Sahratian slaps UNC basketball players with nicknames

North Carolina strength and conditioning coordinator Jonas Sahratian is known by Tar Heel basketball players for his uncanny ability to inspire and come up with nicknames.

Tyler Hansbrough said Sahratian is responsible for the infamous “Psycho T” nickname that still follows the 2009 NCAA Champion.

“That’s where it all started,” Hansbrough said. “I’ve got so many nicknames.”

But when asked for more nicknames, Hansbrough said he wasn’t sure he could give them — neither could current point guard Marcus Paige, 2005 NCAA champion Marvin Williams, or Sahratian himself.

“(Are there any nicknames) that are printable? Probably not,” Sahratian said. “It’s like what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Paige, who said Sahratian gives everyone a bunch of interesting nicknames, added that the nicknames he and other players receive are funny but should probably stay in the weight room.

Williams said that there is one nickname Sahratian likes to use for everyone that is fit for print.

“Everybody’s a ‘slap’ no matter what they do,” Williams said. “As much as he calls us a slap, we try to call him one back too. It doesn’t matter.

If I don’t remember anything else about Jonas, I’ll remember that I’m a slap for sure.”

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