Letter to the Editor


Letter: One step at a time

"My hope is that this race will not only spread the word about our wonderful group on campus at UNC, but will allow people to see us as we are ⁠— students of medicine, engineering, law, social work, etc. ⁠— taking life one step (or stride) at a time, just like everyone else."

NCGA's 'flattened' taxes aren't fair taxes

TO THE EDITOR: The N.C. General Assembly, with Gov. McCrory’s help, has done one thing well recently — propose and pass terrible legislation. In just a few months, they covered many conservative bases by repealing the Racial Justice Act, increasing abortion restrictions, loosening gun laws and proposing a voter ID bill. Now, the legislature is hitting North Carolinians with a more mundane sucker punch: a “flattened” tax code. The House and Senate compromise plan eliminates the established personal income tax structure in favor of a more regressive rate, reduces the rate on corporate income to a mere 3 percent by 2017 and eliminates important tax credits for low- and middle-income families. These kinds of changes are commonly referred to as “flattening the tax code.” It sounds nice — flatten taxes to make everything fairer. However, in reality, “flattening the tax code” means making rich people pay less and poor people pay more.

Congress must act on student loans now

Congress’ failure on student loans is symptomatic of a deeper problem with the prioritization of higher education and investment in infrastructure. And the disagreement over loan interest rates only draws attention to one of many facets of the student loan issue.

The NCGA is shaming North Carolina

If you are a North Carolinian and you’re not furious right now, then you must not be paying attention. Our prestige and reputation as the progressive “Beacon of the South” are under attack – and it’s making (embarrassing) international news. This isn’t a partisan issue, it’s a human rights issue.

Moral Monday protestors are not extremists

Last week’s editorial characterizing Moral Monday as “an extreme leftist reaction” was completely wrongheaded. Protestors are defending policies that served our state well for decades — some for longer than our lifetimes. That makes them moderates or conservatives, not extremists.