Letter: ​Join student-athletes in a panel discussion

The results of the Wainstein report have sent shock waves throughout the UNC community and across the nation.

Letter: DPS behaved in an appropriate manner

After reading the letter to the editor, “An unnecessary show of force,” submitted in response to the police presence at the Oct. 24 screening of “The Purge: Anarchy” in the Student Union, I hope that I can provide greater context for the situation.

Letter: Race played a role in paper classes

I am a former UNC athlete and upon appearance I am a person of color (part Native American). I have experienced prejudice and assumptions based upon my appearance in my lifetime

Letter: ​AAAD deserves credit for its successes

As for the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Department of African and Afro-American Studies scandal, it seems The Daily Tar Heel has not taken a firm stand on the paper’s opinion following the aftermath of Kenneth Wainstein’s report as detailed in your Oct. 28, 2014, article titled, “Students stick up for their scandalized department.”

Letter: ​Scandal’s impact is yet to be fully felt

Since last Wednesday, the Wainstein report has been repeatedly referred to as the closing of the academic fraud chapter in our university’s history.

Letter: ​A fabricated conflict of interest


Today, Roy Beck, president of the powerful anti-immigrant organization NumbersUSA, will give a talk at Extraordinary Ventures in Chapel Hill.

Letter: ​An unnecessary show of force

Friday, I brought my daughter to campus, in part to consider it for her to attend next year. We were invited to the movie “The Purge: Anarchy” by a student political group, and thought it would be a fun event. But we were met by five armed law enforcement officers, some in bulletproof vests and extra gun magazines. We had passed three in the lobby and another at the door, for a total of nine officers since entering the Student Union.

Letter: ​Change at UNC not guaranteed by report


Your penetrating editorial “While the Iron is Hot” is in keeping with the historic protest of the DTH against the commercialization of college sport.

Letter: ​Scandal a blight upon learning tradition

What a scandal that a supposed University would allow itself to be derailed from its raison d’etre — as a marketplace of ideas and a temple of learning. The big issue is: How long has this outright deception and betrayal been going on and how widespread is it?

Letter: ​
Folt deserves support for her response

Athletic scandals have rocked many universities over the past few years, but the key difference is that the Crowder-Nyang’oro scheme has the potential to tarnish UNC’s prestigious academic reputation. We have no choice other than to be transparent, and as the leader of UNC, Chancellor Folt deserves to be applauded for this decision.

Letter: Wainstein editorial was tone-deaf

Yesterday’s editorial on the Wainstein Report was well-intentioned but missed the mark and unfortunately set back the conversation regarding athletics and academics on this campus.

Letter: ​Sporting culture to blame for fraud

The Wainstein report is neither shocking nor unexpected.

Letter: Lopez Carter is best option for N.C. senate

At this point, most students will feel as though they have been bombarded with election news.

Letter: Lighter standards for students needed

Wainstein’s report on the academic scandal reveals the need for more flexible eligibility requirements for all students.

Letter: Wainstein money not pure profit


Once again, The Daily Tar Heel has misstated how businesses operate: This time, billable hours.

Letter: ​UNControllables 
to attend screening

This Friday at 7 p.m., CUAB is hosting a free showing of “The Purge: Anarchy,” a movie depicting a dystopia where all crime is legal for one night a year. As real-life anarchists, we advanced ourselves a copy but will attend the screening with the intention of trolling.

Letter: An underappreciated campus community

Why was there no article about Friday’s Employee Appreciation Day? It was quite a party, and the University really worked hard to put together a fun day for its employees.

Letter: ​Welcome ‘J. Cole’ to the basketball team

Four years ago, doctors told Justin Coleman his basketball career was over. Now, with support from surgical steel implants, he has earned a spot on Blue Steel, for the University of North Carolina Tar Heels.

Letter: ​The law should be carried out seriously

Bill Madden’s letter to the editor on Wednesday, hoping for a marriage equality gala at the Register of Deeds office on Monday, expressed disappointment that the Register of Deeds office observed protocol and that Register of Deeds Deborah Brooks wore black clothing.