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Wednesday June 29th

Movie Review: Draft Day

“Draft Day” is the epitome of everything football. It brings the National Football League to the big screen in the most appealing way.

The film isn’t like just any other football movie. Instead of focusing on what’s on the field, it zeroes in on what happens off of it. It brings a new twist to the realm of inspirational sports films.

“Draft Day” follows the story of Sonny Weaver Jr. (Kevin Costner), the general manager of the Cleveland Browns. The movie takes place over the course of the NFL draft. 

It shows all the ins and outs that Sonny has to maneuver to make the Browns a team designed by him, as well as the best team in the league. He faces adversity from potential players, his team, other teams around the NFL and even Cleveland’s staff.

Kevin Costner is the right man to be Sonny. He embodies the character perfectly and draws in audiences to empathize with everything that is going on around him. 

However, Costner is not new to the genre of sports movies as he has had multiple experiences, such as in “Field of Dreams” and “For Love of the Game.” There is great chemistry between him and Jennifer Garner who plays his lover and co-worker.

The film is appealing not only for football fans, but casual movie-goers. It keeps audiences on their feet and draws in their attention for the entirety of the movie. Audiences should not only see it for love of sports, but for love of drama, hints of comedy and bursts of romance.

“Draft Day” is worth every penny spent. It should be seen to gain a better understanding of not only football, but for a greater understanding of what it means to be a human in a stressful situation that appears to have no happy ending in sight. 

— Jeremy Wile


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