Letter: Life does not contain any trigger warnings

I refused to read the summer reading book. 

Letter: We should give Coach Fedora our support

In response to Jack Carver’s letter, “Larry Fedora’s record is disappointing,” in my opinion Coach Fedora still deserves our unwavering support.

Letter: ​Larry Fedora’s record is disappointing

To quote legendary head coach Bill Parcells, “You are what your record says you are.”

Letter: DTH article’s statistics were highly suspect

I was very disappointed in your recent improper use of statistics and the presentation of all relevant factual information concerning the relationship between the death penalty and the race of the perpetrator. 

Letter: ​Black women’s issues linked with men’s


In a recent editorial about responding to activism with public action, the lagging graduation rate for men of color was referenced.

Letter:​ State should not fight necessary EPA rules


Regarding Monday’s article “NC poised against EPA’s Clean Power Plan,” thank you for reporting on our state leaders’ reluctance to prioritize the health of North Carolinians by resisting the full implementation of the Clean Power Plan, which is designed to curb the emissions that cause global climate change.

Letter: ​Students should value social issues


Freshman orientation and the first days of class are filled with constant harangues about what it means to be a member of the UNC community. 

Chapel Hill, we are told, is a baby blue place where the students, faculty and staff care and want to change the world.

Letter: ​Editorial mistaken about Hatchell

As a women’s basketball season ticketholder, a faculty member and a female, I felt compelled to respond to the misleading Daily Tar Heel editorial from Thursday on the women’s basketball situation.

Letter: Hatchell's former teacher defends her

The reputation of the University of North Carolina has declined dramatically in the last year since its football and men’s basketball programs have come under NCAA investigation.

Letter: Contextualization is not deconstruction

I would like to write in response to both letters published on Monday regarding Silent Sam, which I find to be factually inaccurate and short-sighted.

Letter: Do not blame the boy soldiers for the South

letters-0824Every year, a few weeks after the fall semester begins, an incoming freshman discovers Silent Sam and is outraged.

Letter: ​Remove all war memorials or none

I just want to say that if we are going to remove Silent Sam or destroy him because it is racist and therefore should not be on a state schools campus, if that is the case, then all Civil War memorials should be removed from all public places including Philadelphia, Maryland and any other Northern states because after all they are all reminders of racism, no matter how many lives were lost fighting that war and all who had fought and died in vain and the civilian lives of the Southern women that were raped by the Union soldiers that pillaged, stole and burned anything that they could not steal.

Letter: ​Drinking age of 21 should be lowered

Regarding the Aug. 20 letter, “Evidence supports drinking age of 21,” the suggestion was made that “health and well-being” is a primary defense of the drinking age.

Letter: Body cameras make people more unfree

A recent Daily Tar Heel article about police body cameras opened with, “It’s a step in the right direction.” Well, it’s not. 

Letter: ​Cartoon was unfair to Folt and UNC’s work

Wednesday, a cartoon depicting Chancellor Folt painting over issues that our University has been consistently addressing was published. In no way are these minor issues.

Letter: Editorial about board was unfair, inaccurate

Wednesday’s editorial (“Board of Governors must engage the public”) gave the inaccurate impression that the UNC Board of Governors has done little to solicit public input in our search for the next President of the UNC system or to define what we are looking for in potential candidates. 

Letter: ​Evidence supports drinking age of 21

Regarding the Aug. 19 editorial, “Prohibition is unsafe,” I agree strongly that UNC leaders, in collaboration with merchants and leaders in Chapel Hill, have begun to address the serious problem of underage drinking.

Letter: Charleston shooting shattered illusions

As a child, I spent a portion of every summer between the banks of the Ashley and the Cooper visiting my mother’s family in Charleston.

Letter: ​Black Lives Matter deserves own space

This country is almost 240 years old, and for nearly 190 of those, slavery and segregation were the status quo. Black lives mattering is still a fairly new concept.

Letter: ​Littering threatens UNC campus’ beauty

I think we can almost all agree that UNC has one of the most beautiful campuses in the country.