Opinion: Board of Governors should preserve research centers and institutes

On Wednesday and Thursday, 34 centers and institutes across the UNC system will be asked to justify their existence, including nine centers here at UNC’s flagship campus.

Opinion: Immigration policy needs protection, expansion

President Obama’s long-anticipated set of executive actions are designed to assist many undocumented residents and their families. Collectively, they will provide temporary relief from the threat of deportation for five million Americans, including as many as 114,000 North Carolinians. 

Opinion: Placing anyone on a pedestal tends to caricaturize them

Student government has declared today to be Athlete Appreciation Day. We, too, would like to voice our support for student-athletes. 

Opinion: A flawed policy has long overstayed its welcome

It is no secret that the way we currently handle sexual misconduct cases within both the criminal justice system and the university system is flawed.

Opinion: Black students are speaking. Are the rest of us listening?

What is more damning of this campus’ racial culture?

Opinion: Budget cuts have hit exactly the wrong targets

After risking their lives and serving their country, soldiers do not deserve to be the subjects of cuts to a defense budget inflated by unnecessary expenditures elsewhere. It is therefore disheartening to learn of reductions in Army officers’ retirement benefits.

Opinion: Tar Heels should follow Jason Brown’s example

As Thanksgiving approaches, few Tar Heel stories are as moving or as relevant as that of Jason Brown, a former UNC and NFL football player who has rededicated himself to farming

Opinion: Parking drama worsens hardships it’s meant to correct

Passing the proposed hardship parking bill is an easy way for Student Congress to make life easier for students whose college experience is more difficult than most. 

Opinion: Duke Energy must take swift steps to clean up pollution

There are many ways to deal with an environmental disaster. One is to claim that things are under control, despite continuing pollution. Another is to claim that what you have spilled is not dangerous and that only fear-mongerers want you to believe otherwise. Finally, you can wield direct influence over the government tasked with regulating you.

Opinion: Supplemental documents in Wainstein report deserve further scrutiny

Thorough analysis of the supplemental documents released with the Wainstein report shows departments other than the Department of African and Afro-American Studies deserve additional scrutiny.

Opinion: Students should be skeptical of Teach For America

Teach For America is ubiquitous at UNC. In 2013, 57 Tar Heels joined the corps, making UNC the sixth-largest provider of teachers for the program in the country that year.

Opinion: Donation policy should account for HIV on a case by case basis

A panel advising the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has recommended that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ease bans on blood donations from gay and bisexual men. This is an excellent idea.

Opinion: Choose not to participate in an exploitative trade — sex trafficking

Responsibility belongs to the consumer to know what industries and institutions are being supported through transactions within it, and few industries are more violent or worthy of abstinence than the sex industry.

Opinion: Solitary confinement should be abandoned

When the UNC School of Law issues a report as clear and decisive as the one recently released regarding solitary confinement, it behooves the state to take notice.

Opinion: The BOG should heed reasonable and just demands

Members of the UNC BOG Democracy Coalition are on the right side of history when it comes to a petition seeking a greater, more representative student voice.

Opinion: Lung cancer deserves more popular attention

Of all cancers, lung cancer is the most deadly. Yet November, designated as Lung Cancer Awareness Month, has failed thus far to move the needle compared to diseases like ALS and breast cancer, which, while tragic, pose less risk to most people.

Opinion: Calls for a racial discourse should not go unheeded

Before the homecoming game on Nov. 15, members of The Real Silent Sam Coalition, an activist group of students, staff and community members on campus, marched from the Old Well to Kenan Memorial Stadium. They chanted, “Can you see us now?” to contest the invisibility of race within the role of athletics at UNC.

Quickhits for Nov. 13, 2014

Sen. Ted Cruz’s unfavorable likening of net neutrality to Obamacare caused a stir earlier this week. Yes, like helping the poor pay for health care, the free and equal flow of information is an insidious threat to freedom! But if net neutrality fails, it might at least take longer for Cruz to tweet. There’s always a silver lining.

Opinion: Sleep is a beautiful thing. Let’s do more of it

Naps are good. Naps won’t ever leave you, run away from you, lie to you or steal from you. They are wholesomely good for you and might just be the key to being a successful student at UNC and a happy, productive member of society.