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Thursday February 25th

Letter: ​Student loans hinder the American Dream


Student loan debt is a relevant issue in today’s society for a wide range of college students. Many students take out student loans in order to finance their higher education, which is an investment for their future. However, students come out of college with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Due to the amount of money college graduates owe, they have a huge burden on them for the years following college, which is difficult because newly minted college graduates are trying to find their place in the real world.

Student loan debt is a burden that is placed upon many students attending different colleges and universities across the country. Students use loans in order to finance their education because obtaining an education and degree after high school is almost necessary in today’s world in order to achieve the vaunted American Dream, especially for low to middle income students.

The American Dream is an idea that, with hard work and ambition, a person can rise above their current social class. However, the rising student loan debt issue is robbing the current generation of the chance at the American Dream, which Bernie Sanders is trying to reform by making public universities tuition-free.

Jake Taylor



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