Letter: ​Transparency needed in campaign finance

Working for political change involves long, difficult struggles made more so by the buying of influence in politics. That’s why ending the corruption of big money in our government must be our first task.

Letter: ​Housing costs remain overly burdensome

The recent article about Chapel Hill’s new Affordable Housing Development Reserve misrepresents the issue of affordable housing.

Letter: ​‘Heritage’ defense of Sam is offensive

At the March 25 UNC Board of Trustees meeting, College Republicans Chairman Frank Pray explained that the group supports renaming Saunders Hall, but opposes the placement of a plaque on Silent Sam.

Letter: ​Graduate students need better visibility

On March 31, there will be a campuswide vote on proposed changes to the student government constitution.

Letter: Summers: Saunders Hall must be renamed


The racially-motivated violence conducted by the Ku Klux Klan would be classified as terrorism according to the standards of any generation.

Letter: ​Saunders inhabitants call for name change

The Department of Religious Studies is located in Saunders Hall.

Letter: ​Food science a critical issue at UNC campus

What’s the one thing that binds us together as the Carolina community other than drinking from the Old Well on FDOC to get that 4.0 and always cheering against Duke?

Letter: Even cage-free eggs aren’t good for you

I was happy to read in the March 20th issue of The Daily Tar Heel about moving to cage-free eggs.

Letter: Free speech defense of racism is a mirage

Editor’s Note: The author of this letter, Ishmael Bishop, is also a columnist for The Daily Tar Heel.


In response to David Wynne’s letter, let it be clear that discussing the First Amendment and demanding what The Daily Tar Heel should do is a distraction.

Letter: ​Explore conservation issues with Wildernist

Our generation is facing problems far more extreme than any of those faced by previous ones — and that is no exaggeration.

Letter: ​Gun access linked to suicide risk

The Wednesday, March 18 edition of The Daily Tar Heel carried an article about efforts to allow guns on campus.

Letter: ​Make gun rules at the campus level

I was disappointed by the broad generalizations that were made by The Daily Tar Heel Editorial Board on March 23 regarding the effects that campus carry laws would have on campus.

Letter: Show support this week for farmworkers

Farmworkers feed the world, but their efforts and struggles are often taken for granted as we quite literally enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of their labor in our daily lives.

Letter: ​DTH should speak up for free speech

Since nearly everyone agrees that the bus chants at Oklahoma and the comments within the N.C. State notebook were repugnant, what should we do?

Letter: ​DPS assault response has been exemplary

The generalizations made in the March 18 article “Survey Finds Sexual Assault Disconnect” do not accurately portray UNC-Chapel Hill’s commitment to comprehensively addressing the issue of sexual assault.

Letter" DTH painted Indian with broad brush

I commend the good work The Daily Tar Heel does every day, but I was disappointed with the March 20 Daily Dose. The news item was titled “Cheating runs in the family.”

Letter: ​Join in fight for 
higher wages today

Know that churning feeling of dread that arises in the pit of your stomach when looking over student bills? Our generation of college graduates is set to accrue the most debt in U.S. history.

Letter: ​Hillel is not complicit in oppression

The recent accusations against Israel, UNC Hillel and Israel Fest in a letter to the editor (“Students shouldn’t celebrate Israel,” March 20) are both inaccurate and harmful.

Letter: Dance Marathon is this weekend

This weekend is the 17th annual UNC Dance Marathon, hosted by the Carolina For The Kids Foundation.

Letter: Students shouldn't celebrate Israel

On March 26, UNC Hillel will host “Israel Fest” to celebrate Israel.