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Wednesday October 27th

Should Vietnam War memorials go, too?


A question regarding Confederate Memorials: 

In episode 5 the of the new Ken Burns Documentary “The Vietnam War” (PBS), America’s prosecution of the war is described as a racist war. 

Many folks then and now claim it was an racist and unjust war. 

If this is the case, should we remove Vietnam Memorials based on the same grounds for removing Confederate Memorials?

Some things to consider: 

The soldiers from both wars were conscripted.

Both fought for their country.

Confederates were defending their homes (like the Vietnamese); Americans in Vietnam were the “invaders” not unlike in the Civil War. 

No Confederate was tried for treason (only one was convicted of a war crime — falsely).

By an act of Congress nearly 100 years ago all Confederate Veterans are to be considered American Veterans.

All Presidents have since honored Confederate Veterans (even Obama).

Practically none of the conscripted Confederate. 

Soldiers owned slaves.

Germany and other nations of Europe honor the German soldiers (not Nazis) that died in WWI & II.

After the Civil War and the Vietnam War both sides have gone to great links to reconcile with each to other and heal the wounds of the past to great success.

C. McQueen


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