Opinion: If Saunders Hall is renamed, nothing will be lost

The plaque on the front of Saunders Hall displays the name of Colonel William Lawrence Saunders, the person the building is named in honor of, along with his titles as secretary of state and editor of colonial records of North Carolina. It conveniently leaves out his title as Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan of North Carolina.

Opinion: It’s our job to talk back

While the decision by the UNC Board of Governors to oust Tom Ross as the president of the UNC system without offering any credible explanation is disturbing enough on its own, it is totally in line with the board’s past behavior. It is outrageous, but it is not surprising.

Opinion: Legacy admission is affirmative action for the privileged

To create a balanced student body, UNC’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions makes an effort to admit more underrepresented students.

Quickhits for Jan. 29, 2014

While the implications of UNC’s decades-long tango with scandal are far from behind us, suffice it to say we don’t exactly feel the NCAA possesses the necessary moral high ground to participate in that process. It might remove UNC’s 2005 banner, but you can bet the NCAA won’t be giving up any of its 2005 profits.

Opinion: Let’s do more to fulfill UNC’s ideal of campus support

At UNC, we enjoy thinking of ourselves as as a tight-knit community, one where every Tar Heel belongs to the same big, happy family.

Opinion: The IFC should offer new members risk-reduction training

Many Chapel Hill partygoers are familiar with the practice of specifying sober brothers at fraternity functions to maintain safety and protect property.

Opinion: TEDxUNC makes us feel good, but does it make us think?

Where the TED brand appears, people follow. The popular nonprofit organization’s campus affiliate, TEDxUNC, is among UNC’s most visible organizations.

Opinion: Well-informed tenants are less easily exploited

Students in the market for off-campus housing should use the resources the staff at Carolina Student Legal Services has to offer.

Opinion: Renewed dorm rivalries could liven up South Campus

Once upon a time, there existed real, passionate rivalries between UNC’s South Campus dorms. This playful spirit was encouraged by the practice of organizing intramural competition according to hall or suite.

Opinion: UNC's international profile could be more competitive

It is clear from its mission statement that the University of North Carolina operates in order to better both its students and the state from which it takes its name.

Opinion: We must unite to protest BOG's actions

It’s been exactly one week, and the UNC-system Board of Governors has remained confusingly mum on its move to oust system President Tom Ross.

Opinion: Hypocrisy abounds in UNC’s handling of the Mock case

The lack of attention from the University regarding wrestling coach C.D. Mock’s personal campaign to blame women in general for his son’s sexual assault accusations indicates this university is comfortable with double standards.

Opinion: Cancellation of call to prayer at Duke was wrong response to extremist threats

When Duke University decided to reverse course on its decision to allow the recitation of the adhan, the traditional Muslim call to prayer, from its chapel bell tower, a university spokesman said in an official statement that this “effort to create unity was not having the intended effect.”

Burn Book for Jan. 21, 2015

Diligent readers might recall a certain column from early last semester, written by the potentially clairvoyant Seth Rose. In this column, Rose discussed rumors that system president Tom Ross might soon be removed from office.

Opinion: Shrewd silence on Ross decision must not be overlooked

Tom Ross’ ouster as UNC system president is troubling in its own right, but more troubling still has been the Board of Governors’ unwillingness to explain itself.

Opinion: Alcohol policy should face up to power imbalances

Getting drunk is a central part of the college experience for many students. It has been for a very long time, and despite the best efforts of administrators, police and parents, it likely will be for the foreseeable future.

Opinion: Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream is still far off

Mainstream conversations about Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy rarely acknowledge the historical truth that King was a political radical.

Quickhits for Jan. 15, 2015

Vive la liberte!


Mere days after millions filled the streets in France to march in support of free speech and against all those who would threaten it, the French government has arrested a comedian for posting on social media a joke that was, admittedly in poor taste, about the previous week’s attacks.