Letter: Letter about Islam was problematic

The veritable call to action to “speak against terrorism” aimed specifically towards Muslims in a letter in yesterday’s opinion section was misconstrued.

Letter: ​CHispA is not just for Latinos and Latinas

I am writing to you all as president of the Carolina Hispanic Association. I want to personally invite everyone to learn more about the Latina/o community on campus and the different ways you can get involved with us.

Letter: ​All must seek climate change solutions

I write to inform you and the students at Chapel Hill that there will be a sympathy march on Sunday at 1 p.m. with the People’s Climate March in New York.

Letter: ​Muslims should speak against terrorism

At Christians United for Israel’s 9/11 gathering, a Palestinian Muslim girl humbly apologized for the activism of Muslim terrorists. Her brave acknowledgement of sins committed by members of her faith drew sincere appreciation from the crowd. In that moment, I empathized with her apparent frustration, offense and embarrassment.

Letter: ​Gene Nichol shouldn't get taxpayer funds

Gene Nichol: Who is he; what has he done?

Letter: ​Self-congratulation is not The Carolina Way

I am sometimes tempted to publicly congratulate myself for exhibiting basic human decency toward my peers.

Letter: ​Congress editorial was lazy and incorrect

Yesterday’s editorial about Student Congress was factually, provably wrong. Nearly every criticism results either from hypocrisy, laziness or a failure to ask a question.

Letter: ​Disbelief is too often the status quo

I am writing in response to Matthew Zipple’s letter arguing for more due process in the prosecution of sexual assault cases.

Letter: ​Fight against rape must begin with men


Letter: ​More discussion on fracking needed

What we need, not only in North Carolina, but also in our great nation, is not revolution or rebellion but a prudent “Energy Reformation.”

Letter: ​Students should be more open to Creed

I’m writing today to show solidarity with the brave letter from Martha Landis in support of Liberty University. The Daily Tar Heel has shown a remarkable lack of editorial integrity in joining the bandwagon against this fine Christian university for its women’s dress code, ban on premarital sex and, among other things, their mandated daily Creed power hour.

​Letter: Student Supreme Court needs help

For two years, I served as co-chairman of the Executive Branch Public Safety Committee. The committee accomplished a lot in my time there.

Letter: ​Fred Clark was a great storyteller and teacher

“The art of storytelling, its the most powerful way to put ideas into the world,” Fred would say.

Letter: ​Due process must be assured for all

I wish to bring up a central, though rarely discussed, facet of the issue of sexual assault on college campuses — how do you punish a crime which is almost impossible to prove?

Letter: ​State of technology on campus is dismal

Broken printers, intermittent UNC-Secure and a Connect Carolina interface reminiscent of Microsoft Word ClipArt: you name it, ITS is there to disappoint.

Letter: ​Editorial’s dismissal of Liberty was wrong

As a graduate of UNC, I was angered by the opinion piece entitled “Liberty? What Liberty?”

Letter: ​Crowd involvement helped football team

What an environment you provided to our football team on Saturday!

Letter: Don’t open door to pseudoscience

Martha Landis’ letter is an excellent example of “harmful dogma” in motion.

Letter: Misinformed show need for culture shift

I would like to publicly appreciate the student who wrote a letter to The Daily Tar Heel for raising her concern about raw milk cheeses on a buffet we served at the Gillings School of Public Health. To maintain the public health, we need such vigilance.

Letter: Unpasteurized milk is not seriously unsafe

I am writing in response to yesterday’s published contribution regarding raw-milk cheese being served at the School of Public Health. The idea that raw milk cheese threatens public health is difficult for a Frenchman to take seriously; ask us to pick between democracy, cheese or smiles, and next thing you know we’ll have a frowning King Louis XIV in Versailles, enjoying the finest Camembert.