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Saturday April 1st


Letter: Housekeepers deserve a living wage and free parking

"Nonwhite people and immigrants are highly overrepresented in the housekeeping profession which can add layers of racism and xenophobia to exploitation from employers who treat them more like replaceable tools and less like human beings worthy of a fair wage, a safe working environment and acceptable living conditions."

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The sun rises behind Wilson Library on Friday, Feb. 24, 2023.

Letter: The necessity of the SCiLL

"More than half of the conservative students at UNC censor themselves during political discussions on campus, according to a survey published in August 2021. This includes me."

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Op-ed: An open letter to Board of Governors from UE 150

"Public university workers across the state of North Carolina are standing up and fighting back. In spite of the fact that North Carolina is one of a handful of states nationwide that bans public sector collective bargaining, workers have been joining together and organizing to further their demands in record numbers."

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Letter: Response to "The Marketplace of Ideas" column

In response to Molly Looman’s, “The Marketplace of Ideas is failing the journalism industry.”  While in truth, what Molly is suggesting is well-intentioned, it does not take account for the very human tendencies that she purports to being the causes of the issues. 

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