Quick hits for July 23, 2015

This up thumb goes out to every rapper that didn’t tweet a link to Meek Mill’s new album, inspiring Meek’s Tuesday night social media rant. Oh, and Meek? Please don’t worry about people comparing you to Drake, you’re about 10 hit songs and one teen soap opera away from being in any danger of that comparison.

Opinion: The UNC community should stand by Gene Nichol

Gene Nichol, an outspoken critic of poverty and the state’s unwillingness to address it, must not be silenced. The University’s Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity closed last month, but its mission is resurrected with the establishment of the N.C. Poverty Research Fund.

Opinion: Deadly decisions are easier to make than we like to think

Early Sunday morning, a UNC student sped the wrong direction on Interstate 85 and collided with a car containing four people, two of them children ages 6 and 9.

Quick hits for July 16, 2015

Years after NASA demoted Pluto to a “dwarf planet,” they’ve decided to do a fly-by and take pictures of the celestial body. Oh, I thought you didn’t care, NASA? I thought you were over Pluto and moving on to planets that clear their orbit? This is the planetary equivalent of liking an ex’s Instagram post from five months ago.

Opinion: Interactive theater does not silence conservatives

There is a tide of conversation about the degree to which UNC has become or is becoming too focused on “social justice.” And it has gained momentum since an incoming freshman posted a blog in the Chatham Journal Newspaper about his experience at UNC’s new student orientation.

Opinion: Orientation should increase focus on sexual violence

Students interviewed for a piece on sexual assault prevention training at New Student Orientation in the July 9 edition of The Daily Tar Heel said that sexual assault was mentioned briefly during several presentations but that they didn’t come away from the orientation with a clear understanding of the University’s sexual assault policy.

Quick hits for July 9, 2015

This week’s celebrity break up: Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick. We have so many cherished memories of this couple, from Kourtney throwing all of Scott’s clothes off her balcony to Scott helping Kourtney serve placenta to her family — and all the breakups in between. Here’s hoping these crazy kids get back together soon.

Opinion: UNC should respond to graffiti with a robust dialogue

This editorial is not about spray paint. It is not about the cost of cleaning off Silent Sam or whether or not it’s OK to paint a public monument. That conversation, that debate about vandalism, is a distraction from bigger issues related to white supremacy.

Quick hits for July 2, 2015

On Tuesday, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced they are divorcing after 10 years of being Hollywood’s most low-key power couple. We’re sad, but the pain is minor compared to the agony of Kanye West’s split with former BFF Jay Z. At least we’ll always have the most dependable celeb couple, Cher and Twitter.

Opinion: N.C. Senate should not cut funding for teacher assistants

At first glance, the N.C. Senate’s current budget proposal is good news for North Carolina’s teachers.

Opinion: Don't tell black people how to react to racist violence

In the past 10 days, at least five predominately black churches have burned, according to The Washington Post. Authorities are investigating at least three as arson cases.

Quick hits for June 25, 2015

Former tween Disney star Hilary Duff’s new album Breathe In. Breathe Out. is so good. It’s a post-divorce pop album that will have you ready to bash any man who has ever hurt her. Plus, turns out all of us who were fans of “So Yesterday” in elementary school were just deeply hipster third graders, way ahead of the Duff curve.

Opinion: William Aycock and Elson Floyd's legacies provide guidance in current challenges

UNC lost two leaders in higher education this week in William B. Aycock, the chancellor from 1957 to 1964, and Elson Floyd, a former UNC administrator who went on to become a national leader in higher education.

Opinion: White supremacists who held positions of power should not be honored

On UNC’s campus, every building named after persons who perpetrated policies of white supremacy should be renamed.

Quick hits for June 18, 2015

When former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush announced his candidacy for president, he debuted his logo: a clunky “Jeb!” in a font so corny it almost seems he’s launching an off-Broadway one- man show — which we’d totally go to, by the way.

Opinion: Local governments know better what to do about streets

Buried in a N.C. House of Representatives bill is a section which could limit a city’s ability to add bike lanes to their streets.

Opinion: Prison lockback is cruel and unusual punishment

The Durham County Jail is hidden in plain sight. It’s a looming gray building right across the street from the Durham Performing Arts Center.

Quick hits for June 11, 2015

A restaurant called Crepe Culture will open on Franklin Street on Fourth of July weekend. We’re sure their crepes and coffee are stellar, but they should have asked literally anyone before picking that particular name — and choosing a location next to one of the most fratty business on Franklin Street: Gentlemen’s Corner.

Opinion: The NCAA’s look at UNC is a sideshow to real issues

At first glance, the NCAA’s notice of allegations doesn’t contain any substantial new information. Their main charge — that UNC lacked institutional control, should shock no one.

Quick hits for June 4, 2015

In case Netflix wasn’t already doing enough damage to your GPA, UNC students living on campus can access HBO GO with their ONYEN and password.