Opinion: Why every student should spend a summer on campus

Not everyone knows what it takes to put a paper together. The quotes won’t always be perfect, although we try our best to have crystal clear citations, sometimes they fall short.

Opinion: Here’s a summary of this summer’s many happenings

It’s been a long, incredibly eventful summer. As we’ve been scurrying in and out of our office all summer, our budget meetings have never been short of ideas. For those of you that may have missed a paper or two, because or traveling or a mishap, the opinion desk is here to help.

Opinion: In times like these, we need not forget what unites us

We, as humans, all have two things in common. We were born, and we will die. The identities, affiliations, and social groups that we join along our journey are what differentiate us.

Opinion: We challenge you to confront the uncomfortable

As humans, we strive for internal consistency. When things don’t add up, we get uncomfortable.

Opinion: Come at us bro, in ways that we can actually interact

We get it, readers have opinions too. But as a part of the page that is required to scan through our online comments to fill the wonderful little box on the upper right hand corner on our page each week, we’ve noticed some things.

Opinion: Abigail may be mad, but you shouldn't be

In November 2014, Students for Fair Admissions filed a lawsuit against UNC and Harvard University.

Opinion: The ACC doesn't account for all of athletes' needs

With each passing year, it becomes more and more difficult for student athletes to maintain their performance on the fields and courts while staying afloat academically.

Opinion: College student voter apathy is a problem

2016 has been a worldwide whirlwind of politics.

Opinion: Conversations do not lose their importance

Last Sunday, news cycles and social media feeds were filled with condolences and statement of support for the city of Orlando and those impacted by the massacre.

Opinion: There are very, very special people in our midst

It’s easy to be consumed with negative things and people that we are surrounded by each and every day.

Opinion: People, not gun control are the main problem

The problem is not gun control; the problem is your attitude about the problem.

Opinion: Think critically about how you act in the polls

Many of those who did (and still do) “feel the Bern” have publicly announced their decision to write in Bernie Sanders as opposed to voting for Hillary Clinton.

Opinion: What in the world happened to Taffye Clayton?

Last fall semester, a meeting was held in the basement of South Building. If you haven’t been, the basement of South Building is home to Diversity and Multicultural Affairs. Called DMA for short, the office is home to a passionate, intelligent staff dedicated to bettering the Carolina community through diversity.

Opinion: There’s something to learn in losing the Daily Grind

There is a lesson in loss. No matter how large or small, each loss (or change) is an opportunity to learn. You can learn from misplacing your keys one too many times, watching a development grow right underneath your nose, or the loss of a pet.

Opinion: Orientation should include recent history, too

"So it’s ra-ra Carolina-lina Ra-ra Carolina-lina Ra-ra Carolina-lina GO TO H*LL DUKE!"

Opinion: Look at the entire picture, not just the stalls involved

How dare President Spellings ignore a law that is meant to protect the wives, daughters, and sisters of America.

Opinion: UNC could benefit from choosing to 'ban the box'

What if aspiring UNC students did not have to provide information about their criminal history? Regardless of the severity of the crime, what if they didn’t have to report it?

Opinion: Students should know more about the way UNC works

Students should know more about UNC, the UNC system, and the way in which both operate.

Opinion: Give Tar Heel Yard Sale a break

UNC’s Athletic Department held their first Tar Heel Yard Sale this Saturday to rid itself of surplus equipment.

Opinion: UNC should create healthier food options

If you walk down Franklin Street on an empty stomach, you will be hard pressed to not find something to eat — from the irresistible fry sauce of Sup Dogs to the sweet, creamy goodness of YOPO.