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Monday May 10th

The festival’s tale

O  sing to me, muse, of a festival lit.
Speakers and authors created a hit.

The N.C. Literary Festival was here,
Held weekend last, drawing many a peer.

John Grisham, Kathy Reichs — obvious stars.
They told of how they put fiends behind bars,

And how those tales helped shape their lives,
Turning them from public servants to scribes.

Grisham spoke of creating his works,
Said his ideas are from the world’s quirks.

Newspapers, law cases, things all around
Provide the ideas to make his books sound.

And Reichs’ world is made up of “what if?”
She takes a topic and just starts to riff.

Her books focus more on science than art,
And are hard to put down after one starts.

Both were inspiring, of that there’s no doubt,
And many more authors did much to help out.

Those like the famed R.L. Stine
And others came to cast their shine.

All came together, and with one voice said,
“Celebrate what has been written and read.”

Halls were filled with exhibits and speech,
And it all was within each passerby’s reach.

Free was the fare, so all could be pleased
(Excellent choice with money so squeezed).

And each genre was there for every fan.
It was a great execution of a wonderful plan.

Kudos to all who made the show work,
Consid’ring the edge to whereby it lurked.

We were lucky to have it, especially when
Before it could start, it was near its own end.

Amy Baldwin, director, deserves gratitude
For doing her job and setting the mood.

James Moeser surely deserves all our thanks
For making it happen by providing the bank.

A success, all in all, the festival was
Amid gripes about classes, and budget buzz.

Enjoyed by many in the literature field;
From kids to adults, to all it appealed.

A great time was at hand for all to enjoy
From the oldest of women to the littlest boy.

It was a riveting show, a party sublime.
No doubt about it, look forward to next time.

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