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Friday December 9th

EROT's Valentine's performance has something for everyone

Whether you’re in love, out of love or just plain sick of love, EROT said that tonight's Love Stuck: A Valentine’s Presentation will have something for everyone. 

EROT which stands for Ebony Readers/Onyx Theater, is a subgroup of the Black Student Movement that writes and performs its own spoken word poetry.

“Spoken word is basically poetry, performed,” said junior and EROT president Resita Cox. “So we’ll be onstage, we’ll have hand movements, there will be group pieces where there are certain lines you say together, and all that combines to make a great show.” 

Cox said EROT’s shows vary based on the group’s overall feelings, and this determines whether or not they do a Valentine’s Day show.

“It really depends on the group, what they want to do and what emotions they are feeling, to direct the type of shows that they produce,” Cox said.

Senior and EROT publicity co-chair Jocelyn Byer also said the group does not always do a Valentine’s show because it falls so closely after winter break. She said she looks forward to tonight’s performance.

“Its actually one of my favorite shows,” Byer said. “I’m really excited to do it this year and I think that it will be fun.”

Cox shared similar enthusiasm for EROT’s past love shows and said she made sure it would not be missed this year.

“The love show that we had the first year I joined EROT was just so happy and positive that as president I made it a point to have a love show this year,” Cox said.

Junior EROT member Gloria Yoo said the show, which offers free admission, will feature ten pieces and should last about one hour. She said each piece will offer a different perspective on love. 

“We give a pretty good representation of love in all of its forms — how it truly is to be stuck in love, for better or for worse,” Yoo said.

Byer said EROT would not be presenting a mushy, over-the-top Valentine’s performance, but rather a diverse collection of love stories.

“This is poetry, and I would say poets are sad people, which isn’t always true, but there will be some pieces that are like 'forget love’, and there will be some pieces that are more like ‘I love love,’” she said.

Byer said her own piece takes on a more positive tone.

“The piece I’m doing is more uplifting and is about what to do when you’re no longer in love. Its called ‘10 Things to Do When He’s Leaving But His Feet Aren’t Moving Yet,’” she said. “I like to name my pieces like Fall Out Boy songs.” 

Yoo said another highlight of the Love Stuck show will be Love Grams, $2 love poems requested in advance by the audience for a special someone. 

“For example, lets say someone totally has a crush on someone, and they’re like, ‘I haven’t confessed my love yet but this person is super amazing and her eyes sparkle even brighter than the sun and her hair is beautiful and like a waterfall,’ Yoo said. “And so we take those things and turn it into a very short, spoken word poem.”

Between the Love Grams and the variety of poems, Byer said every audience member will connect with some aspect of the show.

“I think there will be at least one piece or one line or one phrase or something that will resonate with you, and it will not disappoint,” she said.

“We put our hearts into the preparation of this, so we hope we can bring some joy into your hearts as well,” Yoo said.

Cox said that anyone is welcome, regardless of their relationship status. 

“Valentine’s Day is not just a celebration of couples, it’s a celebration of love in general.”

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