Letter: Wainstein editorial was tone-deaf

Yesterday’s editorial on the Wainstein Report was well-intentioned but missed the mark and unfortunately set back the conversation regarding athletics and academics on this campus.

Letter: ​Sporting culture to blame for fraud

The Wainstein report is neither shocking nor unexpected.

Letter: Lopez Carter is best option for N.C. senate

At this point, most students will feel as though they have been bombarded with election news.

Letter: Lighter standards for students needed

Wainstein’s report on the academic scandal reveals the need for more flexible eligibility requirements for all students.

Letter: Wainstein money not pure profit


Once again, The Daily Tar Heel has misstated how businesses operate: This time, billable hours.

Letter: ​UNControllables 
to attend screening

This Friday at 7 p.m., CUAB is hosting a free showing of “The Purge: Anarchy,” a movie depicting a dystopia where all crime is legal for one night a year. As real-life anarchists, we advanced ourselves a copy but will attend the screening with the intention of trolling.

Letter: An underappreciated campus community

Why was there no article about Friday’s Employee Appreciation Day? It was quite a party, and the University really worked hard to put together a fun day for its employees.

Letter: ​Welcome ‘J. Cole’ to the basketball team

Four years ago, doctors told Justin Coleman his basketball career was over. Now, with support from surgical steel implants, he has earned a spot on Blue Steel, for the University of North Carolina Tar Heels.

Letter: ​The law should be carried out seriously

Bill Madden’s letter to the editor on Wednesday, hoping for a marriage equality gala at the Register of Deeds office on Monday, expressed disappointment that the Register of Deeds office observed protocol and that Register of Deeds Deborah Brooks wore black clothing.

Letter: ​Tillis is far from the greatest Thom

Thank you for your letter and for advising me to vote for Thom Tillis. I must say, though: I’m not sure you know who this man really is.

Letter: ​Is UNC as diverse as we think and say it is?

UNC takes great pride in being a “diverse” university. However, we should not hold the false impression that diversity has already been “reached” on campus. True diversity cannot be achieved through merely satisfying quotas. Diversity must go beyond admissions, to see the full integration and equality of opportunities, support and resources for all students.

Letter: Wages don't stop men from pursuing education

The article, “Only 9 male undergraduates are education majors at UNC,” brings attention that very few men are education majors. As Mr. McDiarmid said, the result is a lack of diverse perspectives in the classroom. It would also be very beneficial for male students to have this kind of role model.

Letter: ​Hope for more festive future marriages

Hillsborough takes pride in its colonial American history. Pride, itself, came to the Register of Deeds office in Hillsborough and I was there to witness.

Letter: Contextualized grade system is problematic

If we assume that the grade inflation, grade compression and systematic grading inequality described in Liz Bell’s Oct. 9 article are indeed “big problems,” UNC could have addressed them in a number of ways. 

Letter: University Day was marred by McCrory

In the commentary on Pat McCrory as University Day speaker this year, Christopher Rogers put it just right.

Letter: Absentee voting is legitimate option

Early voting in person starts Oct. 23, but you can apply to vote by mail right now!

Letter: Balaban's teaching is impressive, too

We appreciated the article Friday by Sofia Edelman on “flipped” classes in natural sciences at Carolina, but it’s important to mention that economics faculty member Rita Balaban is one of the innovators in this area.

Letter: Zero-waste game was good first step

UNC’s first zero-waste athletics event at the women’s soccer game Thursday was a huge success. With the help of student volunteers and staff from the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling and Carolina Athletics, almost all waste was either recycled or composted. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that the Tar Heels beat Wake Forest 3-0.

Letter: McCrory poor choice for University Day

I feel that the UNC community of students, professors and alumni should be insulted that Gov. Pat McCrory delivered the keynote speech at this year’s University Day.