Music Review: Days of Being Wild

Days of Being Wild is a beautiful oxymoron. Kivel’s second album, a combination of mellow, pop-folk tracks, is anything but wild as the album never quite builds enough to reach the nomer.

Movie Review: Think Like a Man Too

Imagine the perfect trip with a bunch of your closest buddies. How would it look like? What would you do? Think Like a Man Too was supposed to be a nothing-but-perfect vacation, but turned out to tumble downhill after a series of unfortunate events

Movie Review: Jersey Boys

During the rise of the musical quartet, the Four Seasons sing “Big Man in Town,” all about the thirst to be a somebody — a successful, hypermasculine figure who demands success and respect.

Movie Review: ?A Million Ways to Die in the West

Of all the demises suggested by the title of “A Million Ways to Die in the West,” at least 700,000 have to be fart-related. At any rate, no self-respecting statistician would tell you otherwise after examining the sample that director, screenwriter and star Seth MacFarlane chooses to display in his latest movie.

Music Review: No Guts, No Glory

moe., approaching its 25th year together, is a reliable pillar in the jam band arena, and its recent album No Guts, No Glory, reflects the dependable nature of its music. Some of the songs are new, and others, which have appeared during live shows, get the studio treatment they deserve. Originally said to be acoustic, the album is placed on a rootsy foundation and bent in a progressive rock direction toward the moe. that has stood the test of time.

Movie Review: X-men: Days of Future Past

Time-travel tends to be tricky business, at least as far as movie-making goes. Make it too complex, and you lose your audience. Too simple, they’re bored. And if you exploit it too obviously to reconcile inconsistencies in characters’ pasts, they’ll cry foul — just take a look at the previous X-Men films. Moviemakers dealing in the subject have to handle a fine, quantum mechanical line.