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Saturday May 28th


Behind the Reel: Disney, Why You No Let Star Wars Die

Each week, Dive brings you “Behind the Reel,” a weekly blog where staff writers provide commentary on all things related to the film industry. First up we have Alexandria Agbaje post about the continuation of the Star Wars franchise

When it was announced that Disney bought Lucasfilms and was releasing another Star Wars movie, it didn’t seem like it could get any worse. After all, Disney is known for having some crappy sequels (“Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides” and the “High School Musical” franchise).

But then, some of the most disturbing news–and I mean it too, I almost cried–was released. JJ Abrams is directing “Star Wars Episode VII”. You might recognize him for his films “Super 8” and “Star Trek” (2009), and as a writer for TV series “Lost”. If you’ve never had the pleasure of sitting through one of his pieces, I’ll save you the trouble. Abrams is great at making the puzzle, setting up the mazes, and establishing a story, but there’s no take away with his projects. He can’t solve his own problems or resolve his own mysteries. In short, he’s the person at the bar who is all sweet talk, but can’t deliver. The only thing worse than Abrams directing, is having Michael Bay anywhere within ten feet of this film.

Harrison Ford playing Han Solo again is the only silver lining, though I’m wary of how his age will affect his part. Not that looks are everything or that age dictates good acting; however, I think we can all agree that seeing 70 year-old Ford cruising in the Millennium Falcon (with a who knows how old Chewbacca), fighting whatever menace is plaguing them now is not too appealing. You know what I mean if you’ve seen “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”.

I like to think Ford (and Star Wars for that matter) can live forever in film history at their zenith, and this movie is just a giant slap in the force. After the offensive Episodes I-III, making “Star Wars: Episode VII” is like dragging an unarmed and barely conscious Wookie to a lightsaber duel.

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