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The Big Quiz

Print this page and fill out the answers of fun pop culture questions. Bring your quiz answers to The Daily Tar Heel office with your name, phone number and e-mail address attached. Sit back and relax, we'll contact you.

1. Name at least five female names that are also in song titles by the group Ben Folds Five.

2. What author coined the term "Generation X"?

3. What was David Duchovny's first television appearance (show and role)?

4. Who do you believe really killed Leonard's (Guy Pearce) wife in the schizo-thriller, "Memento" (unless you've already forgotten)?

5. Who is Keyser Soze?

6. Which fairy tale creature from the movie "Shrek" was called a "possessed toy"?

7. Rage Against the Machine is returning to life sans Zack de la Rocha. Who is taking over his vocals?

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8. What Arnold Schwarzenegger movie's release date was pushed back in response to the Sept. 11 attacks?

9. Which Backstreet Boy was recently arrested for resisting/ opposing a law enforcement officer without violence in a Tampa, Fla., nightclub?

10. What two famous women have appeared in Enrique Iglesias' two recent music videos?

11. What cult film had a soundtrack entirely supplied by folk singer Cat Stevens?

12. Who is "the jester" in Don McLean's "American Pie"?

13. What country is Alanis Morrisette most thankful for?

14. Who is rumored to be the inspiration for the character of mob-backed actor Johnny Fontaine from "The Godfather"?

15. What '80s cult band had an underground hit about S&M entitled "Master and Servant"?

16. What was the most serious case of a great film losing the Best Picture Oscar to a less-deserving film and why?

17. What song were the Rolling Stones performing when the murder of a young black man occurred at the 1969 Altamont concert?

18. Who is Egg Fu?

19. Which actor/actress from the hit movie "Almost Famous" is a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate?

20. Who is this man to the right?

21. Who was the first rock star arrested on stage?

22. Everyone knows the first music video shown on MTV was The Buggles' "Video Killed the Radio Star." But what was the second video the channel aired?

23. R&B singer and newlywed Brandy Norwood co-starred in which sitcom before starring in her own?

a.The Parkers




24. In "The Blues Brothers," what does Jake order at the diner?

25. What does the word karaoke mean in Japanese?

26. If they played just one song in hell, what song would it be?

27. Which animated television couple was the first to share a bed?

28. What Beatles song lasted the longest on the charts (19 weeks)?

29. Hot damn -- Britney Spears is gonna get schooled ... maybe. The teen poptress is considering going to college, but that just might put a damper on her booty-shaking career. Maybe that's why she's been home-schooled since age ___?

30. Who is on the cover on Maxim's 2002 calendar?

31. Who is headlining the 2002 Carolina Jazz Festival?

32. If you were "Mr. Anderson," who would you be running from?

a.The elf dude from "Lord of the Rings" (a.k.a. Elrond)

b.Agent Smith (a.k.a. Hugo Weaving)

c.A native Nigerian (a.k.a. drag queen Mitzi Del Bra)

d.All of the above

33. What are these guys doing (in the photo to the right) and if you were doing it with them, what movie would you be in?

34. What is the 2002 mascot for the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah?

35. What is the favorite liquor of author/journalist/pop culture commentator Hunter S. Thompson?

36. Which of these commercials has Martha Stewart NOT been a part of?

a.Clairol Hair Care Products

b.Tareyton Cigarettes

c.Irish Spring Soap

d.Lifebuoy Soap

37. Match the celebrity with the product he/she endorses:

1.Sarah Ferguson

2.Tiger Woods

3.Trace Adkins

4.Jay Leno

5.Rosie O'Donnell

6.Ben Stein

7.The Backstreet Boys


b.Burger King

c.Clear Eyes



f.Weight Watchers

g.Chevy Trucks

38. Dave Barry is a columnist for what newspaper?

39. The new Sneaker Pimps album is called ________?

40. Pamela Anderson might retire from acting to do what?