Kvetching Board

Kvetching Board for Mar. 27, 2015

I’ve been dreading walking into Fetzer for the first time after Dance Marathon and it looking completely different — no longer fun and exciting, just Fetzer.


Column: Vassar survivor deserves support

As I left the Chelsea Theater after watching “The Hunting Ground,” I heard whispers of shock from adult audience members. They seemed moved and horrified.


Opinion: ENGL 105 should not be required for all freshmen

In fall 2012, UNC began mandating that all incoming students take the same composition class — English 105 or English 105i. This class was introduced in place of the introductory level English 101 and 102 classes traditionally taken by students to fulfill the Composition and Rhetoric general education credit.


Letter: ​Transparency needed in campaign finance

Working for political change involves long, difficult struggles made more so by the buying of influence in politics. That’s why ending the corruption of big money in our government must be our first task.

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