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Saturday May 28th

National Poltics

Looking back on a year of good news, bad news and unanswered questions

At The Daily Tar Heel, it was another year of covering breaking news while in class, studying for exams between finishing print pages and navigating the lines between being a student and a journalist. These are some of the many questions the DTH strives to ask in order to hold the University accountable. That is and has been our promise to readers. We have our own unanswered questions and we’ve dealt with our own challenges this year. But one thing is for sure: The DTH will strive to continue being a publication that pushes the boundaries of journalism to their furthest limits.

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Column: The Streaker’s Guide to Streaking

"Do you remember that old saying from when we were kids? If you’re feeling nervous, just picture your whole class in their underwear. Well, picture no more — during the Davis streak, you will actually get to see your whole class in their underwear. And without their underwear. And in their bras. And without their bras. And with a sock over their..."

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Data shows mental health decline for adolescents, minority populations during pandemic

According to a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey, 37.1 percent of high school students experienced poor mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. For East Chapel Hill High junior N’Zai Davis, the increased disconnection from their friends during the pandemic contributed to their poor mental health.  “I was coming to terms with some things in my own personal life, so it was a great time for change as well as a hard time to get through because it felt like a lot of people were disconnected and it felt lonely,” they said. “It honestly just felt very lonely.”

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