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Thursday February 2nd

Senior forward Leaky Black prepares to warm up before a home UNC men's basketball game against Duke in the Dean Smith Center on Saturday, Feb. 5, 2022. Duke won 87-67.

Editorial: Life on the "bubble” for UNC basketball

"The NCAA basketball tournament is a much-anticipated annual tradition for UNC basketball fans. Currently, the team has qualified for the last ten tournaments — the fourth-longest active streak in the nation. But that streak is in jeopardy. After not living up to preseason expectations and some recent losses (including a shocking home loss versus a bad Pittsburgh team), the team finds itself on the fringe of the NCAA tournament, better known as the 'bubble.'"

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UNC sophomores Dylan Georges, JM D'Ambrosio, and Javon Davis watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 13, 2022.

Column: Dismantling our stereotypes about gender and music

"Interests, whether they be sports teams or music artists, should not be gendered. Gendering these interests creates harmful stereotypes and influences which interests society places more value on. Next time someone expresses criticism for someone’s music taste or appreciation of art in general, ask them where that criticism comes from."

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An anti-mask mandate message written in chalk in front of the South Building declares, "No more forced treatment! Make masks optional," on Feb. 17, 2022. Similar messages have been appearing on the walkways of main campus sporadically over the course of this past week.

Column: Unmask 'Unmask UNC'

"If you’re passionate about changing campus policies — and not just riling up the readers of your message who happen to walk by it — you would not leave your message in cowardly anonymity. The appropriate forum for these difficult discussions shouldn’t be threatened by some rain or passersby with water bottles."

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Carolina Times Archive. Top photo shows relatives of Harvey Beech of Kinston, the first Black man to ever graduate from UNC. From left to right: Lillian Beech, Mary J. Ruffin, Mamie Crowder, and Eloise Beech. In the bottom photo, Harvey Beech is third from the left.

Column: The desegregation of UNC

"A closer analysis reveals the ugly truth: American integration was absolutely not instantaneous, and continues to be a work in progress. School districts have been ordered to desegregate as recently as 2016 and demographic maps of cities reveal urban environments fractured along racial lines. Similarly, the process of integration at  UNC-Chapel Hill has been a lengthy one. "

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UNC's building maintenance is under a severe backlog. Josh Trull is one of only seven buildings facilities employees working to keep the campus up to code.

Editorial: The pay gap between UNC System employees needs change

"Our campus is home to a vast ecosystem of labor that we, as students, depend on. Its absence would be a detriment – if not bring a complete halt – to our lives. Despite this, many of the housekeeping, groundskeeping, and maintenance staff that make up UNC’s campus are severely underpaid, especially relative to University administration."

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