3/19/2019 11:28pm

Chris Dahlie

Column: From one dysfunctional family to another

"This admissions scandal or one like it could easily happen here. If we love our school, our teams, our professors, our colleagues, we need to take the beam away from our eyes and watch, carefully, to prevent its corruption."

3/17/2019 7:49pm

abhishek shankar

Column: Forget the 'race' card: Let’s talk about wealth

How can we justify stereotyping minority students as unfit for college when their wealthy counterparts nonchalantly take higher education as a given? Moreover, how can we pretend that minority students manipulate the system when we have tangible evidence that the privileged population do exactly that?

3/5/2019 7:06pm

claude smiling.JPG

Column: The issue of gerrymandering

Despite the fact that in North Carolina, Democrats won the popular vote in the 2018 election, the Republicans still have control of the majority of the seats in the General Assembly and both of the state’s seats in Congress.

3/4/2019 8:58pm

Guest column: We remember

On the eleventh anniversary of Eve Carson's death, take time to remember the legacy she left and the lessons she taught us. 

3/3/2019 11:17pm

Guest column: What should a curriculum look like?

"But before we embrace this radical shift in curricular structure, we need yet to have an open discussion about what constitutes a Liberal Arts education, and to explore fully the implications of such a change for the intellectual life of diverse communities of the College and the University."

3/3/2019 9:04pm

Paige Masten

Column: Pay attention to Black artists

"Let’s talk about Solange. Let’s talk about 2 Chainz. Their albums ... are far more deserving of the praise that people have showered so lavishly upon the Jonas Brothers. Empowering, revolutionary and insightful."