Opinion: Community interests ought to be primary

When the decision about Student Stores was announced last week — after 100 years of operation, Barnes & Noble College Booksellers would privatize the store — people across campus and Chapel Hill were quick to react. Some praised the decision, while others lamented. Activists rallied as employees adjusted their plans. Administrators negotiated details; social media users opined within minutes of the news breaking.

Editorial: Critiquing UNC shows you care about its future

Unbridled support for an institution is harmful. If we are not willing to critique something we love, then we are not being responsible members of our community.

Opinion: Fraternities ought to reform a toxic culture

On April 20, the Interfratenity Council and student government held a cookout in Fraternity Court, with proceeds going to Project Dinah, a campus anti-interpersonal violence organization. On April 7, four fraternities hosted It’s On Us, a fundraiser for the Orange County Rape Crisis Center.

Opinion: 2016 is a fee-setting year, now is the time to be heard

Most UNC students have had the experience of glancing at our tuition bills and seeing a long lineup of mandatory fees. We also speak in the terms of “tuition and fees” when we discuss the true cost of higher education.

Opinion: Follow the Carolina Way: have some pride

With spring comes final grades and graduation, evidence and reward of the work UNC students have put into their studies. But grades can also reflect lack of work. 

Opinion: Culture and its appropriation are complicated

On Wednesday, when you walk to the Pit, you’ll be greeted with the sight of people of all colors and races wearing turbans and enjoying some free food. What’s going on? Is it the premier of a new clothing line by Turban Outfitters? 

Opinion: Launch Burr into sun

United States Sen. Richard Burr, R–N.C., and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D–Calif., both have a long record of undermining Americans’ Constitutional Fourth Amendment privacy rights regarding government spying and the NSA, and have recently introduced legislation together that would force American companies to de-encrypt their software whenever government agents demand it.

Opinion: Students going abroad ought to find justification

Based on its brochures, UNC prides itself on its global engagement. Study abroad programs, service trips and research are the three ways in which UNC students are encouraged to travel globally. Some of our full-ride merit scholarships pay for their first-year students for them to specifically have a global experience. There are endless scholarships and grants geared toward getting students out of our country into another one.

Column: Power of action and self-doubt


Like many on the staff of The Daily Tar Heel, I had no intention of coming to UNC to become a writer.

Opinion: A ceremony for the segregated should be held in the fall

Earlier this year, a slight kerfuffle played out in the pages of local media outlets, including this one, about the installation of a marker in the Old Chapel Hill Cemetery honoring African-Americans buried in unmarked graves there.

Opinion: Call-out culture can cause harm to activist coalitions

In organizing spaces, disagreement and holding ourselves accountable is key.

Opinion: UNC Greeks can help further fight against HB2

In light of the passing of House Bill 2, several organizations have been taking action. A great deal of this organizing has centered queer and transgender folks of color, prompting some to believe that their ability to organize or participate is unwelcome.

Opinion: It’s not too late to find summer internships

It’s April, and many students may be feeling distress right now about not having a summer internship lined up — but they should not. There are still some opportunities to find a summer internship, and there are plenty of other opportunities for gainfully spending the summer even if an internship doesn’t work out.

Opinion: Students need to thank educators who helped them

With the four years undergraduates study at UNC and the thousands of dollars they, their parents, the state and the federal government have put up for them to do so, one would hope an educator or two made an impact.

Opinion: Universities must question how they treat their workers

Student organizers at Duke have been protesting the racialized abuse of campus workers. We appreciate those students for reminding us the ways power colors the relationships between universities and workers.

Opinion: Folt deserves credit for coming out against HB2

On Friday evening, Chancellor Carol Folt, along with several other administrators, sent the third campuswide email regarding House Bill 2. Finally, university leaders took a true stance on the issue, saying, in part, “we don’t agree with the Act” rather than vaguely alluding to uncontroversial values.

Opinion: Sportsmanship is required for both fans and players

After UNC’s heartbreaking championship loss Monday, our town and campus had the blues. And while we have a few almost universally agreed-upon prescriptions for how we should channel our excitement when we win — rushing Franklin Street, some kind of bonfire, and likely a celebratory visit to an iconic Chapel Hill bar — we’re left with very few guidelines for how we should express our disappointment when we lose.

Opinion: Quote tests and final papers impede class engagement

Let’s begin with a test. Below are four quotes. Choose to answer all four. For each, recall the exact editorial these quotes are from. Additionally, include the actual author and write a brief paragraph about the significance of each. Go.

Opinion: Outside institutions should engage to fight HB 2

One of the biggest peaks in the news cycle following the passage of North Carolina’s House Bill 2 into law has been the announcement by PayPal that the company is canceling plans to open an office in Charlotte. PayPal is not alone in cutting off cultural and economic ties to North Carolina.

Opinion: What did Ben Shapiro’s lecture teach the left?

It was fitting that moments after the release of House Bill 2, noted editorial writer formerly with Breitbart News, Ben Shapiro, would grace this campus. To the dismay of the UNC College Republicans, Shapiro thought to address who really has an “obsession with race.” Yet, to the surprise of many at UNC, it’s in no way, shape or form the so-called “left.” As two (of three) writers of color currently serving on the editorial board, we, among several of our peers, are critical of notions of race and gender and how they manifest as sites of controversial public discourse.