Opinion: Graduation needs a student speaker competition

It is May 2017. You’re about to graduate from these halls and go out from Chapel Hill to make something of yourself. 

Opinion: 2016 was pretty bad, but let’s find something good

2016 was awful. No matter who you are, you probably have a reason to hate 2016. 

Opinion: Embrace the person, reject the radical

It is no secret that Americans are watchful and quite vigilant of Islamic extremism, both at home and abroad. What’s more, American researchers and the American government have invested considerable money and time into examining the methods of radicalization used to draw people into extremist lies.

Opinion: We allow ourselves to be bound by bureaucracy

The revolution will not be televised for the necessary revolution is no longer sexy.

Opinion: Gift giving can be stressful. Donations are always nice.

The holiday season is here! While there is no shortage of things to look forward to — presents, family, alcoholic eggnog to avoid said family — it is not all great. Gift giving is a social waltz that can make you look stingy, foolish, lavish or like a bad friend. 

Opinion: Vulnerability is good, even for professional football players

Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly’s concussion meant he missed another game Sunday, this time against Seattle.

Opinion: Nuance became a buzzword. Can we save it?

Nuance in writing and debate is useful to make an argument more convincing and powerful. As with any seemingly useful term, like “entrepreneurial” or “leadership,” the value of the word can decrease the more it is used. This is one of the reasons that “nuance” is now such a buzzword.

Quick hits for Dec. 1, 2016

Hey, bud. We know you practiced real hard. All the times we played catch in the yard should’ve paid off.

Opinion: UNC’s Republicans need to disavow the president-elect

This year, the College Republicans decided to neither endorse nor disavow the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

Opinion: We need more women analyzing sports

Sexism in sports is not a secret. Opportunities are scarce even in the journalism world. Often when reporting positions become available, women are relegated to the sidelines.

Opinion: We can all learn from Glenn Beck’s change of heart

2016 was truly the year of “anything can happen.” In the most obvious ways, it set the stage for major changes that are going to come in the political and international spheres of the world. 

Opinion: A nation divide might not need to stand

Immediately following the election, calls for unity were everywhere, coming from a lot of people. The president, the president-elect, Hillary Clinton and others on all political sides talked about the healing process.

Opinion: Free speech is good in theory, but not so easy in practice

Free speech is one of those rights that falls under the “applies to all people” category. It is considered undeniable, equalizing and ought to be well respected. All of this is true in theory and should be something we strive to uphold.

Opinion: We should more actively seek out objective truths

Science is perhaps the most grounded connection we have to the laws that govern our world. Public policies, which quite literally govern our world, should be predicated on these scientific facts.

Opinion: Public schools should empower future adults

Public education is a beautiful thing. It ideally takes kids from all walks of life, regardless of any outside factors, and gives them an equal and undeniable opportunity to learn.

Opinion: Journalism should seek the truth, not balance sides

From newsrooms, living rooms and war rooms alike, a consensus emerges: Journalists did not cover this election, or President-elect Trump, correctly.

Opinion: Now is the time for all of us to speak out against hate

The Ku Klux Klan is holding a rally in our state. The white nationalist group — or more accurately, white terrorist group — was thought to have been driven into the dark corners of the internet and fringes of society. That is no longer the case.

Opinion: Donald Trump is not the problem; he only represents it

Sometimes the biggest jokes aren’t funny at all, and honestly no better notion can sum up the most recent presidential election cycle than that one. 

Opinion: Is it necessary to throw off unjust governments?

Personal morality and national citizenship usually go hand-in-hand in the United States. Doing what is right in your own life can lead to a more sustainable and strong government. 

Opinion: The Constitution is important all day, every day

The checks and balances of our government’s constitution deserve respect all the time, even if just to preserve them for times like these. With President-elect Donald Trump taking office next year, these mechanisms to prevent the abuse of power will likely be tested.