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Column: L is for 'Learning to love yourself'


"There have also been pros to my lack of high school dating experience. When most of my peers had their trials and errors in relationships, I had time to 'date myself.' I was able to take care of myself mentally and physically, invest time into hobbies or new activities, and, most importantly, learn to love being alone. At the end of the day, you will always have yourself to fall back on."


Column: Protect Indigenous children


"Imagine how tired Indigenous communities must feel. Petition after petition, protest after protest, speech after speech, only to still not be heard. Imagine being stripped of your rightful land, your country and your livelihood. Imagine being proud of your heritage and culture only to be forced to conform to whiteness, shipped off to boarding schools and made to feel as if you are nothing. After being denied almost everything, overturning ICWA would deny Indigenous people the right to even raise their own flesh and blood."


Column: TikTok ban misdirects outrage on data abuse


"What Republican and Democratic lawmakers are concerned with is the inappropriate use of data, but targeting TikTok misdirects their frustration, thinly cloaking it in nationalism and xenophobia. Rebuking TikTok for the dangers of their data practices fails to acknowledge the practices of American companies — a real pot and kettle situation."


Column: A look at the 2023 Dreamville Festival lineup


"Hip-hop artist J.Cole and his record label are headed back to Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh this weekend for the third annual Dreamville Festival. As a huge fan of the Dreamville artists and based on my attendance at the 2022 festival, here are my rankings of the artists I am most excited to see this weekend."


Column: The NIL policy is saving college basketball


"Rather than having five skilled but out-of-sync players that often make up a predominately first-year team, veteran-led teams are those of development and experience. And among the list of reasons that encourage players to stay, we now also have NIL to thank for that."


Column: The N.C. Supreme Court is in crisis


"Ultimately, elections have consequences. N.C. voters chose to give these justices a seat on the court and we’ll have the opportunity to take that seat away from them in a few years. That doesn’t absolve the justices of the harm they can do to the state when making decisions based on partisanship rather than law, but at least it means their influence is not permanent."


Office DJ: Songs for unproductivity


"Being still is a stellar use of my time — even if it takes energy. If you need me, I'll be using my unproductive skills to photosynthesize on the quad. And I think I'll stay there a while."


Column: Steel and stone can’t replace what Black students bring to campus life


"While the memorial is a huge step forward in recognizing UNC's racial history, it doesn’t replace the physical and emotional support that comes when Black students actually take up space together. The weekly recurrence of "Pit Poppin' Fridays," an informal event hosted midday with music playing and Black students convening, speaks to the value we place on togetherness."


Op-ed: Saving The Purple Bowl means saving Chapel Hill

"The Purple Bowl predicament is a sign that we’ve reached the painful stage of economic growth. What could be good for our overall economic well-being could be hell for our local businesses that make this place feel like home."