Letter: ​Stop Sessions from being appointed

With confirmation hearings now underway for cabinet appointees of President-elect Trump, today I joined the NAACP in delivering a letter to Senator Thom Tillis’ Raleigh office expressing concern over the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to the position of Attorney General.

Letter: ​Trump’s pick for labor secretary is all wrong

Donald Trump has nominated fast-food CEO Andrew Puzder to lead the Labor Department. This is a bad choice for working people.

Letter: ​Musings and advice from an alum

Right after college I landed a good, cushy job set up for me in Charlotte. But, I was also in a stellar band that played semi-sold out shows at Cat’s Cradle or in someone’s living room or in the dumpster beside Craige dorm.

Letter: A wish for clean air in the coming year

This is the season when we look to the year ahead and make our wish lists. As a mother, I have a special list of wishes, one I think will be helpful for all:

Letter: ​CSLS does offer legal help to students

I was disappointed to see your headline on Dec. 2 stating “On campus, no legal help.

Letter: Trump’s conflict of interest with NLRB

NPR and others suggest it is a conflict of interest for Trump to make appointments to the National Labor Relations Board.

Letter: ​Taiwan matters to North Carolina

Taiwan gained attention recently due to a controversial call from President-elect Donald Trump. Far from being a bargaining chip, Taiwan matters to both the United States and North Carolina

Letter: ​UNC Housekeeping appreciates thanks

Over the past few years, UNC housekeepers have endured budget cuts, staff reductions and a whole host of other challenges.

Letter: Students should vote against fee increases

Students should vote “No” on the Student Organization Fee Referendum on Tuesday, Dec. 6th.

Letter: ​Keep journalism free in North Carolina

It is most nettlesome to continue to encounter indications, implications and intimations that North Carolina state government, including the three Research Triangle universities, would participate in any way in any kind of government-controlled journalism arrangements or operations.

Letter: ​Who is the new special collections librarian?

It is very exciting to learn about the appointment of Maria Estorino as special collections librarian as reported in The Daily Tar Heel on Dec. 1, 2016.

Letter: ​In defense of the Bee Movie and free speech

We write today to express our disappointment with the short-sightedness of movements intent on suppressing free artistic expression, a core tenet of American democracy.

Letter: ​Student loans hinder the American Dream

Student loan debt is a relevant issue in today’s society for a wide range of college students.

Letter: ​College Republicans stand by Trump

The next president of the United States has been elected in a free and fair election by the American people and the electoral system each party agreed upon.

Letter: Musings from a field trip to Cherokee, N.C.

Ben Frey, the American studies professor who runs the Cherokee language program on campus, took a small group of Cherokee-language students up to the reservation in western North Carolina for the 104th annual Cherokee Indian Fair.

Letter: ​Help bicyclists, use the “Dutch reach”

Bicycling can be dangerous, and for many cyclists it’s not a matter of if they will crash, but when.

Letter: ​Nazi propaganda does not belong here

This morning I was disturbed to see that someone had used a whiteboard in the Undergraduate Library to advertise a neo-Nazi website.

Letter: ​Construction is more than an annoyance

I wanted to add to a point made in a recent article entitled “First-years start petition to show their annoyance with construction at Ehringhaus.” While I appreciate the exposure to our so called annoyance, I feel that our message has been somewhat misrepresented.

Letter: ​UNC student safety, present and future

I’d like to thank you for devoting time at the Nov. 18 Faculty Council meeting to our campus community’s reactions to the presidential election.

Letter: ​The Electoral College needs to go

The National Popular Vote compact will make each state’s electors vote for the candidate who wins the popular vote of the whole country.