Lindsey Hoover


Scott Conary, president of Carrboro Coffee Roasters and owner of Open Eye Cafe, will be the head judge for all coffee submissions in this year's Cup of Excellence Awards. Photo courtesy of Scott Conary. 

Q&A with Open Eye Cafe Owner Scott Conary

Carrboro Coffee Roasters president and Open Eye Cafe owner Scott Conary will serve as head judge for the Cup of Excellence Awards. Conary will taste 200 types of coffee and judge each on their flavor, body and sustainability. Senior writer Lindsey Hoover spoke to Conary about his experiences in the coffee industry.

A miracle for Miraclefeet

It’s not every day that Googling leads to a $1 million grant given by the company themselves, but for a Carrboro-based nonprofit, that’s exactly what happened.

County commissioners bring five topics to general assembly

The Orange County Board of Commissioners came up with five topics to discuss with their legislators at the N.C. General Assembly short session on April 18. The Board of Commissioners chose topics to discuss so the general assembly can determine the next course of action for implementing any new rules regarding the issues at hand.

Back to school on a budget

It's the most wonderful time of the year – back to school season. It's almost as great as the holidays, only with sweltering heat waves and instead of stuffing stocking, you're stuffing backpacks. 

Summer beach accessory guide

White sand beneath your toes, the endless sounds of gentle waves crashing in the distance and the sweet feeling of tanned skin; all things that encompass the greatness that is a beach vacation.

Summer fashion 101

Summer living is often times so easy, stress-free students forget that there are other clothing options outside of their Nike shorts and bathing suits.