Letter: ​Peter Clinton was 
a kind and funny man

Bravo to The Daily Tar Heel staff for honoring the life of Peter Clinton on the front page of today’s paper. Peter was a kind and gentle soul, and my days as a law school student were brighter having known him.

Letter: ​University must bring justice for survivors

As survivors of sexual and relationship violence at UNC, we are pleased to see the University release a long-overdue updated Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment and Related Misconduct.

Letter: ​Use market to pursue environmental goals

When considering how to address climate change, many will have the impulse to jump straight to stricter regulation of American business. Far less burdensome to the economy and equally effective in addressing the issue would be to remove some of the regulatory nightmare of our modern government.

Letter: ​Teachers would 
benefit from unions

In “It’s ‘Labor Day,’ not ‘Union Day,’” Mr. Mix conveniently excluded the perspective of hundreds of North Carolina teachers who recently moved from our “right-to-work” state to educate children in states where teachers unions guarantee that workers will enjoy more secure and well-compensated careers, and where union dues provide a significant return in wages, job security and retirement on a small investment.

Letter: Rights and comfort in conflict

I was baffled by yesterday’s letter titled “Protesters must respect others’ rights”. What rights are we talking about — the right to apathy? 

Letter: Editorial about sexual assault missed point

In response to your editorial “On sexual assault policy, UNC should lead, not follow”, you are correct in asserting that UNC has had egregious, inexcusable flaws in addressing sexual assault cases.

Letter: Letter to editor was void of compassion

Mr. Hardy,

I recall your past letters, and I must say this one does not shock me, because your past letters sounded like the ranting of the far right like this one, with their constant conspiracy theories in regards to our Afro-American Democratic president.

Letter: ​Hardy’s letter lacked a coherent point

Mr. James R. Hardy from Browns Summit certainly has a way with words, doesn’t he?

Letter: Obama responsible for immigration crisis

It is no coincidence the foreign children who entered the United States illegally came around the same time.

Letter: ​UNC internet monitor violates privacy

I wonder how many UNC students are aware that, in order to access the Internet from their residence halls and University apartments, they have installed on their computer a program that constantly scans their hard drive for unspecified security threats and objectionable software.

Letter: Farewell to a pencil in a paperless world

A matinee idol is never as interesting as when he settles into that secondary career as a featured player. No longer the box-office draw for the moneymen, through the years, he has earned a greater reward from his peers and his public.

Letter: ​University parking fee inequity is unfair

The front page of the June 22 Chapel Hill News featured an article about the University instituting parking fees for parking during nighttime hours. This is hard to believe.

​Letter: The General Assembly needs to invest in higher education

Article IX, Section 9, of the North Carolina Constitution reads, “The General Assembly shall provide that the benefits of The University of North Carolina and other public institutions of higher education, as far as practicable, be extended to the people of the State free of expense.”

Letter: ​George Will column made essential point

In a “quick hit,” The Daily Tar Heel asserts that George Will said “being a victim of sexual assault is a coveted status,” calling this the sexist rant of a crazy old man.

Letter: ​Students should advocate for vote

As a liberal arts major at this university, it often feels like I am fighting an uphill battle with the state government.

Letter: James Taylor opposes fracking, so what?

In a recent letter to the editor, Bob Keefe of the Natural Resources Defense Council points out that longtime NRDC trustee, singer, songwriter and native North Carolinian James Taylor opposes hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” in his home state.

So what?

Letter: ​Prisoners’ children deserve support

It’s about to be Father’s Day. Children will proudly present homemade cards with a hug and an “I love you, Dad!”

Letter: ​Supreme Court fails to check nepotism

The Student Supreme Court has ruled on the side of incompetence and in favor of Student Government doing business behind closed doors.

Letter: Old Well flowers should be changed

Kudos to the Facility Services landscapers for their imagination in re-purposing the beautiful blue and white hydrangeas at the side of Greenlaw Hall following the May Commencement ceremonies.

Letter: Tobacco should not be glorified

The May 29 column by Meredith Shutt paints smoking as a rewarding act. She implies that because the economic history of North Carolina is connected to tobacco, we are beholden to that despite overwhelming evidence of its harms. I respond as someone who has worked in healthcare and whose father died from a tobacco-related disease.