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Saturday March 25th

Nightlight to host 'Audible, visible' collaboration

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The fancies of both art and music lovers will be tickled Saturday at the Nightlight bar and club in Chapel Hill. "Audible, Visible: A Night of Electronic Music and Abstract Art" will showcase regional talent in both visual art and music. Hosted by record label Broken Fader Cartel, the event attempts to combine abstract forms of the perspective mediums of music and visual art, creating an artistic experience that focuses equally on both. "It's just an art gallery with an electronic music concert going on," said Brian Miller, who runs the label. "It's eye candy and ear candy." Miller met and collaborated with many of the artists who will be featured Saturday during his college years at UNC-Asheville. "All these people are my friends," he said. "I've known them for half a decade now." Miller said he got the idea for the program because of an inherent problem with the record label-produced shows - the lack of a visual element. "I come from a rock 'n' roll background," he said. "I'm used to having that visual association to music." Because electronic music is primarily digital, an audience often has little more to watch than artists sitting at their computers, he said. Brian Flanders, who performs under the alias Nauseous Youth Future, agreed that the visual aspect of live electronic music isn't the primary attraction. "People come out thinking it's going to be like a rock concert," he said. "The only thing I do is stand there, twist knobs and parameters, dance a little bit - there's not a whole lot of flash to it." Flanders, who will be debuting his new album, Dosage, at the event, is excited about the show's potential to bridge the gaps between two kinds of arts enthusiasts. "It'll get a lot of people that don't necessarily have any relativity to come out, get involved and check us out," he said. "I think everyone who loves art and loves music should come out." Hayden Wilson, a senior art major at UNC-A, often combines auditory and visual aspects in his artwork by creating neon art displays that respond to sound. "The nicest thing about these pieces is not only is it visual, but if you interact with it, you can actually kind of dictate what happens with the piece," he said. Wilson, who will be showcasing his art at the event, never has shown his work in an environment that incorporated live music. "I think when I get there, I'll play around with it until I get something that's really interactive, so it'll react to the music more." Wilson said he is glad to have found a venue that is so appropriate for his artwork. "I'm excited to see how people react to it," he said. "It's a good interaction - it makes the music a part of the piece as well." The event begins at 9 p.m. and admission is $5. Miller said he hopes it will cater to the tastes of all who attend. "You can come in and watch the live performances without even knowing the art's there," he said. "Or, you can look at the art gallery and just appreciate that. "We hope the eyes and the ears will stay occupied." Contact the Arts Editor at


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