How to make a small town fashionable

Small town charm is something in its own, and can leave a person feeling satisfied or it can leave a person ultimately wanting more. 

Some crave the big buildings, fast paced lifestyles and mass amounts of people, while others benefit most within the realm of their day-to-day life in small coffee shops and local stores.

No matter where you fall within these two extremes, it always seems to be the bigger cities that get the most fashion attention. The glitz and the glam of a big city cultivates the best of the best fashion bloggers, editors and stylists.

There's a certain recipe in cities like New York and Pairs, and maybe it's just their intense historical values, but the bigger the city the bigger the fashion credit it has.

If you're like me, you're "stuck" in a small town always craving more. You're craving things like the high-end stores and the endless amounts of culture inspiration that pushes your own personal boundaries.

It's not the best situation to be in, as it constantly leaves you looking to the future, wishing for things you don't have but aspire to obtain one day through endless amounts of hard work.

However, the small town charm can be a fashion girl's trademark. It sets up an ideal situation that can make someone truly show their unique traits and styles that make them a real, different asset to the fashion world. 

Small towns can be fashionable.

Use the coffee shops, the farmer's markets or the unique little downtowns in your area to create a style of your own. Use the boutiques and don't be afraid to buy local. That makes your closet all the more unique and valuable to those big city editors that see the same pair of designer shoes on 20 different "it" girls at once.

You don't need the 5th Avenue names or a stroll through the streets of Milan to make a blog memorable or to feel fashionable.

Never forget that fashion comes from within and it's meant to be raw and genuine.

Use the inspiration found through studying the street styles of New York and Paris and bring the ideas down to Earth, down to your small town level. 

Taking these bigger risks within a small community of people will make you stand out and will definitely make your tiny home have a stronger fashion presence, all thanks to you, of course.

Every cup of coffee that Instagram or the blogosphere sees looks the same, whether you're at the Starbucks in Barnes and Noble or sipping a latte with a Central Park view.

A person with a strong sense of style can truly make anything look beautiful.

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