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Carolina Fever, the largest student fan club at UNC, is devoted to showing UNC pride. For each sporting event a member attends, he or she is awarded points. Based on the total number of points, members can earn prizes. Among these prizes are men’s basketball tickets. Each of the top 150 members of fever are awarded two phase one tickets to each home game, provided they enter the student lottery. This changes for the UNC-Duke game, when the top 150 are given one ticket instead of two.

Carolina Fever also hosts events, including the Old Well Watch. UNC students keep an all-night watch on the Old Well on the eve of the UNC-N.C. State football game to prevent vandalism.

In April 2009, Carolina Fever became independent of the Carolina Athletic Association. Under the CAA, Carolina Fever was not its own organization, and funding was therefore harder to come by, leaders said. Massive population growth in the organization also motivated the split.

Membership was opened to all students in 2012 when Fever’s directors announced they would be removing the $20 membership fee.

Carolina Fever adapts to UNC athletics construction


After going a combined 27-4 at home a season ago, three UNC programs are tasked with recreating that home field advantage in stadiums outside of Chapel Hill.   

Students have a fever for Duke tickets


During men’s basketball season, no position is more coveted than a spot among the Carolina Fever top 150 point earners. With tickets to the Duke game in the Smith Center and phase one riser seats at stake, top 150 hopefuls go the extra mile to get a spot in the constantly changing group.

CAA, Fever expect big student turnout for Thursday's game

UNC's rivalry with Duke is debatably one of the most exciting aspects of being a Tar Heel. 

Fever ?nds new home in Smith Center

At home men’s basketball games, the spirit of Carolina Fever is no longer contained in one seating section.

Joe Petrizzi for Operation: Military Kids

After seeing the effects of military deployment on his two young cousins, Joe Petrizzi wants to help the families of deployed servicemen and women.

Carolina Fever faces fund shortage

Carolina Fever membership skyrocketed to 10,000 students this year when the club eliminated dues — but this change has led to a shortage of funds.

Carolina Fever membership now free for all students

The chance to prove one’s school spirit will now come free of charge to all students.

Kenan introduces Tar Pit

It might not be black, but organizers are hoping you'll notice the Tar Pit at Kenan Stadium when this year's football season officially kicks off.

A guide to being a Tar Heel sports fan

Being a UNC sports fan is a year-round job. But if you’re just beginning to love the Tar Heels, you might need a cheat sheet.