Letter: CAPS needs to give students more time

I believe that Counseling and Psychological Services should allow students seeking individual therapy services more time than the current designated limitation.

Letter: Keep up with RHA during the summer

Looking to stay involved this summer? Outside of summer classes and first-year orientation, campus can seem a little quiet.

Letter: Students also have grade responsibility

I agree no student should be pleading a rounding case.

Letter: FLAME advertisement was offensive

The paid advertisement titled “The Immigrant Question” should not have been included in May 12th’s DTH.

Letter: Africa should be a course of study

Africa has often been shortchanged as an area for academic study. This is particularly true in the field of history.

Letter: Charlotte City Council to blame for tension


I hear this on campus all the time, “Why do we even need laws on restrooms?”

Letter: DTH editorial was unfair to Greek life


The editorial written on Monday about the Greek community’s responsibility failed to accurately portray the situation and provide constructive suggestions.

Letter: ​HB2 is a deterrent to attending UNC


I am a freshman at Carrboro High School and I am in our school’s Sexuality and Gender Alliance Club. I would like to go to UNC to get a degree or two, but I cannot support them if they continue to enforce House Bill 2. People should be able to be themselves.

Letter: Greek life hurts UNC and its students


I hate Greek life. I literally despise it.

Letter: ​Outsourcing student stores is best move


I joined the Student Stores Advisory Committee with deep concerns about how possible changes in the store’s management might undermine employee well-being and the intellectual community that we value and seek to sustain at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Letter: Christians are often mocking God

The Christian concept of God is a mockery of God. Not to be offensive, but ...

Letter: New York hails in comparison to NC

Pottygate: Though scorners may sneer at and whittlings defame her,

Letter: ​Edwin Yoder’s letter was right on gen eds

Edwin Yoder is onto something.

Letter: Don’t ruin Student Stores’ natural flow

One of the most pleasant aspects of UNC Student Stores is the close relationship of the bookstore and the coffee bar, and the placement of the latter.

Letter: McCrory needs to address air quality


With the American Lung Association’s annual “State of the Air” report out this week, we can breathe a small sigh of relief. 

Letter: ​McCrory has no idea what he is saying


What Pat McCrory doesn’t seem to understand when he talks about House Bill 2 is that nobody is advocating that men be allowed in women’s restrooms. We are advocating that women be allowed in women’s restrooms. 

Letter: Lincoln was always against slavery

In his recent Letter to the Editor, “Questioning Reasons for the Civil War,” Kearney Smith from Green Mountain quotes H. L. Menken’s take on Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, which he begins with this sentence from Menken, “It is poetry, not logic; beauty, not sense.”

Letter: ​College gen eds are becoming too easy


You carried a front-page tab (April 20) headed, “Defeated by Chickens,” and offering the information that “a chanticleer is a rooster.”

I noted the item with mixed feelings.

Letter: ​Getting ready for the second NC primary

Did you know North Carolina is holding a primary election June 7 for Congress in 11 of N.C.’s 13 congressional districts, and also a statewide primary for N.C. Supreme Court Justice the same day?

Letter: Johnson is wrong about hog farming


Deborah Johnson is essentially a lobbyist and chief cheerleader for a $15 billion global corporation. Her claims in her April 11 letter that the industry “strictly manages waste” and “takes good care of animals” are hogwash.