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Editorial: Zoom University — gone, but not forgotten

Though virtual learning was a struggle for many students, luxuries like cooking a meal during class will be missed. DTH Photo Illustration.

As we head into this “new normal” of pandemic life, we have to hopefully say goodbye to our dear friend — Zoom University (may she rest in peace). Zoom has been with us throughout the pandemic. Although we are happy to give up our online education, there are aspects of this method we will greatly miss.

In memoriam to Zoom University, here is what the Editorial Board will miss most:

Rolling out of bed five minutes before class

The only time it is enjoyable to walk around campus is the few days a year when the crisp autumn air brushes our face at a refreshing 65 degrees.The rest of the time it's either so hot you feel like your organs are cooking, or so cold you might as well be attending the University of Alaska. 

Sitting comfortably in air conditioning or heat for all of our classes instead of having to experience the effects of climate change is something many of us are already missing — especially with in-person learning starting during Chapel Hill’s hottest months. 

Home-cooked meals during the school day 

Whether you moved back home or stayed in your own apartment, you always had easy access to a fridge. Any time you were hungry or thirsty, you could just walk a few feet and pick something up — you may have even done it during class sometimes. 

Unfortunately, now we have to actually plan our meals since we will be out and about on campus for most of our days. Do we schedule a lunch break? Do we bring our own food? What time should we eat? These are all questions the end of Zoom forces us to reconsider. 

Peace and solitude 

Everyone has had a bad roommate. If not, look in the mirror, because you probably are the bad roommate.

Zoom gave us the freedom to escape our hated roommates whenever we felt overwhelmed. It gave us the freedom to move in with our family when we honestly couldn't stand to be around our roommates for another second.

With the death of Zoom comes the death of extended roomie vacays. 

Goodbye pajama days 

Remember elementary school when everyone would go wild over pajama day? Well, Zoom allowed us to relive that excitement every day. No one cared what you wore, or even noticed you had no pants on — because let’s be honest, your camera was off anyway. 

Now, unfortunately, it's probably not socially acceptable to wear our pajamas to class anymore. This means we have to actually put together outfits instead of rolling out of the comfort of our beds and hopping on our computers.

Sleeping in 

One of the greatest gifts from Zoom University was the ability to sleep until mere minutes — or if you're a real daredevil, seconds — before attending class. There was no getting ready or eating breakfast beforehand when you could literally do those things while attending class. 

Not only that, but once you were done with a call, you could just go right back to sleep. We were able to gain back a bit of the sleep that we as college students so dearly needed. 

The transition back to reality and being perceived by others is going to be difficult, but we are all returning together. Let’s remember to grant everyone some grace as we ditch our pajama pants for jeans and Zoom University for a true UNC experience. 


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