Letter: More respect for pedestrians is needed


Stepping outside Wilson Library can be a hazardous activity.

Letter: A thank you to those that engaged


I write to extend a heartfelt letter of gratitude to the 300+ community members who attended and spoke at “A Healing Discussion on Race & America” on Monday night at the United Church of Chapel Hill.

Letter: The student-athlete experience at UNC


Looking back at my first two years at UNC, I’m starting to realize it’s not so much the injuries that have wrapped the iconic phrase, “I’m a Tar Heel,” in a somewhat depressing connotation — it’s the feeling of guilt associated with it.

Letter: Moving past being a bystander


For most of the past year, I have been a minority in countries where I did not speak the local language.

Letter: The importance of Carolina Horizons


This past week, the American Indian Center (AIC) held its annual Carolina Horizons program.

Letter: Support for athletes is putting school first


The DTH editorial, “More support is critical,” characterizes the fundamental conflict of interest between Big Time sports and university education.

Letter: Millennials cannot remain silent

On the final day of Early Voting for North Carolina’s June primary, voters seemed enthusiastic.

Letter: ​Support Daily Fantasy Insider University

Justin MacMahan, a rising junior at UNC, has been playing fantasy sports since the earliest days of the burgeoning industry

Letter: We should all use our words more carefully


Jalea Morris made several good points in her June 16 column, “It is more than just a joke.” As she pointed out, the relatively common “There are starving kids in Africa!” — a response to complaints over minor inconveniences — can misrepresent human societies in Africa, and, indeed, divert the conversation from the truth of problems closer to our Carolina home.

Letter: ​Answers about Dr. Clayton are needed

A few weeks ago, I was disappointed to find out that Dr. Taffye Benson Clayton would be leaving UNC.

Letter: We wear the mask campaign at UNC

Through personal experiences involving various loved ones my passion has significantly grown for mental health.

Letter: Nominees for 2016 are a disappointment

The 2016 Presidential Election has been plagued with controversy and rash illogical statements not only from the former Republican hopefuls, but also from provocative billionaire and Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

Letter: A tribute to Dr. Earl Schaefer, my grandfather

About two weeks ago, my grandfather died. Dr. Earl Schaefer was born a farmboy in rural Indiana, and died at 90 as an accomplished academic and, along with my wonderful grandmother, at the head of a healthy, successful and thriving family.

Letter: We are in need of more administrators


A couple of weeks ago, an e-mail from the Chancellor’s Office informed the UNC community that the Arts Integration Working Group, a committee of administrators, had reached a sobering conclusion: this campus has a pressing need for more administrators, and committees composed thereof.

Letter: Speech by alumnus was much needed


Although I am not a current UNC student or alumnus, I must commend Donovan Livingston on his recent speech at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education commencement ceremony.

Letter: CAPS needs to give students more time

I believe that Counseling and Psychological Services should allow students seeking individual therapy services more time than the current designated limitation.

Letter: Keep up with RHA during the summer

Looking to stay involved this summer? Outside of summer classes and first-year orientation, campus can seem a little quiet.

Letter: Students also have grade responsibility

I agree no student should be pleading a rounding case.

Letter: FLAME advertisement was offensive

The paid advertisement titled “The Immigrant Question” should not have been included in May 12th’s DTH.