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Wednesday January 26th

Candidates Must Adhere to Strict Regulations

As UNC's Homecoming festivities approach, possible candidates for the Mr. and Ms. UNC are beginning to campaign - but there are strict standards in place to regulate these campaigns.

The rules governing campaigns for Homecoming elections are listed in Title VI of the Student Code.

The same rules that are used in the general election to elect a student body president are enforced in the Homecoming elections as well.

"The rules are necessary to maintain a fair election," said Jeremy Tuchmayer, chairman of the Elections Board.

The rules - as stated in Title VI - include regulations on where fliers can be posted, limitations on e-mails and voicemail messages, and a limit of $50 on campaign spending.

A relatively new campaign rule is the stipulation that candidates can not post their fliers within 50 feet of a computer lab or within visibility of one.

This regulation is a result of the new online voting procedures that are being used for the first time in this year's Homecoming elections.

The set of rules governing Homecoming elections are updated every year by Student Congress, which reviews the Student Code and considers possible changes.

The regulations were established to allow all candidates an equal opportunity to solicit support from the student body.

Carolina Athletic Association officials gave Tuchmayer and other Elections Board members the responsibility of enforcing a fair and accurate Homecoming election.

To inform Mr. and Ms. UNC candidates of the requirements, the candidates attend a mandatory meeting where the regulations are outlined and discussed, and then they receive a hard copy of the rules.

Candidates can also contact Elections Board members to verify the meaning of certain rules.

"We have been receiving calls from candidates asking if they can do this or what if they do this," Tuchmayer said.

Most of the questions have been related to the acceptable locations for fliers and whether two candidates are allowed to run as a pair.

Tuchmayer said the consequences of a violation of the campaign rules will vary according to the situation.

"Depending on the severity of the violation, the board and myself will suggest a punishment to the CAA Homecoming committee," he said.

Tuchmayer said the Elections Board uses these rules as a foundation for a fair election.

He said, "We need (the rules) to make the elections equitable for all candidates."


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