Opinion: Not releasing body camera footage only hurts trust

Police body camera programs came about to help civilians and police officers hold each other accountable. 

Opinion: Oppression spreads beyond any nation’s borders

Police look at you strangely, you get stopped randomly, you’re treated like a second-class citizen, and your life is seen as either a number or as a political pawn — we are not only talking about black lives in the United States, but also about Palestinian lives in Palestine.

Opinion: It's not enough just to know buzzwords to understand social justice

Let’s talk about being conscious.

Not “conscious” as in that cruel moment when we’re taken away from our dreams every morning. I’m talking about conscious as in being socially conscious. It’s a word we throw around sometimes in activist circles.

Opinion: An opportunity for Margaret Spellings to do good

Last spring, when asked about her stance on providing in-state tuition to undocumented students in North Carolina, System President Margaret Spellings said, “I come from a state that that’s been a long standing policy of the state.”

Opinion: UNC ought to be a campus where it’s safe to 'bee'

Big problems can often lie hidden. While the honey bee might only be a few millimeters long, making sure it is thriving can lead to a happier existence for us humans.

Opinion: Now is not the time to remain silent on social justice

In the rare moments when we are willing to imagine sexual assault, we picture dark corners, secluded alleyways and silence. Indeed, that silence makes sense; victims are often incapacitated and, more important, never break the silence with consent.

Opinion: Journalists are still showing areas UNC can improve

It’s been about two years since the Wainstein report irrevocably changed the discourse concerning student athletics and academic integrity on this campus.

Opinion: Renovate the Union to make it greener, not just cooler

UNC’s Student Union may be leaving behind its unattractive 1960s counterpart buildings around campus for a 21st century facelift. 

Opinion: With HB2, vote your conscience, not just your wallet

House Bill 2 has and will continue to cost North Carolina and its taxpayers money. This conclusion appears to have stymied support for the bill, as Gov. Pat McCrory recently withdrew the lawsuit he filed against the federal government over HB2, citing litigation costs.

Opinion: Entrepreneurship means more than making money

Entrepreneurship is a buzzword that increasingly is used by anyone wishing to connote innovation, newness and success. According to Merriam-Webster, an entrepreneur is “a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money.”

Opinion: Tampons and pads should be free in UNC's bathrooms

Everyone who gets a period needs menstrual products for several days each month. Those products are often disposable paper goods used in bathrooms several times a day.

Opinion: UNC needs to switch to two-ply toilet paper

UNC is often characterized as a liberal university, and right off the bat, we get painted as whiny, lazy millennials who complain too much.

Opinion: Methodology of comparing universities is bad

As a board, we frequently oppose grandiose displays of privatization and suppression of free expression.

Opinion: Night at the theater

Tucked next to the woods along Country Club Road sits one of the great cultural treasures of our community. For $10 and a OneCard, Playmakers Repertory Company presents live theater that gives New York and the Durham Performing Arts Center a run for their money.

Opinion: Be careful with cuts

The Board of Governors held its first meeting of the new academic year with public comments and a press conference with UNC system president Margaret Spellings.

Opinion: Bring candidates to campus

A major party presidential candidate hasn’t visited our University since 2012, when President Obama slow-jammed the news with Jimmy Fallon from our campus. More recently, forums with state and local candidates from both parties on our campus have been quite scarce.

Opinion: Make the tough decision and vote

Voting has long been the cornerstone of every democracy and the foundation for representative government. 

Opinion: Celebrate mentors with University Teaching Awards

Our university’s mission is multifaceted, encompassing research and teaching. Both are important, but teaching is most essential to the student experience at UNC.

Opinion: There is nothing to be gained until HB2 is repealed

The NCAA deciding to pull tournaments from North Carolina does not signal a time to celebrate. Nothing has been won or accomplished. House Bill 2 is still on the books and our governor is shamelessly touting his bigoted agenda across the state.

Opinion: Remember the deaths of UNC students

A student's death sends the campus into shock. In the first few days, vigils and remembrance ceremonies are expected, followed by advocacy and events discussing the circumstances surrounding the death of the student.