Letter: Listen to survivors’ voices at Speak Out

UNC’s new policy on sexual assault facilitates the reporting process for survivors, but does little to end the stigma of reporting.

Letter: ​Tillis’ politics aren’t for a Bible Belt state

Most of us conservatives strongly believe that we should get back from the U.S. government a fair share of the funds we send there. Also, most of us think it would be sheer nonsense to pay federal taxes into a program which would benefit poor North Carolinians who work in low paying jobs, but our state legislature and governor have said, “No, you poor folk can’t have it.”

Letter: ​Unsung Founders Memorial is artistic

Recently, The Daily Tar Heel ran pieces about The Real Silent Sam, the group committed to revealing the history behind the campus’ memorials and the Unsung Founders Memorial. In each instance, the DTH (or perhaps the group itself) neglected to mention the artist commissioned to create the sculpture: Do-Ho Suh. Yet because this is a memorial that is also an artwork, we have the opportunity to encounter it as a powerful object for contemplation.

Letter: ​Technology is 
a valuable tool


This letter is a response to those who claim that being a Luddite is the best way to be an environmentalist.

Letter: ​Support revisions to Clean Water Act


The date is getting ever closer, the date when the U.S.

Letter: ​Elevator victims have library’s support

We would like to provide additional information regarding the Davis Library elevator entrapments you reported on Sept. 29 (“Concern escalates over elevator traps”).

Letter: ​Small sports deserve more coverage

While I truly understand there to be SO many items of interest and to just as many people with different concerns, I would like to request and suggest a possible increase of publication area.

Letter: ​Student veterans face unseen challenges

Thursday’s article on student veterans gave only a cursory overview of the obstacles student veterans face at Carolina.

Letter: ​Forest Theatre is well-appreciated


While the use of the Forest Theatre has declined due to the convenience of modern, climate-controlled, multi-million dollar spaces, it is a misrepresentation to indicate that the beautiful and historic venue is not widely used.

Letter: Calling all dudes to teach

As a male in the UNC-BEST program and a member of the last class of NC Teaching Fellows, I know first hand that our culture regards education as women’s work.

Letter: Embrace classroom gender imbalance

After reading “A Few Good Men” by Sara Salinas (Sept. 25), I had a few concerns.

Letter: ​More technology isn’t the answer

In the Sept. 11 letter “More discussion on fracking needed,” Robert George wrote “What we need …is not revolution or rebellion but a prudent ‘Energy Reformation.’” He then goes on to explain that solar and wind energy is the answer to our energy problems.

Letter: ​Life at the DTH has its rewards

During a brief respite from the drudgery of grown-up work I recently read opinion editor Henry Gargan’s column “Opinion editor tells all.” As a former Daily Tar Heel opinion editor, I rather enjoyed it.

Letter: ​SSSC responsible for funding confusion

Like David Goldberg, I’d like to help Student Congress set the record straight on the abysmal record of the 2013-14 safety and security committee. (UNC Student Congress Sets Limits on Funding, Sept. 24)

Letter: ‘The sky is the limit’ 
for ventures at UNC

Looking risk and failure directly in the eyes is a daunting, yet fully invigorating mission of many students here at UNC. The courageous passion and selfless eagerness that is integrated into the Tar Heel culture is inspiring and genuine.

Letter: Praise for UNC's innovative spirit

Entrepreneurship at UNC has become more than just a niche hobby for the few and far between. It is the thing you hear about when you overhear the table next to you, the thing you talk about with your friends in your free time and it’s the buzz that’s going through the campus.

Letter: ​‘Gear in question,’ indeed

Having just read the front-page article on the military surplus in the possession of the local police departments, I have to say the article is more appropriately titled than intended. Let me first start by saying that as veteran of the Iraq war, I agree that the military mindset and attitude should not be welcome in a police department.

Letter: ​Diversity is critical to UNC’s excellence

First of all, allow me to thank you again for the interest that The Daily Tar Heel is showing regarding important issues of diversity at UNC. To that point, I wanted to express how in reading last Tuesday’s article regarding diversity and underrepresented minority (URM) students, I noticed that there was no mention of American Indian students in the article or in the accompanying graphic — even though American Indian students were mentioned in the presentation from which the data was pulled.

Letter: ​Biology and theology can mutually co-exist

Many parents, knowing very well that their adult children will not have the opportunity to learn a biblical perspective of creation at public universities such as our 17 campuses in the UNC system, tend to send their kids to private schools where biology is taught with the book “Biology: God’s Living Creation.”

Letter: ​No excuse for Rep. Pittenger’s comments

There really is no excuse for Rep. Robert Pittenger’s comment or logic in terms of equal rights and fair treatment to members of the LGBT community in the workplace.