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Saturday May 28th


Music Review: Flesh Wounds

Flesh Wounds gets down and gritty in Abrasions, Abcesses, and Amputations with hard rocking rhythm chords, pounding drums and distinctive blues riffs to add character to every song. Dive Verdict: ????

The not-so-old man and UNC

The leaves on the trees in Chapel Hill have faded away, shifting from the rich hues of golden yellow and deep maroon suspended in midair to a grounded mass of crunching brown. This aging is symbolic, signifying the passing of time by which we mature and learn at this University.

Concert Review: Sharon Van Etten

At their Oct. 26 show at the Cat’s Cradle, singer-songwriters Damien Jurado and Sharon Van Etten were forces to be reckoned with — each in their own way, but each equally impressive. Seattleite Damien Jurado opened up the show with a mesmerizing set of quiet acoustic songs.

Concert Review: Yeasayer

As Thanksgiving break swiftly approaches, it is common to see large lecture halls near-empty as students begin to head home early for feasting.

Back at the barbecue

The identity of “college student” is synonymous, for better or for worse, with many characteristics and traits, two of which are a rampant appetite for food and a heightened passion for good music.

Q&A with Kym Register of Midtown Dickens

Midtown Dickens began as a collaborative effort between Kym Register and Catherine Edgerton, who used instruments they found in dumpsters and friends’ houses. Now, the band has four members and is finishing up a national fall tour. In April, Midtown Dickens released its third album, Home.

Q&A with The Infamous Stringdusters

Mumford and Sons might have helped bring old-timey elements to pop music, but those looking for something more sincere or traditional need look no further than the Infamous Stringdusters. The band plays bluegrass tunes that are fresh and exciting while staying true to its Nashville roots.

‘Mockingbird’ remains a classic

The quintessential coming-of-age film and one of the most influential films of all time celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, a milestone that rightfully has been and will continue to be highly commemorated.

Music Review: Dirty Projectors

Dirty Projectors’ latest EP, About to Die, is a short and sweet refresher course on the group’s sophisticated weirdness. Dive Verdict: ???1/2

Music Review: Waumiss

Waumiss is not lacking in experimentation on its second album, Subtle for Flames. The record treats listeners to a host of eccentric noises and introduces music lovers to an enticing string of instrumentation. Stationed in Carrboro, the band consists of a husband and wife team and a third member that joined the duo after its self-titled first release. Dive Verdict: ???1/2

Music Review: Animalweapon

Good Luck by Animalweapon is like jumping into a fantastical indie electronic video game. Level one, the first three tracks of the record, are the introduction. They’re the training section before you’re sent off into the real sound of Animalweapon. Dive Verdict: ???

Movie Review: Skyfall

If you put the three most recent James Bond movies in a box to fight, “Skyfall” would be the last survivor. This movie drowns the audience in excellently executed scenes, expert directing and detailed acting. Dive Verdict: ????

Movie Review: Flight

Flight 3.5/5 stars Many a wise man have preached this same axiom: “Life’s about the journey; not the destination.” If you buy that, as well you should, then you’ll like “Flight.” Despite its countless detours into subplot melodrama – which irrevocably offset the film’s course – poignant moments borne of deft acting and directing make this aimless adventure well worth taking. The film centers on Capt.

Music Review: Ben Harper

Ben Harper By My Side 4.5/5 stars Reggae/Blues rock Known for his soulful cocktails of reggae and jazz, Ben Harper’s newest project,By My Side is a reaffirmation of his superior musical bartending skills.

Music Review: Benjamin Gibbard

Ben Gibbard is the guy you actually want bringing his guitar to the bonfire. Gibbard’s debut solo album Former Lives has the mellow guitar chords and storytelling pace that makes the record elementally superior. Dive Verdict: 4 of 5 stars

Music Review: Matthew E. White

Compositional mastery and easy-going retro style complement each other in Matthew E. White’s Big Inner, a genre-bending album that struggles to reconcile spirituality and mortality. Dive Verdict: 4 of 5 stars

Movie Review: The Man with the Iron Fists

RZA’s (Wu Tang Clan) directorial debut film “The Man with the Iron Fists” is a punching good time. Clearly influenced by the movie’s presenter, Quentin Tarantino, “Fists” does not overindulge in its exaggerations, but gives the viewer an exciting film that’s both easy and fun to watch. Dive Verdict: 4 1/2 of 5 stars

Movie Review: Cloud Atlas

In a postmodern look at the interconnectivity among people and events of the past, present and the future, “Cloud Atlas” is a film that will leave viewers feeling as though they’ve just experienced something unquestionably profound. It will not necessarily, however, leave viewers feeling completely satisfied. Dive Verdict: 3 1/2 of 5 stars

Movie Review: Wreck-It Ralph

It might not be Pixar, but “Wreck-It Ralph” still has a heartwarming message, adult humor and great animation, not to mention a pre-feature short. Dive Verdict: 3 1/2 of 5 stars

Q&A with Naked Gods

When it comes to music, the Appalachian Mountains are known for their folk and bluegrass traditions. But then there’s Boone outfit Naked Gods, whose catchy rock tunes are nothing of the sort.