Editorial: (S)language Arts

Socrates said that the unexamined life isn’t worth living. We’re not sure an analogous principle holds true for diction, but reflecting on how we pick our words is certainly a good thing. 

Editorial: Better safe than sorry

There are few things more precious to a college student than a laptop. Having that laptop snatched from your grasp, without any chance to save, back-up or capture any of its contents — completely devastating. For students living in houses, and even apartments off-campus, this is a real threat.  

Editorial: Was no one else free?

This coming Monday, UNC’s chapters of Christians United for Israel and College Republicans are hosting Sebastian Gorka, a former Trump advisor. Gorka’s talk will be able to provide some insight into the current administration with foreign policy in the Middle East and Israel.

Editorial: Don't report for reward

As a student paper, we fully support giving students as many journalistic opportunities possible. But we fundamentally believe a focus on awards in student journalism is harmful and misrepresents what a good journalism education is. 

UNC-system President Margaret Spellings (left) sits next to chairperson Lou Bissette (right) during the UNC Board of Governors meeting Friday.

Editorial: Right supremacy — Part 2

Originally created after a state measure that called for the University to adopt a policy to “restore and preserve free speech,” the BOG's proposal instead cements the idea that the right to free speech should be protected for a select few and not for all. 

Fake News!

Editorial: Dear Fake News,

You’ve had a big year. A huge year, even. And it’s culminated in this: your crowning as The Collins Word of the Year 2017.  

Editorial: Go check out a makerspace!

Makerspaces are creative areas where people can utilize a plethora of tools and knowledge to design and build whatever they want.  UNC’s makerspaces are incredible resources that are underutilized by the campus community. 

Editorial: Call 911, not Uber

In social psychology there are phenomena known as prescriptive and descriptive norms. For example, a prescriptive norm is the fact drinking alcohol is not legal until age 21 but the descriptive norm is the knowledge that every Thursday night, you will most likely find underage drinking in college towns. 

20171106 harassment.jpg

Editorial: Have class, don’t harass

Walking down Franklin Street leaves a lot of people with fond memories. Eating out at Spicy 9, stumbling out of Sup Dogs after a late night basketball victory or celebrating the end of finals with YoPo. These lighthearted experiences, for most young women, can easily be disrupted by brief interactions of verbal harassment with strangers on that same, happy street. 

Editorial: How you like them bikes?

UNC debuted a bike share on Oct. 24, shifting up its commitment to its students and the state. The program has the potential to make a durable improvement to quality of life for those who live or work in the area, and beyond — as long as the University can steer it away from a few potholes. 

20171027 Curriculum Illustration.jpg

Editorial: Concerns in cutting (general) education

In the past couple of weeks, the Daily Tar Heel has published explanatory articles and critical letters to the editor regarding the proposed general education curriculum changes. This board agreed that it was time to put our thoughts to paper on this update.