Letter: SBP candidates must engage privilege

Former student body presidential candidate Emilio Vicente’s guest column on Wednesday raised some important points about the history of who exactly wins student elections here at UNC.

Letter: ​Column was unfair to Chizik’s reputation


A man is accused of misconduct, investigated, and then found innocent.

Letter: ​Republican responses to the SOTU fell flat

After watching President Obama’s State of the Union Address, I was eager to hear how the Republican Party would respond. I thought the GOP would take this opportunity to start anew with the American public, setting a clear path toward a new and different party.

Letter: ​Letter was right to call out students

Thank you, Sarah Hallowell, for scolding the student section for being too quiet in your letter to the editor from Jan. 28.

Letter: ​Join the Carolina For The Kids Foundation

With about two months until the annual UNC Dance Marathon on March 20 and 21, Carolina for the Kids Foundation is currently recruiting motivators and volunteers to be a part of our annual 24-hour event.

Letter: ​Wind energy a better investment than oil

As a student studying environmental science, I am constantly reminded of our nation’s need to find alternative sources of energy.

Letter: ​Israeli-Palestinian conflict is complex

First, let me say that I am not an unabashed supporter of Israel and feel they must change before there is final peace, but to only focus on one side’s faults as others have is counterproductive. I have seen numerous claims of the genocidal, oppressive, apartheid regime in Israel.

Letter: ​Student section is too quiet and sloppy

Attending a UNC men’s basketball game in the breathtaking Dean Dome is certainly a spectacle. When Brice Johnson receives an alley-oop pass from J.P. Tokoto for a slam dunk, Brice releases a ferocious yell urging the crowd to match his emotion. If the opponent that night happens to be Duke, his call to arms will undoubtedly receive support from the fans.

Letter: ​Angela Davis over-simplified conflict in Middle East

Last week, Angela Davis delivered the annual MLK Memorial Lecture. She spoke of injustices in Ferguson and problems that we as a Black community still encounter today and made valid points. However, her stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict troubles me. My concern is that the audience listened to a multifaceted, complex issue from a one-sided perspective and assumed what she said to be true because it came from a person of such prestige.

Letter: ​A statement on Ross’ removal by the BOG

We, the Concerned Faculty and Friends of UNC, have made a commitment to the University of North Carolina, through our teaching, research, service, attendance or other work done on one or more of its 17 campuses.

Letter: Join in confronting campus’ racist past


We are in a moment of tense observance of the violent racism that stretches back to the foundation of this nation.

Letter: ​Column’s criticism of “Serial” missed point

Journalism is never perfect, and “Serial” is no exception.

Letter: ​DTH was wrong to call Graham an extremist

As a Moroccan, I grew up in an environment that condones violations of freedom of religion or belief. Indeed, unjust and absurd laws uphold and perpetuate these violations.

Letter: ​Ross’ dismissal must be further addressed

Writing on behalf of the UNC-Chapel Hill faculty in reaction to UNC-system President Tom Ross’s dismissal on Jan. 16, Faculty Chairman Bruce Cairns expressed gratitude to Ross and sadness over his departure.

Letter: Hail to the powerful Board of Governors

Thank goodness we finally have a University of North Carolina Board of Governors with the courage to do the right thing.

Letter: ​Universities must not bend to Islamophobia

From Buenos Aries to Beijing, the Muslim call to prayer is a normal occurrence, like the hourly ringing of the Bell Tower.

Letter: ​Community should heed Angela Davis

As part of the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, I felt very fortunate to be able to hear Angela Davis give the lecture “Racism, Militarism, Poverty: From Ferguson to Palestine” on Jan. 19, hosted by UNC’s Diversity and Multicultural Affairs and the Carolina Union Activities Board.

Letter: ​Roy Williams should resign his position

In the wake of the Wainstein report, Coach Roy Williams should resign.

Letter: ​Speech should have protected status

In recent weeks, it was reported that the UNC wrestling coach, C.D. Mock, had made controversial remarks on his personal blog on the nature of sexual assault and how it is litigated within the University system.

Letter: ​Senior classes should give competitively

Each year the senior class marshals encourage their classmates to give back to UNC. This year the J-school Ambassadors wanted to take it a step further.