Letter: Diversity was aim of Horowitz’s invitation

Our hosting of the lecture by David Horowitz had the purpose of inviting a discussion of radical Islamist violence, hatred of the nation and people of Israel, and extreme leftism in classrooms around the country. 

Letter: ​Horowitz not trusted source on conflict


I was deeply saddened to see David Horowitz, an extremely right-wing academic, invited to speak to students on campus.

Letter: ​Speech was harmful in wake of murders

It was distressing to learn that David Horowitz, a prominent member of the Islamophobia network as documented by the Center for American Progress, was invited to speak at UNC-Chapel Hill on April 13.

Letter: ​Horowitz demonized valued students

As much as I respect and uphold the right of all students and outside speakers to freely express their views on this campus, I fully reject the claims made by David Horowitz on April 13 that suggested that the UNC Muslim Students’ Association and UNC Students for Justice in Palestine are connected to terrorist organizations.

Letter: Celebrate student research in the Union

This week is National Undergraduate Research Week. UNC is holding its annual research symposium for UNC graduates, the Celebration of Undergraduate Research, on Wednesday, April 15 in the Student Union’s Great Hall from 1 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.

Letter: ​Free speech useful for disputing ignorance

David Horowitz’s speech on campus Monday was an object lesson in the importance of free speech on campus. Had the university refused him a platform, the student body would have been deprived of the opportunity to see an honest-to-God mouth-breather like Horowitz suggest (irony-free!) a parallel between the Muslim Students Association and Hezbollah.

Letter: ​Panhandling is done out of necessity

Those of us that are out here panhandling, our lives are difficult already. We’ve been referred to as con-artists just for asking for a hot dog. We’re harassed by the police. Some of us have criminal records that make it hard to get a job or a place to live.

Letter: ​Horowitz lecture was ignorant and bigoted

This evening, I attended a lecture by speaker David Horowitz sponsored by our school’s College Republicans. His lecture attempted to provide an alternative view to UNC’s apparent liberal indoctrination.

Letter: ​Apathy is encouraged by General Assembly


This is a response to the editorial urging young people to vote.

Letter: ​The DTH should take more care in coverage


On April 13, I was contacted by a staff writer for The Daily Tar Heel regarding an interview for a story about the rededication of The Gift that took place Friday at 11 a.m.

Letter: ​We should open our hearts to the poor


The saddening rhetoric in Monday’s front page article on panhandling reflects a nationwide culture that values capital over human beings.

Letter: ​Keep gender in mind for course evaluations


Recent research suggests that students rate female professors more harshly than male professors.

Letter: ​U.S. has ceded high ground on torture

With regard to the paid advertisement from Mr. James Waters in April 7’s Daily Tar Heel (“You are on the wrong side of history, and you should be ashamed to be among the ‘Confederacy of Dunces’ if you did not vote for Obama...”), I hope that Mr. Waters remembers that, during the previous administration, the United States tortured some of its prisoners of war.

Letter: ​New bill ignores teaching’s true depth

I am a professor, and I did not “teach” today. My schedule shows no in-class time. I did not lecture a group of students in a for-credit situation. Instead of teaching, I led five different meetings.

Letter: The story behind Merritt’s Mondays

Spring in Chapel Hill is a special time for Tar Heels. With warmer weather comes a reminder — an invitation — to make every moment count, to look for opportunities to celebrate others and to embrace the legacy of Eve Marie Carson.

Letter: ​Complaints about column unfounded


This is a response to a letter written by Zachary Overdorf.

Letter: ​Celebrate Holi Moli with respect and joy



It’s not a paint fight.

Letter: ​Extraordinary service deserves recognition


This year, I had the tremendous honor of serving as student body chief justice.

Letter: ​Bishop’s column had no campus relevance


The Daily Tar Heel should not have published Ishmael Bishop’s column on April 1.

Letter: ​White supremacy is a global and local evil

On April 1, Duke students found a noose hanging from a tree on their campus.