Letter: Safes spaces do not exist with Silent Sam


Brian Meares’ notion that Silent Sam promotes a space for “free and open discussion” is a baffling interpretation of this University’s hazardous idealism on “safe spaces.”

Letter: "Not my liberals" demonizes the left


The Aug. 29 opinion piece "Not My Liberals" shows a lack of empathy, hypocritical reasoning, and a poor understanding of leftist thought. 

Letter: Amy Fowler will run for Board of Education

Dear UNC Community,

I wanted to announce my candidacy for Chapel Hill Carrboro School Board. 

I have served local children as a pediatrician, parent volunteer, and leader of the local Orange Chatham Chapter of the Autism Society of North Carolina and of the Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools Special Needs Advisory Committee. 

Op-Ed: But have you ever talked to a Venezuelan, Claude?

TO THE EDITOR: Venezuela has fallen victim to a fascist government stemming from rampant nepotism and misinterpreted, cherry-picked ideas of socialism. Claude Wilson’s Sept. 12 column is, at best, a misguided and ethnocentric oversimplification of the economic, political, social and cultural problems that have been steeping in Venezuela for over 20 years, even before the rise of Chavismo. I know this because I grew up there.

Letter: The editorial board must realize its role

As a former editorial board member, I was taken aback by the recent "The Institute of Politics is more than just a 'resume booster." The piece is fluff, little more than an advertisement. 

Letter: Make the Center for Civil Rights a clinical project of the law school

On Friday, the UNC Board of Governors imposed a policy banning the UNC Center for Civil Rights from engaging in advocacy for clients. The ban on the Center’s work prohibits the Center from representing clients in any capacity. 

Letter: Prejudice is causing all the anger, not Silent Sam


Thank you for The Daily Tar Heel. It truly is Chapel Hill’s only newspaper these days. Your love letter to the P2P is well deserved. That we can afford to give free bus service is still a marvelous thing to me. I help pay for it by my taxes, even though I have used it only twice in my lifetime. The day may come. That’s an opinion, but not the main reason I write.

Letter: DTH mischaracterized DACA letter

 Thank you for covering the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) event held Monday evening in the article “UNC students united and outraged over DACA announcement.” 

Letter: Alert Carolina is here to keep UNC safe

Almost every day we hear about a new tragedy in some corner of the world. While we hope a life-threatening event would never occur on our campus, we must always be prepared. Whether it is a tornado warning issued for Chapel Hill, a large fire rapidly spreading or someone intentionally trying to harm our community, Carolina is prepared to communicate those risks quickly and direct students, faculty and staff to take immediate action. 

Letter: Preemptive violence from the left is wrong and misguided

Is preemptive violence against hate speech justified?

Last night I was walking to Franklin Street, and heard someone yell, “White Power!” from Silent Sam. I finished my trip, and then walked over to talk to the small group of people around the statue.

The unsung founders and their memorial deserve better

As co-chairs of the Chancellor’s Task Force on UNC-Chapel Hill History, we agree with Angum Check’s Sept. 6 column: the unsung founders deserve better, both the memorial and the people whose history our university must tell more fully.

The Community Issue: Staff, faculty and community members

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 1

For our Labor Day edition and in light of recent events on campus concerning Silent Sam, we've dedicated most of our print edition for Sept. 4 to publishing the many letters we've received concerning the Confederate monument.

The Community Issue: Students and alumni

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 1

For our Labor Day edition and in light of recent events on campus concerning Silent Sam, we've dedicated most of our print edition for Sept. 4 to publishing the many letters we've received concerning the Confederate monument. 

Letter: Appreciate UNC's blooming campus


I have the good fortune of working near the winding path through the new Sam W. Hitt Medicinal Plant Gardens, located between the Koury building and the Health Sciences Library.

Letter: Plastic bags are an environmental issue


It’s time to take plastic bags out of supermarkets.

Letter: Lounge restrictions are faculty elitism


The new restrictions on student usage of the Anne Queen Faculty Commons in the Campus Y is a gross example of faculty elitism and privilege. 

Letter: Be wary of OWASA’s cancelled meetings


I am writing to urge you to cover the ongoing controversy about water fluoridation in Chapel HiIl via OWASA.

Letter: Silent Sam promotes free, open discourse


I, like many alumni, oppose the removal of the statue of Silent Sam from the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

Letter: Faculty need more places to commune


William Sturkey (History) argued in a recent Letter to the Editor on Aug. 25 that restricting student access to Anne Queen Commons in the Campus Y was “a gross example of faculty elitism and privilege,” running counter to the recently-established “Guiding Principles” of the College. Indeed.