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Senior neuroscience major Rachel Morris holds up a pro-choice sign in response to a pro-life demonstration in the quad on Monday, Oct. 21, 2019.

Maya Little arrested Monday after group protesting abortion came to campus

UNC graduate student and activist Maya Little was arrested on Monday and charged with misdemeanor larceny. The arrest occurred during a counterprotest, which opposed the  Genocide Awareness Project exhibit. The exhibit, which compares abortions to genocides and other human rights violations, is scheduled to be on campus from Monday to Wednesday. The University sent an email on Friday to warn students about the exhibit and offer psychological services they could reach out to if disturbed by the exhibit.  Because UNC is a public university, protesters are permitted to exercise free speech on campus grounds. However, some students felt UNC could have done more to prevent the unsettling images they saw on Monday. 

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Mold growing on a vent in Granville Towers on Friday, Oct. 11, 2019. Residents have recently discovered mold in Granville Towers, forcing the Granville administration to relocate some residents to area hotels.

Granville Towers residents aren't the only UNC students dealing with mold

Carolina Housing received over 400 reports of mold in residence hall rooms between August 2018 and May 2019. Some students living in rooms with mold have complained about the University's response to the issue — especially as it was recently announced that Granville Towers residents will be relocated to nearby hotels as the mold in their rooms is cleaned. 

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UNC faculty stand in front of one of three buses on the Tar Heel Bus Tour. On the tour, 90 faculty traveled across the state of North Carolina over fall break Oct. 16-18, 2019.

Out of the ivory tower: The Tar Heel Bus Tour returns after 11 years

After eleven years since the last Tar Heel Bus Tour took to the roads, interim Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz decided to start it back up. He said it's his way of bringing back a little bit of former Chancellor Michael Hooker, who died in 1999 and who started work at UNC on the same day as Guskiewicz: July 1, 1995.  This year's bus tour began on Wednesday morning and consisted of three buses, each carrying 30 faculty and administrators who applied to attend the trip. They visited areas such as the executive mansion in Raleigh, the Bank of America Financial Center in Charlotte and schools and community centers in rural parts of the state. 

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Hundreds of mourners came to the Three Winners vigil to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Chapel Hill shootings.

SCOTUS to rule on workplace LGBTQ+ discrimination, but where does North Carolina stand?

As the Supreme Court decides  whether federal law prohibits discrimination by employers based on sexual orientation or gender identity, this issue is left up to the states. North Carolina does not have laws protecting individuals from discrimination, but Chapel Hill and Carrboro both have policies that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. 

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Office DJ: Hark the Sound(s)

As Assistant City & State Editor Jamey Cross looks forward to her December graduation, she shares some of the songs that will always keep Carolina close to her heart. 

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A SpotterEDU device sits at the front of the room in Hanes 117 as a student writes on the blackboard underneath on Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2019.

How UNC got the tech to track men's basketball, football players' class attendance

Emails and financial agreements received by the DTH through multiple public records requests reveal details of the lead-up to and implementation at UNC of SpotterEDU. The technology, developed and operated by a Chicago-based consulting firm, tracks the class attendance of student-athletes through beacon devices with an automatic Bluetooth connection to their smartphones.  Early last month, the DTH reported the existence of the new program at UNC. While the University declined at the time to state which sports it is using the new technology for, new documents suggest that SpotterEDU has been applied only to select players from the football and men's basketball teams.