Letter: ​LGBT students still face major challenges

A recent article published in The Daily Tar Heel painted an erroneously rosy picture of LGBT students’ experience at UNC. Firstly, I’d like to mention that the already questionable title of said article — “With friends, LGBT students find social scene easy to navigate.” This leaves out the ever-important Q in what should be the acronym LGBTQ or, better yet, LGBTQ*.

Letter: Embody Carolina has imperfect message

Let me be clear: We need Embody Carolina’s mission. We need to talk about body positivity and self love.

Letter: Nurturers deserve a day of celebration

Mother’s Day has come and gone, complete with a mandate to shower mothers with gifts.

Letter: McCrory should keep his abortion promise

In 2012 Gov. Pat McCrory was asked a simple question during an electoral debate: If elected governor, what further abortion restrictions would he sign? And he gave a simple answer — none.

Letter: Lee Storrow is an asset to Town Council

Four years ago as first-years in the Young Democrats, we met Lee Storrow. We were immediately impressed by his intelligence, his kindness and his determination to work for a better Chapel Hill.

Letter: Give column critics benefit of the doubt

Seth Rose’s April 21 column, “Doing better from my position,” was both heartwarming and frustrating.

Letter: ​Summers: Town Halls open to all on campus

Over the past year, Student Government has been hesitant to responsively, inclusively and actively represent the voices of students on this campus.

Letter: ​Adjunct professors deserve higher pay


A review of my transcript revealed that 75 percent of my classes were taught by graduate students and non-tenured faculty.

Letter: ​Chapel Hill needs to face up to injustices


Chapel Hill is ripe with icon.

Letter: ​Fraternity members are individuals too


Fraternities have been a part of campus life for years, yielding many negative headlines that have caused partially founded animosity. 

Greek life has recently become the spotlight for elitists that do not face consequences for their actions.

Letter: ​DTH editorial was an attack on free speech


The Daily Tar Heel editorial espousing the horrors of David Horowitz and Mitt Romney speaking on campuses this past week prompts me to remind those of the value of a “liberal arts” education.

Letter: ​UNC is failing its 
postdoc community


One of the most vulnerable yet least vocal communities upon which this University relies is the community of postdoctoral researchers.

Letter: ​Liberal arts funding could be better used


In Friday’s editorial, The Daily Tar Heel’s critique of adding a vocational emphasis to UNC’s board comes from a place of economic privilege (or ignorance).

A four-year liberal arts education at UNC costs about $100,000.

Letter: ​Republican response misrepresented Davis


Friday’s letter from several College Republicans in which they defended the recent appearance at UNC by the somewhat controversial conservative spokesperson David Horowitz was notable, not for their insistence that the more liberal-minded students at UNC should attend other similar events that tend to challenge their traditional beliefs, but for the insertion into their letter of a complete misrepresentation of exactly who political activist Angela Davis was, and still is.

Letter: We’ve earned the right to move forward


Our University has had a long three years since the discovery of aberrant classes, which have been the subject of multiple investigations.

Letter: ​Trade deal threatens a lasting plutocracy


At this time, we face a serious threat to what democracy we have left. 

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, besides savagely curtailing internet freedom in the name of liberty, would enslave us in the name of our own freedom to an unelected tribunal of corporate lawyers who would examine democratically passed laws that raise the quality of human life, like food safety and environmental laws, finding them wanting for their greedy purposes.

Letter: ​Students can work against sexual assault


Last week two former students visited campus in a chilling reminder that the issue of sexual assault is not yet solved.

Letter: Diversity was aim of Horowitz’s invitation

Our hosting of the lecture by David Horowitz had the purpose of inviting a discussion of radical Islamist violence, hatred of the nation and people of Israel, and extreme leftism in classrooms around the country. 

Letter: ​Horowitz not trusted source on conflict


I was deeply saddened to see David Horowitz, an extremely right-wing academic, invited to speak to students on campus.

Letter: ​Speech was harmful in wake of murders

It was distressing to learn that David Horowitz, a prominent member of the Islamophobia network as documented by the Center for American Progress, was invited to speak at UNC-Chapel Hill on April 13.