Two bills pass unanimously at Student Congress

With only 37 days left in the legislative cycle, Student Congress discussed changes to the Student Code on Tuesday.

The first bill discussed was introduced by Priyesh Krishnan, chairperson of finance committee, about the Student Activities Fund Office fee.

Krishnan said the purpose of the bill is to make budgeting easier.

The bill, revised from one earlier in the year, has a number set for SAFO’s operation and a plan for what to do if the fee exceeds the $140,000 amount set.

The second bill was introduced by John Anagnost, chairperson of rules and judiciary committee, to allow the Board of Elections to create an alternative training mechanism.

The current training meeting format allows less flexibility for students to file for congressional candidacy, because they only have two mandatory meetings to choose from.

Anagnost said this bill does not make anything mandatory for the Board of Elections. He said it allows for them to experiment and explore options that will make filing for candidacy easier all around.

Phillip Jester, member of congress, was concerned that giving each member of the Board of Elections veto power might be problematic. Cole Simons, chairperson of oversight and advocacy committee, said he does not think this is something that belongs in the code, but sounds like a concurrent resolution.

Both bills were passed unanimously.

Congress also looked to the future:

  • Cole Simons introduced a concurrent resolution encouraging student government to urge the University to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day
  • A Student Congress Public Forum will be held March 10, from 6 to 8 p.m. in Union room 3206
  • Annual Budget is this weekend, so finance committee is scheduled for 16 hours in Bingham Hall
  • Tuesday’s protest of Margaret Spellings is a topic that will be discussed within Congress's select committees soon

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