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In the wake of the recent "OK, Boomer" meme storm that has torn through the internet, some publications have adopted an overly-serious tone in deconstructing the importance of 'constructive intergenerational dialogue.' 

Were there ever times when a healthy intergenerational dialogue existed? Are these memes really indicative of Gen Z's demise? Will old people ever not be crotchety? We're not sure. But what we do know is that the memes and Twitter threads that have come from this trend are heckin' hilarious.

We decided to leave the overly-academic stretching and moral posturing to other publications. Alternatively, we're giving you all something a little more palatable. Our contribution to this craze is the following: 10 of The Daily Tar Heel's best 'Boomer' comments. Enjoy, Boomers.

1. A bold Facebook comment on 'Plaque with racist ties at Kenan Stadium covered by UNC logo': “People today get their panties in a twist and they just say its racism. Quit being little bitches and grow up or go find a new school.” 

2. Questionably reverse-ageist comments on 'Editorial: Don't shoot the messenger': “Pardon me if I object to harassing lectures from no doubt intelligent but ignorant teens whose World view of history doesn't go back even as far as the Clinton administration.” 

“So yes, spare me the sophistry of listening to young people. Maybe clean your room first and pass chemistry class first people you start lecturing us on how to re-order our political and economic systems.”

3. A shockingly meta Twitter reply to basketball bingo: “Funny thing is they would probably reply to you with " okay, Boomer" . It's a sad state of affairs”

4. This Boomerish Facebook comment on 'HRC Triangle’s Queer Prom allows people to reclaim high school memories': “you some sick people”

5. Another age-appropriate Facebook comment and some "back in my day" replies on 'Granville Towers residents aren’t the only UNC students dealing with mold': “Not to make light of her situation at all, but I lived in Craige in 1998-99 and we didn't have AC ... Now that was bad.”

“No air conditioning in Stacy when I was there in the mid/late sixties. We seemed to get along just fine. Maybe they should go back to that. :)”


6. This scathing comment on 'Editorial: A closer look at the campus climate survey': “This editorial is just more DTH crybaby babble.”

7. Another youth-bashing comment on 'Editorial: No Moore depravity, please': “He would be an excellent choice. The fact that the kids do not approve in my thoughts is a bonus. Today many schools have many problems caused by allowing children make adult choices.”

8. A classic old fart comment on 'Editorial: Wherefore art thou, chancellor?': “Another howler from the children at the DTH who believe North Carolina taxpayers should hand over the money and let the students and faculty run things as they wish.”

9. This spicy (but not too spicy, can't go getting heartburn) comment on 'Guest column: Thoughts from under the tarp': “Has anyone yet been able to demonstrate objectively that Sam is racist? Or are we still arguing over the “feelings” of a handful of idiot children?”

10. The final comment comes from 'If anything, it leads us in a circle': Activists denounce perceived bias in report': "'and the system that is UNC that silences us every single day’ said the snowflake with the megaphone on campus. Irony is lost on the snowflake generation.”

...OK, Boomers.

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