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Monday December 6th

Your ultimate summer guide for staying put at UNC

Many Carolina students will spend summer in Chapel Hill taking classes or working, and can spend free time exploring sites off-campus and in nearby cities such as Durham.
Buy Photos Many Carolina students will spend summer in Chapel Hill taking classes or working, and can spend free time exploring sites off-campus and in nearby cities such as Durham.

The advice given is not sponsored by the DTH. Just Cy Neff.

So you decided to take some summer classes at UNC. Maybe you realized that you wanted to graduate on time. Or your summer internship didn’t pan out. It could be that you don’t really feel like being home for a few months with your family. Most likely you have an insatiable lust for learning and an undying love for being a Tar Heel. 

Either way, you’re here now, either you’ve got a car or your friend does, and you need some advice: What courses should you take, and what should you do with your free time? 

The hikes/the swimming holes

Ain’t nothing around as pretty and wholesome as the woods here getting all green-looking and chirpy-sounding and good-smelling. Nature is still that bitch, just in case you’ve forgotten.

Take a brief foray down 15-501 and hit the Haw River. It gets surprisingly little traffic, and there are a few fun, if not treacherous, rope swings that will send you spa-looshing into the river. 

The Eno River State Park is chock-full of scrumptious swimming holes and delectable hikes. Visiting literally any area of the park will guarantee you a gorgeous hike. As for the swimming: The Eno River Rock Quarry is the most well-known, and will be filled all summer long. It’s a lovely place to waste your day away, but be careful — open container laws are semi-frequently enforced. Sennett’s Hole is another sure-fire option on the Eno and tends to be a little less crowded than the quarry, with some excellent rocks to splay out on. 

The *culture* 

Free art museums that aren’t the Ackland: 21c (Durham) is a boutique hotel in an old art deco bank that always has a banging art collection. It’s open 24/7, and former artists exhibited there include that one guy who made Obama’s presidential portrait. The North Carolina Museum of Art (Raleigh) has a great and sprawling outdoor component. It also shows outdoor movies throughout the summer if you’re feeling like bringing a boo, a picnic and (sneaking in) a bottle of rosé. 

Free food is harder to come by during the summer, but a lot of booths at local farmers' markets give out free samples of delicious things that you can’t afford.

Concert-wise, the following big names will be in the 919 between May and August, and a lot of smaller acts will be too — Kendrick Lamar/Schoolboy Q/SZA/almost all of TDE (one concert), the Arctic Monkeys, KIDZ BOP LIVE, Post Malone and more. 

The date spots to take the lover that you hope to seduce in a suave and romantic manner

I have nothing helpful to say here.


A wise man once told me that it’s never too late to drop out. For some reason, I haven’t taken his advice. If you’re still hanging around and wanna get a lil more woke, maybe consider taking a look at the following…

AMST 278 Crimes and Punishments (Maymester) - Explores the history of crime and how American society deals with it, looks at the contemporary American criminal justice system. A deeply f-cked up and convoluted topic that you can never know too much about. 

CHEM 262 Introduction to Organic Chemistry II (Sessions I & II) - A light easy A for those that want to casually dibble and dabble in the science-y things and learn about all those little thingies that make up the bigger things and how the littler ones interact with each other. 

ENEC 220 North Carolina Estuaries: Environmental Processes and Problems (Session I) - Field trips! Studies natural processes and human effects on the biologically diverse Neuse River system.

EXPL 369 The Destruction of Silent Sam (session unknown) - A hands-on course wherein someone finally takes the personal L for the good of society and blows that shit up.

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