Topics: Campus Health Services

Campus Health Services provides primary health services and wellness care to students. For the 2015-16 school year, undergraduate and graduate students pay $380 yearly in Campus Health fees. Campus Health offers general medicine, counseling, sports medicine and physical therapy, women's health, pharmacy, immunizations and laboratory and X-Ray testing. It also has an acute hours and after hours clinic, allergy services, diabetes care, men’s health services, online health advice, transgender health and an international travel clinic.

The Campus Health website has information about a number of topics, ranging from academic success to alcohol and drug abuse as well as ADD/ADHD and various medical conditions. It has useful tips for relationships, meditation and mindfulness, sexual health, sleep and stress.

BCBS to end grandfathered plans, Student Blue not affected


Blue Cross and Blue Shield Insurance of North Carolina will no longer offer grandfathered healthcare plans as of 2018.

Meet the UNC baseball team’s dog, the only facility service dog in the ACC


It’s the best day ever, every day. That’s how Terri Jo Rucinski, staff athletic trainer for UNC baseball, feels when REMINGTON, the baseball team’s golden retriever, is around.

Water crisis causes inconveniences for students

Following high fluoride levels and a water main break in the city’s water supply, the University had to close campus and cancel all events for the weekend. They strongly encouraged all students who were able to leave campus to do so on Friday.

North Carolina's child mortality rate remains stagnant

The overall child mortality rate in North Carolina remained stagnant between 2014 and 2015 — caused in part by the unwavering mortality rate of infants.

Hand, foot and mouth disease breaks out in first-year dorms


It’s flu season again, but UNC’s campus is infected with a different disease — hand, foot, and mouth.

Students learn to make food their friend again


Hundreds of students filled The Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History theater Wednesday to learn about the relationship between food and feelings during Jessica Setnick’s presentation, “Making Food Your Friend Again.”

Student stores pharmacy celebrates its grand opening today

UNC Student Stores welcomes its newest addition today with the grand opening of the University’s second on-campus pharmacy.

Sleep Week promoter will sleep 30 minutes per day at the Old Well


William Thorpe, a promoter for UNC Walk for Health, intends to sleep for one week next to the Old Well in order to raise awareness for sleep deprivation, which is linked to the leading causes of death in the United States.

Student Stores pharmacy set to open in December

The Campus Health Services pharmacy in Student Stores is set to open in early December — regardless of privatization talks.

Flu shot season kicks off in Chapel Hill

It’s that time of year again — as the fall season kicks into gear, so does the flu season.

Thousands of people in the UNC community get flu shots every year. The vaccine is available at a variety of locations on and off campus.

Pharmacy in Student Stores will open late fall

Campus Health Services will open a pharmacy on the third floor of Student Stores later this semester.

UNC delays graduate assistants’ health insurance

Due to delays in enrollment, Campus Health Services says hundreds of graduate research and teaching assistants are still missing insurance cards.

Smart phone app identifies when user is at risk for disease

The UNC-Duke basketball rivalry is as strong as ever, but researchers from both schools have engaged in a team effort to produce new disease-tracking technology.

Students create self-care workshop to remind others to slow down during finals

As finals are coming up, two students remind their classmates to slow down and take care of themselves.

Embody Carolina educates students on eating disorders


For senior Sarah MacLean and junior Bri Arey, Embody Carolina gave them the platform to share their stories about their struggles with eating disorders.

Orgasm? Yes Please! replaced by another sexual health event

Despite the lack of funding for "Orgasm? Yes, Please!," an event that teaches participants about healthy sex, Project Dinah is still trying to raise awareness about sexual wellness in creative ways.

Consulting the ‘sexperts’ on myths

I-Team member Breanna Kerr compiled a list of common sex myths and went straight to the experts: the folks at UNC Student Wellness. 

Despite cuts to health fees, Campus Health services will stay


After the student health fee was cut by 4 percent this academic year, Winston Crisp spent the summer finding new ways to keep programming — like Interactive Theatre Carolina and sexual health services — the same at Campus Health Services.

Doctors OK long-acting birth control for teenagers

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently recommended that long-acting, reversible contraception methods should be the primary form of birth control for teenage girls. These methods include implants and intrauterine devices, known as IUDs.

Orange County health officials offer drug disposal program

After more than 100 people visited the emergency room for accidentally overdosing on prescription medication in 2012, Orange County health officials are looking to curb prescription drug abuse by offering people a free and easy way to dispose of medications they no longer use.