Kvetching Board

Kvetching Board for Feb. 5, 2016

To DPS, so the first person you decide to get after at the BOG meeting is maybe the smallest person in the room? Congrats, bros, you just made me feel a whole lot safer. I think I saw a little old lady jaywalking somewhere you may want to taze.


Column: Eminent domain can be abusive

Column: Eminent domain can be abusive

When this campaign season began, I expected that there were going to be plenty of issues discussed. Arguments regarding the economy, criminal justice and cybersecurity were just some of what I was anticipating.



Letter: Ways to vote in the upcoming primaries

As the March 15 primary approaches, recent changes in state voting law are adding an extra layer of confusion for North Carolinians navigating the path to the polls. In addition, litigation over the General Assembly’s 2011 Congressional Redistricting Plan may impact the primary schedule.

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