Letter: ​North Carolina’s coast is in real danger


Through a UNC program, I will have the opportunity to be studying and conducting research on the North Carolina coast in the fall.

Letter: Tuesday’s letter wasn’t fit to print


I am writing to express my disappointment in your publishing the letter to the editor entitled “Nichol sucks value from the University.”

While P.H.

Letter: ​Editorial unfairly 
represented film

A recent Daily Tar Heel editorial about me exemplifies the very sensationalism and unethical journalism that have motivated me to make a documentary film titled “Unverified.” Hiding behind the anonymity of the editorial board, the writer(s) have flagrantly mischaracterized the purpose of the film and my motivation for making it.

Letter: ​Adopt fairer grade standards for Greeks


In regards to the article concerning grade point average rules for fraternities and sororities recognized by the University: the GPA rules, as they stand, are removed from the real problem, which is that some Greek students are falling behind academically. 

If the rules were to be amended to instead focus on a mandate that each individual member of a Greek organization maintain a GPA above some certain benchmark, and the sanctions would be refocused upon the individual, then every student would be encouraged to succeed.

Letter: ​Nichol sucks value from the University

The only travesty is that Gene Nichol and his wife were allowed to gobble up millions of dollars of funds that should have gone to students or the needy. I got out of Rotary because of that clown and the Rotary having him speak in a Luther Hodges Ethics luncheon, which costs $45.

Letter: Professors support Real Silent Sam


We, the undersigned, are faculty in the Department of Anthropology at UNC-Chapel Hill who would like to voice our strong support for the efforts of the Real Silent Sam Coalition.

Letter: ​Years of activist work required for results

“Provide me a recent example in which direct action led to a desired policy outcome.”

Letter: ​Use market to help low-wage workers


The Feb.

Letter: ​Unfair coverage stops DTH access to Greeks


Every fraternity and sorority asks members to refrain from talking to DTH reporters, not just Alpha Delta Pi.

It’s not that we don’t want our stories heard.

Letter: Article about protest was one-sided picture

In the article titled, “Residents protest predatory billing,” I noticed that there was no input or rebuttal to the conflict by the General Services Corporation, who is responsible for the increase in water prices.

Letter: Hashtag doesn’t stop stands of solidarity

I wholeheartedly agree with Ishmael Bishop. The manipulation of the phrase “Black Lives Matter” exemplified the narrow-mindedness of those who found fault with it and proceeded to treat it as a fill-in-the-blank.

Letter: ​Basketball team must deal with its grief


Coach Roy Williams, something is clearly wrong with your team. Double-digit leads are being blown, and in other instances, the team is losing by double digits.

Letter: ​Students too single-minded to listen


Recently, two atrocities sent a resounding alarm for my alma mater.

Letter: ​Granny Pods would not hurt affordability


Carrboro Aldermen Randee Haven-O’Donnell and Bethany Chaney show a troubling misunderstanding of microeconomics in their reaction to the concept of Granny Pods.

The two local officials fear that adding housing options to the local market will increase the price of housing.

Letter: ​Fans failed team, not the other way around

I can’t say I have ever been this disappointed in Carolina basketball. No, not Roy, not the team; I’m disappointed in our fans.

Letter: ​The BOT responds to Saunders concerns


On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we thank students, faculty, staff and alumni for providing valuable feedback related to the request to rename Saunders Hall and the larger question of fully understanding the University’s history.

Letter: ​An open letter to Chancellor Folt


Dear Chancellor Folt,

The undersigned faculty were dismayed, though not surprised, to learn of the Board of Governors’ report recommending the closure of the Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity directed by our colleague Gene Nichol.

Letter: ​Murray misidentified in article unfairly

Regarding the Feb. 20 front-page report on the history of buildings, monuments and markers, I was deeply disappointed that this account incorrectly identified the namesake of Murray Hall, one of our newest buildings on campus.

Letter: ​JV games a pre-game tradition for die-hards

Your Feb. 11 editorial, “Upping the ante,” overlooked an already incredibly “playful fanaticism” that can and does get the students who attend the games into a state of “frenzy.”

Letter: ​Chancellor doesn’t have to close center


Chancellor Carol Folt’s email last week regarding the closing of the UNC Poverty Center reads like a concession speech: It’s too bad the Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity has to close down, the Board of Governors has spoken after all.