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Sunday September 26th


Movie Review: Sherman and Mr. Peabody

Sherman and Mr. Peabody

“Mr. Peabody and Sherman” delivers what is expected from an average animated children’s comedy adventure.

The film, which is based off the Mr. Peabody’s Improbable History shorts that appeared on “The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show” in the 1960s, hits the mark with audiences in its high-flying, time travelling journey as it makes pit stops at important historical moments.

Mr. Peabody (Ty Burell) is an incredibly accomplished dog whose resume includes inventor, scientist, business mogul, Nobel Prize winner and Olympic medalist. But he discovered he was missing something greater and decided to adopt Sherman (Max Charles), a normally well-behaved boy. Mr. Peabody and Sherman’s perfect life together becomes threatened when Sherman bites Penny, a bully at school, and a CPS agent threatens to take Sherman away.

While trying to resolve the conflict and in an attempt to impress Penny, Sherman takes Penny on the WABAC – pronounced WayBack – a time machine invented by Mr. Peabody and the three get thrown into some wacky predicaments.

The story provides an especially nice alternative for kids to learn about history and a little science. Kids aren’t totally weighed down with learning, as there are more than enough puns and bathroom humor to keep it buoyant. Adults can get some exclusive giggles with some wit and innuendos that go right over kids’ heads.

Like with almost every movie, it has some heartfelt reconciliation at the end. Though this is the overarching lesson in the movie, the writers packed in a whole lot of other messages for kids buried underneath a fast-moving plot.

If “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” could go back in time there are a few things they should change, but overall it’s a well-made heartwarming family film.

Amanda Hayes

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