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Kvetching Board for Aug. 26, 2016

To the guy outside the SRC claiming a rhombus is just a square turned on its side, I hope you are not considering math as a major.


Column: Reject the 'cult of money'

Column: Reject the 'cult of money'

We live in a world today that worships money — literally those who have money are on top socially and politically.


Opinion: When we reflect on the past, we can plan for the future

As our board looks at the future of student activism in the coming year, we are inevitably drawn to the past. And when we dive into the archives of student activism at UNC, it’s downright easy to yearn for another era — to think that gone are the days of student activism in unity, of the protests that wove together students from across campus and from diverse backgrounds in support of common ideals.


Letter: Peeples’ column cast Ives in bad light

Alexander Peeples’ column rightly casts doubt on the intellectual seriousness of UNC’s new environmental think tank. Climate research commissioned by Phil Berger is about as reliable as a tobacco study paid for by Phillip Morris.

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