking. 

Quick hits for July 23, 2015

This up thumb goes out to every rapper that didn’t tweet a link to Meek Mill’s new album, inspiring Meek’s Tuesday night social media rant. Oh, and Meek? Please don’t worry about people comparing you to Drake, you’re about 10 hit songs and one teen soap opera away from being in any danger of that comparison.