Recycling Solo cups only causes additional harm


Holly Beilin’s column “Alcohol: It’s the footprint in your hand” definitely had its heart in the right place. I encourage everyone to consider environmental impact when making purchasing decisions. She advises her readers to recycle Solo cups, but these are not accepted in UNC-CH’s or Orange County’s recycling programs.

In fact, Solo cups account for a large percentage of recycling contamination on game days. They ultimately end up in a landfill and impair the recycling process on the way.

So DTH, if you’re advocating for purchaser responsibility, I’d recommend that you follow your own advice.

But by all means, host a green tailgate! Rameses Recycles volunteers visit tailgate lots each game day, handing out recycling bags to tailgating fans. Inside of Kenan Stadium, blue recycling bins are placed around the concourse.

You may place bottles, cans and stadium blue cups in the bins or recycling bags. Solo cups, plastic plates and utensils, and food waste go in the trash.

Remember: waste reduction and reuse make for the greenest tailgate. Reuse whenever possible — from plates and utensils to growlers of your favorite local beer (for legal, responsible, off-campus consumption).

Natalia Posthill
Recycling Coordinator
Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling

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