Quick hits for May 21, 2015

After six years in office, President Barack Obama finally has a Twitter account. Stay tuned for the mass email asking the nations youth such probing questions as, “How do you retweet?” and ,“What’s #TIDAL?”

Opinion: Sex education is the best method for reducing abortions

House Bill 465 is one step closer to Gov. Pat McCrory’s desk. It has reached the N.C. Senate and is now in committee. This bill, primary sponsors of which are all Republican women, would add a 72 hour waiting period between the initial consultation and the actual abortion procedure.

Opinion: UNC’s legal defense in athletes’ lawsuit is hypocritical

On May 15, UNC filed additional documents in a suit brought against the University by former UNC athletes Rashanda McCants and Devon Ramsay. The NCAA was also named as a defendant.

Quick hits for May 14, 2015

Shouts out to the members of the Class of 2015 who showed up to commencement with handles of whiskey and fragrant blunts.

Opinion: Student’s Instagram post should be taken seriously

When a student at East Chapel Hill High School posted a photo of herself and friends holding Confederate flags during a school field trip, members of the community were right to be outraged.

Opinion: Footage from police body cameras should be public

In April, North Carolina legislators introduced House Bill 713, which would explicitly allow police departments to withhold video captured by body and dashboard mounted cameras.

Opinion: Administrators shouldn’t run from real opinions

Some things just don’t require a consensus.

Opinion: It really is a ‘Hunting Ground’

My dad once bought me pepper spray and told me it would be a college necessity. 

Opinion: Give race more space at UNC


When I was a rising senior in high school, I was nominated to attend Project Uplift by a counselor because I was in the top portion of my class — and also because I am considered an ethnic minority.

Opinion: To love UNC, we must fight for its reform


As you read this, the UNC Board of Trustees’ effort to decide on an appropriate response to the proposed renaming of Saunders Hall and contextualization of UNC’s history continues.

Opinion: Keep improving Greek life


Serious improvements in risk reduction have occurred within Greek life during my three years of fraternity membership at UNC.

Opinion: The “Move UNC Forward” petition is deeply misguided

Professor Cindy Schauer’s petition to “move UNC forward” from its athletic-academic scandal seems to be motivated by good intentions — namely, to refocus UNC’s attention upon other pressing issues. Ultimately, however, the over 100 professors who have signed the petition seem too eager to embrace complacency. 

Opinion: This editorial board also faces a diversity crisis

Throughout the year, this editorial board has written extensively on the problem of inadequate diversity within university and state institutions.

Opinion: Regulate marijuana in accordance with risk, not fear

Intoxication of any kind must be treated seriously. 

Opinion: UNC’s next system president will likely be a white man

Even prior to UNC-system President Tom Ross’s official resignation, the UNC community has been abuzz with the question of who will step into the presidency next.

Opinion: Campus speakers should be chosen with discretion.

David Horowitz’s speech at UNC earlier this week, sponsored by the College Republicans among other organizations, has rightfully provoked an outcry, including a social media campaign, #NotSafeUNC, which highlights the various ways students who are members of marginalized groups at UNC are made to feel unsafe.

Opinion: Studying abroad is more complex than often portrayed

Discussions of studying abroad are often paired with idealized stories of broadened perspectives, breathtaking sightseeing and an exceptional Instagram feed.

Opinion: Making plaques a senior gift would force UNC’s hand

Students should not have to pay extra for a campus whose buildings do not explicitly honor white supremacists.

Opinion: An emphasis on public space could enliven Chapel Hill

Carrboro, our westerly neighbor, hosted the Open Streets Festival on Sunday.

Opinion: Punishing students for extra semesters is unnecessary

UNC should discontinue penalties for undergraduates who need more than eight semesters to finish a degree.