3/18/2014 4:13pm

Video not requested in Hedgepeth homicide case

It’s been 18 months since Faith Hedgepeth was found dead in her off-campus apartment. Police say they are still diligently working to name a killer, but the trickle of information initially released has now slowed to a halt.

3/16/2014 4:16pm

Supreme Court hears Chapel Hill's towing, cellphone cases

Ask George King who he’s fighting for at the North Carolina Supreme Court today, and he’ll tell you anyone with a cellphone that drives through Chapel Hill. King, who owns George’s Towing and Recovery, is at the center of a controversy that started when the Chapel Hill Town Council passed a modified towing ordinance requiring tow operators to post clear signs near tow zones, to alert police when they tow a vehicle and to not tow vehicles more than 15 miles outside of Chapel Hill.

3/16/2014 4:16pm

Faith Hedgepeth records to be reviewed on March 17

The sealing order will expire today on the records related to the homicide of Faith Hedgepeth. Hedgepeth was a UNC junior when she was found dead in her apartment on Sept. 7, 2012. Three days after her death, a Durham County Superior Court judge sealed multiple search warrants and a 911 call associated with Hedgepeth’s case.