Letter: ​Controlled fights could decrease crime

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 16,121 homicides in the United States in 2013. More than 11,000 of those killings were caused by firearms.

Letter: ​UNC alumni of color should stop donating

As an alumnus of color, I cannot bring myself to donate to UNC while it has a statue of a terrorist on the upper quad. It breaks my heart that the school has not progressed on these issues in the past five years.

Letter: Flag is not a feature of Southern heritage

How would Americans feel if a government office flew the Nazi flag because they like it or it symbolizes their German heritage? I wager the uproar would be deafening.

Letter: ​UNC should move statue out of courtesy

I find myself struck by the debate over the Silent Sam statue. I understand that for some it is a symbol of Southern heritage. For others it is a symbol of slavery.

Letter: ​The Confederate flag is a complex symbol

Things are rarely as simple as we’d like them to be, and how to deal with the fact that our state once fought on the losing side of a war centered on slavery is no exception. But as intelligent, reasonable members of the University, we should strive to understand complexity, not oversimplify it.

Letter: Spray paint on Silent Sam statue is art

The additions to Silent Sam were an improvement on an out-of-date piece of Confederate throwback memorabilia.

Letter: Editorial didn’t reflect complex racial history

If evidence of the folly of the UNC Board of Trustees’ recent collaboration in the name-changing mania were needed, your editorial “Lift The Renaming Ban” would constitute exhibit A.

Letter: Lt. Col. Collins should be honored by UNC

I am an Air Force ROTC cadet who, like many of my fellow cadets and classmates, is still struggling to comprehend the loss of our detachment commander, Lt. Col. John Collins.

Letter: Hatchell deserves to be supported by UNC

I read with interest and concern the various reports of investigations at UNC and the subsequent findings and results. There is no place in the Notice of Allegations that Coach Sylvia Hatchell or her staff are mentioned except to state that they were interviewed, the same as Coach Roy Williams.

Letter: Leave a tip, be kind and ditch judgment

I want to applaud Brian Vaughn for his letter in which he publicly shames a woman for eating chicken salad.

Letter: Board of Governors member Steven Long argues the board views programs comprehensively

In regards to your May 28, 2015, editorial regarding the biennial review of low productivity UNC academic programs, you restated a comment that I made to a reporter for your newspaper in discussing whether the University should review low-demand programs regularly, but your quote did not reflect the context in which the statement was made.

Letter: History's gaze should be comprehensive

While I can respect Chris Rogers and his opinion on learning from history, so much of what we know is incomplete information.

Letter: Prison lockback is part of violent system

This year we’ve seen heightened national attention on anti-black police brutality, but let’s not forget that the police are mouths that feed into our prison system. Since March of 2015, inmates in the Durham County Jail have been confined for extended periods of time, receiving as little as six hours per week outside their cells.

Letter: Recognize problems with eating chicken

I commend recent columnist Hannah Jones on her “overwhelming sense of social awareness,” as she describes it. Many of the points Jones makes about income inequality, self-actualization and subjugation of people of color align with my similarly progressive views.

Letter: UNC shouldn’t have renamed Saunders

In pursuing my BA in history at UNC, several of my professors told me the same thing: we can only learn from history. To put it more bluntly, we can’t change it, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us. Timothy Tyson encouraged us to “lean into” our historical discomfort regarding race relations and America’s sordid and violent past.

Letter: Friends remember the life of Nate Harrison

It is with a heavy heart we write to inform readers of The Daily Tar Heel that Nate Harrison, a former DTH editorial board member, passed away earlier this month in a single passenger car accident.

Letter: Town shouldn’t make poverty invisible

As summer arrives in Chapel Hill, those who traverse Franklin Street as part of their daily routines might find it harder than ever to escape the heat.

Letter: ​LGBT students still face major challenges

A recent article published in The Daily Tar Heel painted an erroneously rosy picture of LGBT students’ experience at UNC. Firstly, I’d like to mention that the already questionable title of said article — “With friends, LGBT students find social scene easy to navigate.” This leaves out the ever-important Q in what should be the acronym LGBTQ or, better yet, LGBTQ*.

Letter: Embody Carolina has imperfect message

Let me be clear: We need Embody Carolina’s mission. We need to talk about body positivity and self love.

Letter: Nurturers deserve a day of celebration

Mother’s Day has come and gone, complete with a mandate to shower mothers with gifts.