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Saturday June 10th

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Axios x The Daily Tar Heel: Smarter Faster Revolution

On Thursday at 12:15 p.m. in the Carolina Union, Tyler Fleming, editor-in-chief of The Daily Tar Heel, and Mike Allen, co-founder and executive editor of Axios, will lead a conversation on the future of work and kick off Axios' Smarter Faster Revolution.

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'Joy of music' is the objective of Richard Luby Violin Symposium

When talented, passionate people gather together, whether they be tennis players, biologists, or musicians, competition often ensues along with a pressure to perform perfectly or present their best. Dr. Richard Luby, an accomplished musician and master teacher at UNC-Chapel Hill, dreamed to create something different—an environment in which musicians might work and grow together.

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Top GRE study tips from UNC students

For UNC juniors and seniors considering graduate school, three letters are looming large in their minds: G-R-E. But the test isn't something to dread. The Economist magazine has a full online test-prep center that students can try for free for seven days, and UNC Learning Center provides resources to students. Four UNC students who have recently taken the test or are preparing to take it, offered their perspectives and tips for conquering the GRE.

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Granville residents prepare for Room Draft

Granville Towers Room Draft selection process helps residents not only find their community, but keep it. Cheekily modeled after the NFL Draft, it allows returning students to pick out their room for the upcoming year by physically placing a pin on a poster of Granville’s layout to “draft” their room choice.

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"Escape" from everyday routine at Bull City Escape

Bull City Escape is part of a growing trend of entertainment rooms that challenge the brain as well as group dynamics. The business engages its customers by locking them in a room for 60 minutes — the only way out is to find and solve a sequence of clues that leads you to the final combination. The concept started out with online games, then moved to real life entertainment rooms across the country, creating a network of interactive and immersive environments for groups to bond together.

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Take a Glance at new social app Hopspot

In 2012, Josh Lineberger was working in the food-service industry, watching the way his customers interacted with each other. Today, he has an app inspired by what he saw in those days, an app development company that supports it and a plan to expand it beyond the Charlotte region.

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Take a Glance at new mystery thriller set in Chapel Hill

Author Kate McGaughey knows Chapel Hill. As a former UNC associate provost, she lived here, frequenting local staples like The Carolina Inn, TOPO, Carolina Coffee Shop and many Franklin Street stores that now appear in her books. Her first self-published mystery novel, “Feel the Heat,” was sold nationwide. This week, she has published her second novel with a Chapel Hill setting, called “Hear The Bells.”

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