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Editor's note: We firmly believe that COVID-19 is nothing to joke about. It has affected the lives of many of our editors and staff. However, we also believe that more lighthearted pieces, like this quiz, can help spark some joy in this unprecedented moment.

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, we're all (hopefully) socially distancing and self-quarantining for the foreseeable future. This has led many of us to pick up new hobbies like trying out yoga, playing an instrument or making puzzles. It has also brought out some of our less-desirable vices, leading us to find slightly more adventurous and questionable ways to pass the time. Take this quiz to find out which quarantine archetype you are.

1. My astrological sign is a:

a. Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
b. Fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
c. Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
d. Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
e. I don't believe in astrology

2. On the first day of quarantine, I: 

a. Made a sadboi quarantine playlist
b. Found an online workout program to follow
c. Started a new book
d. Texted all of my friends to schedule a Zoom brunch
e. Went to bars anyway

3. I've been binge watching _____ during quarantine.

a. Grey's Anatomy
b. All American
c. Foreign films
d. Love Is Blind
e. Breaking Bad

4. The highlight of my daily quarantine routine is: 

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a. Trying a new dinner recipe
b. My WOD
c. Napping
d. Grocery shopping just to see other people
e. Going on a beer run

5. If a "Tiger King" war broke out, I'd be on _______'s team.

a. Carole Baskin
b. Joe Exotic
c. The tigers
d. "Doc" Antle
e. Jeff Lowe

6. Throughout quarantine I've been itching to: 

a. Learn how to bake
b. Bleach my hair
c. Stay quarantined once it's over
d. Go to He's Not with my pals
e. What's quarantine?

7. My new quarantine hobby is:

a. Tending my mini garden
b. Running
c. Meditation/yoga
d. Letter-writing
e. Dartying

8. I can't stop listening to: 

a. Norman Fucking Rockwell!
b. The Slow Rush
c. Podcasts
d. Future Nostalgia
e. My own advice

9. I'm so embarrassed! Yesterday my mom walked in and caught me:

a. Crying ... again
b. Taking a mirror selfie
c. Eating an entire pizza
d. Having a Zoom dance party with my friends
e. Touching my face

10. My roommates/parents and I are fighting because I won't stop: 

a. Leaving dishes in the sink
b. Making smoothies at 6 a.m.
c. Taking hour-long showers
d. Using common areas for conference calls
e. Hoarding toilet paper

Results: Count up your responses. If you got mostly ... 

a. You're the quarantine flower child. You've been a little emotional over the current state of things, and might feel a bit helpless. The fact that you can't go out and help the people who are suffering makes you even more upset than usual, and you channel that emotion into creative pursuits. You're fine to keep to yourself, but you miss those little daily interactions like running into second-tier friends on the quad. Try not to blame yourself for the state of the world, mute your news alerts every once in a while and be sure to contain the messiness of your passion projects. 

b. You're the chaotic quarantine type who won't let a little pandemic stop you from your grind; including your daily workouts for that 2020 summer bod. You can't stand being cooped up, and you've channeled that energy into being as productive as possible. You probably tagged your friends in a 10 push-up challenge. You'll be more than alright at the end of quarantine, but not without a little bit of chaos along the way. Find ways to cool down every once in a while so you don't burn out. 

c. You're the veteran loner who hasn't really been phased by having to spend so much time by yourself. You're taking this time to pleasure read, catch up on sleep and recharge. At most, you've started doing yoga every couple of days, but nothing too strenuous. If you venture out of the house, it's probably to be alone in the woods or take a solitary walk. The only company you keep is that of your favorite podcast hosts, and that's just how you like it.

d. You're the imprisoned extrovert. Quarantine has been hard for you and your social life, and you're having a tough time surviving without being able to hug your besties every day. You're constantly checking on your friends, but doing so at a reasonable social distance. You'll probably make it through quarantine alright, but not without FaceTime and Instagram live.

e. You're the type of person who's too cool for quarantine. You probably went ahead and took your spring break trip to Italy in spite of the precautions. Then you probably continued going to bars until they were literally forced to close. Now that you're home, you still take every opportunity to be out and about living your best life (making sure you post all of it on social media). We kindly suggest that you stop being this person as soon as possible. Stay home, wash your hands and practice social distancing!