Recipe Blog: Banana S'mores

Have you ever had those bananas that you take from Rams Head or Lenior just sit on your desk because they look dull and boring? Do you like s’mores? Why don’t we combine them both?

I found the idea for this week’s recipe in the Food & Drink section of Pinterest. Since most students are usually short on money, or just don’t have enough time to cook something fancy I had to make it a bit more “dorm friendly.”

Here is the original recipe which calls for bananas, graham crackers and chocolate, which could all be easily bought anywhere. You’ll also need a non-stick cooking spray and a grill.

I, however, made some changes to the recipe that differ from the original.

Here’s what you’ll need: – Light butter? – 2 just-ripe bananas – ?12 graham cracker squares? – 1 3-ounce bar dark chocolate, broken into 6 squares – a frying pan


1. Heat the stove to a medium for about 3 or 4 minutes, but make sure you put in a tablespoon of light butter on the frying pan. If you don’t have butter, you can use olive oil. Open your banana and cut it into 16 slices. Then begin frying the banana slices for 3 minutes or until they’re golden brown. Transfer bananas to a plate.

2. While bananas are grilling, place 6 (or more if you’d like) chocolate squares on top of 6 graham crackers. Then put them on a plate and place in a microwave for about 20-30 seconds. After they’re out of the microwave arrange 4 to 5 banana slices on top of each chocolate square and cover with remaining graham crackers.?

3. Enjoy!

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