Letter: Future plans for on campus public safety


Campus lighting initiatives, new security-related innovations including smartphone application-based technology and the use of body-worn cameras, as well as improvements to the Alert Carolina system, are just a few of the ventures being implemented or put under review at UNC.

Letter: UNC admin did not handle protest well


The fact that a UNC student group interrupted last Thursday night’s town hall meeting to list some absurd demands (with a few reasonable ones mixed in) and then immediately left the meeting to hold its own press conference outside clearly illustrates how people, especially today’s university students, can be unwilling to hear other opinions, thus entrenching themselves further in their own beliefs and thoughts.

Letter: Campus needs more productive dialogues


The Daily Tar Heel’s editorial impatience with the ongoing review of UNC campus history is misplaced.

Letter: Completing the DTH UNC bucket list

Cheese fries at Linda’s. Streaking in Davis Library. Feeding squirrels.

Letter: ​UNC admin handled Town Hall poorly

In reaction to the Town Hall meeting on Thursday:

Letter: Silent Sam will fall one day in the future

Silent Sam will come down.

Letter: ​Margaret Spellings needs to be removed

We, the undersigned, object to the UNC-system Board of Governors’ closed-door appointment of political toady Margaret Spellings to the presidency of the UNC system.

Letter: Value the views of Student Stores staff


Dear Chancellor Folt (an open letter):

Letter: Rather capitalize all races or none at all

While visiting UNC Chapel Hill, I really enjoyed Chiraayu Gosrani’s piece, “Anti-Black and unequal.” However, the fact that he consistently capitalized Black (and, once, Latino), but not white, is a very problematic technical choice.

Letter: ​What if sports had affirmative action?

Why doesn’t the NFL have to comply with affirmative action?

Letter: ​Information on Take Back the Night event

This Thursday, Nov. 19, a Take Back the Night rally and march will be taking place in Chapel Hill. Along with our sponsors UNC-Chapel Hill Siren, Cadence and Project Dinah, we will be marching through the UNC-CH campus and broader community.

Letter: ​Sorting out feelings in wake of attacks

Immediately following the attacks on Paris, I wrestled with how I was feeling.

Letter: A quiz for drivers across UNC’s campus

Peggy Hall’s letter, published yesterday and cleverly formatted as a pop quiz, discussed how difficult it is for her to avoid running over dark-clad pedestrians in her car.

Letter: The power of being shoulder to shoulder

This past Friday, I went to the rally held on the steps of the South Building where UNC students from The Real Silent Sam Coalition and others were speaking their fear and anger.

Letter: Kidnapping should not justify oppression


We’ve all heard about the attempted kidnapping that took place near campus on Nov. 6. Naturally the language of “kidnapping” is shocking in a small town most concerned with underage drinking and scooter theft. But we can’t allow this one-time incident to play into the administration’s ongoing efforts to increase surveillance and police control on campus.

Letter: ​A quiz on the impacts of driving at UNC


A pop quiz.

Letter: Bush's mistakes led to rise of ISIS


After the horrors in Paris, concern about the Islamic State group grows, and it is important to see it in historical perspective. Those of us who opposed the Iraq War way back in 2003 made two predictions, and we were right about both.

Letter: UNC must unite to bring back Tom Ross

My sense is that the required action on the part of all races, genders, nationalities, academicians in the Chapel Hill-UNC community now is to band together to demand reversal of the firing of Tom Ross.

Letter: ​The Quick Hit about Spike Lee was unfair

This is a response to last week’s Quick Hits that criticized the trailer from Spike Lee’s upcoming movie, “Chi-Raq,” for “victim-blaming.” The trailer clearly states that, if empowered and organized, black women can realize their power and change their environment.

Letter: Public health column is on national debate

I read the commentary, “Race in public health,” by one of our undergraduate students, Jaslina Paintal, in the Nov. 9 Daily Tar Heel, with interest. In her article, Ms. Paintal surfaced challenges around discussing race and racism in our classes.