Opinion: NC should remove senseless handicaps on craft breweries

The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, an up-and-coming craft brewery based in Charlotte, announced earlier this month that it was pulling out of a large investment in the Triad area — not because of bad business outlooks, but because government regulations forced its hand.

Opinion: Greek life needs to update policies for LGBTQ inclusion

These are queer times indeed. If this statement makes you uncomfortable, consider the consequences queer and transfolk face when we continue to ignore, neglect, avoid, kill, deny or otherwise disrespect their personhood.

Opinion: Student elections are key to bringing change to UNC

This editorial board has not held back our criticisms of student government. We understand how frustrating student politics can be.

Opinion: Wilson Library’s hours are not ideal for researchers

UNC, we are constantly reminded, is a research university. Our core mission is knowledge creation. Everything else is second.

Opinion: UNC should set hard deadlines regarding climate issues

UNC’s decision to drop its 2020 deadline for a coal-free campus is understandable but concerning.

Opinion: UNC must question why women are not running for SBP

As the race in the Democratic primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders narrows, sophisticated conversations around gender identity and its relevance in politics are intensifying across the nation.

Opinion: UNC should help volunteers pay for background checks

Public service is one of the three tenets of our University’s mission. The emphasis on public service while we’re in college transforms us from students into change-makers in the community.

Opinion: Chapel Hill should welcome young professionals

You’d think that in a town like Chapel Hill, built around a college like UNC, there would be plenty of young professionals walking down Franklin Street, eating in our restaurants and working in our offices.

Opinion: The SBP should be willing to take political stances

Ah... Welcome back to February. Where the Pit and your social media becomes dominated with one thing and one thing only: UNC’s student body president election.

Opinion: The future of UNC must be fought through elections

Activism is, by definition, risking something. In the case of the protestors at Tuesday’s Board of Governors meeting, the activists present risked their physical well-being, their arrest records and, in the case of the UNC student charged with a felony, their very democratic franchise.

Opinion: State follows job centered approach in bond focus

On March 15, we voting Northern Carolinians will decide on a $2 billion investment in important infrastructure across the state, almost half of which will be directed toward the UNC school system. 

Opinion: Potential RFPs need to be open for the UNC community.

As the administration has considered privatizing UNC Student Stores over the past few months, parts of the campus community have communicated one message loudly: Save our store.

Quickhits for Jan. 28., 2016


Opinion: Greeks should look to defer rush for first-years

Within two weeks of stepping on our college’s campus, many first-years have made a decision that will define them for the rest of their UNC experience. 

Opinion: Alligators should be protected, not hunted for sport

It may come as a surprise to some that the American alligator lives in the southeastern part of North Carolina. The reptile is currently on the threatened list, but according to a survey done in 2015 — the first state alligator survey in 30 years — their population is rising.

Opinion: UNC should not take leave time from its workers

For most students, the snow day last Friday meant no classes, sledding and hot chocolate — ultimately, a carefree day with the occasional study session. This idyllic existence was far from the reality of many of the UNC system’s employees.

Opinion: UNC printing has declined, but the fight is not over

In 2006, UNC printed nearly 30 million pages, which, going off a metric from the Sierra Club’s website, took between 15,000 to 20,000 tons of wood to produce — that is a lot of trees that could have populated a park or forest.

Opinion: How to cope with reverse culture shock after a trip

At their best, the many study abroad programs offered by UNC are an instrumental part of the undergraduate curriculum, as evidenced by the countless photos that students post on social media in case their friends forget how much fun they’re having.