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Movie Review: Thor

Marvel’s brings forth more than just loud noise as it ventures beyond the page once again, making its way to the big screen with the opening of “Thor”. The franchise’s movie adaptation of the god of thunder packages a tight plot with strong special effects in Thor’s movie debut.

Banished to Earth after disobeying his father’s commands and recklessly instigating a rival world to war, Thor is forced to find his way home amongst the mortals. While on Earth, Thor must regain his honor in order to acquire Mjolner, his hammer and source of power. Meanwhile, he finds himself fending off the attacks orchestrated by his mischievous brother, Loki, who is vying to become the new king of Asgard, home of the gods.

Australian native Chris Hemsworth is ideally cast for the role as he leads a band of respected actors that includes Anthony Hopkins as Thor’s father, and Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, a scientist caught in the midst of Thor’s journey.

Although arrogant and reckless, Thor stands almost flawlessly with a chiseled body and unwavering convictions, possessing an appeal superheroes haven’t had in movies past. As a figure of perfection, Thor stands to lose the audience. Instead, his charm and developing sense of responsibility captivate the audience, in addition to his burgeoning love interest in Portman’s Foster.

Excellent special effects showcase the intergalactic realm that Thor calls home, including a stunning crystal bridge that validates wearing 3-D glasses something that has become an overused and distracting fad in the movie industry as of late. Nonetheless, the portrayal of Asgard gives off too much of a science-fiction feel, to the point of being cheesy.

Unfortunately, the movie spends a bit too much time focusing on the side-story taking place in Asgard when this time could be more effectively used to advance the god’s on-Earth encounters. Thor’s lost-in-translation antics when interacting with the characters on Earth surprisingly allows for the audience to connect with the character amidst laughs.

Though “Thor” speeds through the hero’s initial experience on Earth, casual audience members and fans alike will enjoy the refined plot and the relatively accurate depiction of the character’s origin story – a feat that has been difficult to achieve in superhero movies.

The film adds to the anticipation for what is perceived to be the holy grail of superhero movies in next summer’s Avengers movie, with heavy involvement of the secret government agency S.H.I.E.L.D. and an anonymous appearance of the final member of the Avengers during one of the more dramatic scenes in the nearly two-hour showing.

Viewers will get the summer action movie they desire with intergalactic battles, humor and Hollywood’s latest heart-throb in Hemsworth. Starting the summer movie season with a bolt, “Thor” is a summer watch full of both action and humor.

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