Letter: Obama’s immigration solution shortsighted

On March 17, 2014, in response to my letter addressed to the White House about my immigration case, President Obama wrote back in an email message: “America’s immigration system is badly broken, and I know many people are hurting because of it.”

Letter: be mindful about your water use

Water conservation is worth more than just a lowered water bill.

Letter: protesters deserve praise for courage


Regarding the Ferguson protests, there were some letters sent that may have been narrow-minded in understanding the cause.

Letter: Help the Tar Heels turn it green

On Wednesday night, the Smith Center will turn from blue to green.

Letter: ​Admissions policies constitute a scandal

A tremendous scandal has come to light and — after years of wrongdoing — the University has a chance to lead in creating a more just future. A lawsuit filed Nov. 17 against the University for discriminating against European and Asian students on the basis of race calls attention to the admission policy which for years has used identification with a certain race as a positive trait in determining admission.

Letter: ​Taking ‘rocks for jocks’ a debatable crime

Let me get this straight: Whistleblowers (Mary) Willingham, (Rashad) McCants and (Michael) McAdoo are joining with trial lawyers across the nation to sue UNC for guiding students into diplomas of dubious value. Possible plaintiffs not only include women’s lacrosse, soccer and field hockey athletes, but also Freddy Fratty and anybody else who ever graduated from this venerable institution who may have taken “Rocks for Jocks,” AFAM studies or independent studies in a variety of majors including communications, foreign languages, geology or philosophy, among others.

Letter: ​Support athletes with student government

Vibrant blue Nike tennis shoes. Green Gatorade water bottles. Sleek black backpacks with the UNC logo. As soon as I see these three items on a classmate, I assume that he or she is an athlete.

Letter: ​Helmets not the only aspect of safety

As adults, we’re able to assess and mitigate risks that are inherent in our daily lives. But for a culture that prizes the freedom to make informed decisions in response to risk, I’m often admonished by strangers for riding my bike without a helmet.

Letter: ​Choice compromised by district boundaries

It is well acknowledged that the right to vote is the basis of American democracy. But do we really have the right to elect a representative government when given no choice in candidates?

Letter: There should be a degree for athletics

Forgive me if this idea has been suggested already, but why can’t student-athletes major in athletics?

Letter: ​TFA employees can change students’ lives

The Sunday after UNC’s Homecoming, my friend Molly and I found ourselves running through the Atlanta Airport trying to catch connecting flights back to our respective Teach For America placements.

Letter: College committed to implementing reform

As the chairs of the departments and curricula of the College of Arts and Sciences, we are charged by the dean of the college to oversee the academic units responsible for the instruction of students at the University of North Carolina.

Letter: ​Teach for America deserves more credit

Teach for America is not an uncontroversial program.

Letter: ​School of Education has high standards

In “Report says teacher education lacks rigor” (Nov. 20), one of your sources is quoted suggesting that there are no admissions nor graduation requirements for education majors. This is absurd.

Letter:​ Photo did not 
represent NP-HC well

When I saw the cover of The Daily Tar Heel this past Friday, I was thoroughly confused.

Letter: ​LGBTQ piece should have been in print


I was pleased to see that The Daily Tar Heel published an issue dedicated to sex on Wednesday, but I was less pleased by the editorial decision not to publish the article on LGBTQIA student visibility in the paper itself, opting instead to host this article solely online.

Letter: Lawsuit’s premise was shortsighted


On Monday, the Project on Fair Representation filed a lawsuit against UNC alleging race has been the decisive factor in college admissions, violating the 14th Amendment rights of Asian and white students. 

As Asian-identified students attending UNC, we believe this lawsuit is misguided and ignores the importance of addressing racial inequalities and histories of discrimination in the United States, especially in the South.

Letter: Clean Water Act changes need support

Most people have heard about the Clean Water Act and would expect that it is doing its job to keep our drinking water clean.

Letter: ​CUAB should consider EDM acts for concerts

In five years of experience working at a concert venue, I have learned that the most important thing about ticket sales is getting the fans on the margins to show up. Obviously, this year’s Homecoming acts were not able to do this.