Letter: McCrory is paying for trip to the Super Bowl

I am dismayed by the Quick Hit on Gov. Pat McCrory in the Thursday, Feb. 4 edition of The Daily Tar Heel.

Letter: ​Wilson should be open more often

Thursday’s paper featured an editorial entitled “Keep Wilson open later,” and I’m in full support of the idea.

Letter: Come out to support the table, UNC

Come out to support the Table UNC

Letter: ​Voting can lead to better representation


As a candidate for student body president, a North Carolinian and, most importantly, a UNC student, I am humbled by your critique and insight provided in the two recent editorials.

Letter: ​St. Anthony Hall was first to accept LGBT

This letter is in response to an article written about Greek policies towards LGBT inclusivity and a letter pressing for LGBT-inclusive policy change in the Greek community. While I agree with both, LGBT students should not feel that the entire Greek community is homophobic.

​Letter: Any UNC degree can be useful for students

I wanted to provide some hope to first-year dramatic art major Ash Heffernan that a bachelor of arts degree from UNC in dramatic art or music or any subject does produce real value after graduation.

Letter: DTH is hypocritical in its SBP editorials

“Ah ... Welcome back to February,” starts Monday’s editorial. 

Letter: Bull’s Head Bookshop is fine the way it is

I am surely among the few in Chapel Hill who remember the ancient history of the Bull’s Head Bookshop.

Letter: ​BOG is not willing to work with students

I am writing to respond to the statement made by Board of Governors member Marty Kotis to The Daily Tar Heel, regarding the arrests of students at the board meeting on Tuesday.

Letter: Greeks need inclusive policy changes

This letter is in response to the recent article regarding LGBTQ members in Greek organizations across campus.

Letter: E-minor is taking steps to be diverse


We were delighted with your editorial "Diversity Starts in the Classroom for Entrepreneurship," and your

suggestions for improving the Minor in Entrepreneurship were thoughtful and timely.

Letter: A public response from 'The BOG 4'


On January 26, 2016, the UNC System's Board of Governors held their meeting at The Center for School Leadership Development building on the campus of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Letter: ​BOG protesters are harmful to progress

There’s a common maxim that claims that history repeats itself.

Letter: ​Required property appraisals are coming

As a lifelong resident of Orange County, I know that any discussion of the process of appraising land, homes and other buildings for tax purposes often generates questions among residents.

Letter: ​UNC is trying to help unpaid interns

Kudos to Alice Wilder for highlighting the dilemma of unpaid internships.

Letter: Student government needs unity, not division

In response to the town hall on the role of Graduate and Professional Student Federation in student government: We need more camaraderie, not division.

Letter: Response to editorial on Spellings’ past

We write in response to your Jan. 25 editorial “Spellings could become a positive force at UNC.”

Letter: Support the Chapel Hill Math Circle

Given your interest in the education of the children of North Carolina, we are writing to inform you of the the Chapel Hill Math Circle.

Letter: ​Sick days shouldn’t be used for snow days

It’s unfortunate that the University has become aligned with the state in slighting employees.

Letter: Whites have a use in race conversations

The uniqueness surrounding the Oscars controversy is that something actually happened when people spoke up.