Opinion: Products preventing sexual assault don’t address rape culture

Some problems can’t be solved by getting your nails done.

Opinion: Complete Carolina is a Band-Aid solution for systemic problems

The University’s new Complete Carolina program for athletes who have left the university to return and complete their degrees on the University’s dime is a fine program that addresses, on a local level, an injustice allowed by NCAA rules.

Opinion: Soccer would benefit from a lengthened season

W hen people think about UNC athletics, they’re usually thinking of the teams that play in the Dean E. Smith Center and Carmichael Arena.

Opinion: New methods are needed to address hazing on campus

It is too soon to opine on allegations that the football team hazed a player, but now is the perfect opportunity for all University stakeholders to engage in a broader dialogue on hazing.

Opinion: The sexual assault policy needs to be openly reviewed

The University must stop delaying the release of the draft report from the Sexual Assault Task Force. 

Opinion: The conditions at Chapel Hill High School are unacceptable

It is the responsibility of Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools to improve teacher satisfaction at Chapel Hill High School, the district’s oldest high school.

Opinion: Smith Center renovations should target students

The athletic department’s decision to postpone its renovations of the Smith Center should be welcomed.

Opinion: Sorority recruitment demands too much from first-years

It would be an understatement to say that the institutional differences between fraternity rush and sorority recruitment exhibit a microcosm of the grander gender double-standard UNC Greek life practices day in and day out.

Opinion: Students deserve explanation for extended projects

One of the most reliable sources of griping from students at UNC is construction. The project for asbestos removal on the quad is only the latest source of complaints (and kvetches).

Opinion: Proposed cuts to programs could affect economy

UNC-Chapel Hill has a reputation for excellence as one of the top public research universities in the nation. This status could be at risk if the UNC Board of Governors goes through with proposed cuts to the system’s research centers.

Opinion: McCrory's stock holdings in Duke threaten public's trust

Residents of North Carolina deserve a government that makes decisions in their best interests, not one that maximizes dividends and returns on investment.

Opinion: Students should volunteer in the Northside area

First-year students wandering campus with maps and class schedules are the most visible indication that a new crop of students has arrived at the University. Yet beyond campus, a less noticeable but equally important group of students is preparing to live independently for the first time.

Opinion: Promotions at bars should not manipulate women

Country Night at East End had long been a Tuesday night staple for undergraduates because of its 18-and-up policy at the door. Now, citing “space concerns” following East End’s closure, Deep End’s management has decided to charge higher covers for men between the ages of 18 and 20 than for women of the same age.

Opinion: Pentagon program only encourages abuse of power

The events in Ferguson, Mo., constitute the latest battle in the war between the public and local authorities.

Opinion: BOG's unanimous decision to cap need-based aid was too hasty

The North Carolina Board of Governors decided over the summer to put a cap on the amount of need-based aid UNC is allowed to draw out of other students’ tuition.

Quick Hits for July 24, 2014

Newly named North Carolina poet laureate Valerie Macon resigned last Thursday after an uproar from the N.C. literary community over her limited qualifications for the job.

Opinion: Chapel Hill needs to find more money to fund new buses

Time and time again, we’ve heard that many of the buses that are part of Chapel Hill Transit’s 99-bus fleet are at the age where they need to be replaced.

Opinion: N.C. leaders shouldn’t give up on Common Core yet

Public education should always be an issue treated with the utmost seriousness.

Quick Hits for July 17, 2014

The World Cup came to an end Sunday and with it goes one of the best modern sports traditions: crowd shots.

Opinion: Chapel Hill shouldn’t reject potential added tax revenue

E arlier this month, the Chapel Hill Town Council approved a bid from the UNC Arts and Sciences Foundation to buy the old public library property at 523 E. Franklin St.