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UNC-system universities have traditionally had some of the lowest tuition rates in the country, largely due to generous funding from the state legislature. The N.C. Constitution states that system schools must provide a free university education for state residents “as far as practicable.”

The recent economic downturn and state funding cuts have prompted universities to request higher tuition hikes, however, even exceeding the Board of Governors’ 6.5 percent cap on increases. The board approved a systemwide average tuition and fee increase of 8.8 percent in February 2012. UNC-CH in-state undergraduates will see their tuition rise by $225, or 3.5 percent, for the 2015-16 academic year and by $233, another 3.5 percent, for the 2016-2017 academic year.

New York becomes first state to offer free college tuition to certain students

New York will be the first state to offer free college tuition to students after state Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation Wednesday.

State budget cuts UNC funding, freezes tuition

The state budget, passed on July 14, included changes impacting the UNC system. Policy in the budget created an in-state tuition freeze for all schools in the system, creating a guaranteed amount for all four years. The budget also instituted a three percent cap on student fees.

State legislators propose name change for Fayetteville State

Fayetteville State University could face a name change by the state legislature.

Endowment bill aims to lower tuition

Congress is looking to lower the cost of college for middle- to low-income families — this time through a proposed bill that might compel universities to dedicate more money to financial aid.

Universities aid the new majority

When Thomas Lindsay first heard then Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s call for college degrees costing a total of $10,000, he had his doubts.

Intramural athletes could score free tuition

Students registered for UNC Campus Recreation’s intramural leagues might have received text messages recently offering free tuition — but the money isn’t a UNC initiative.

Q&A with UNC financial aid expert Eric Johnson


The College Board released its annual Trends in Higher Education report this week, which outlined the rising cost of college tuition and the importance of financial aid. 

Perkins loan discontinued

Students in the class of 2020 might find college harder to pay for than their predecessors. At midnight on Thursday, the Federal Perkins Loan Program expired when a bipartisan group of U.S. senators chose not to pursue its renewal.

UNC-system schools adapt under cap and freeze policy

More than one year after the UNC-system Board of Governors passed a cap and freeze policy — limiting the amount of tuition revenue universities can use for need-based financial aid — UNC-system schools continue to feel the heat.

Difficult FAFSA process simplified

College students around the nation can breathe a sigh of relief — change is coming to the often baffling Free Application for Federal Student Aid. 

‘Rule of 10’ clarifies college cost

In an attempt to simplify the conversation around higher education, a new study has proposed a benchmark to clarify the cost of college.

Universities test solutions to offset college costs

Given that UNC students have seen tuition rise seven out of the last 10 years, it’s hard to imagine students receiving free tuition without applying for scholarships or grants.

Fraternities’ and sororities’ high costs are an insurmountable barrier for some


When joining a sorority, Gwen Gaylord found herself spending more time waitressing than she did with fellow members of Chi Omega.

UNC tuition hikes to target faculty retention


Losing prized faculty members to other universities that make lucrative offers — it’s an unfortunately familiar, persistent problem for the UNC system.

New report suggests ways to ease applying for and dealing with loans

The financial aid realm is notorious for its 100-plus-question form and the headaches it creates for students — but a new report offers proposals to simplify the financial aid and loan repayment process.

Undocumented students face burdens when paying for school


So far, Jose has defied the odds.

President Obama's community college proposal tough to afford

President Barack Obama on Tuesday dropped a widely criticized proposal to bring back taxes on 529 college savings plans — which had been a key funding source for his free community college program.

New student fee on UNC-system Board of Governors' agenda

In an effort to address concerns swirling around issues such as sexual assault and alcohol abuse, the UNC-system Board of Governors’ budget and finance committee will vote Thursday on a $30 UNC campus security fee for students.

NC tuition has risen at double US rate

North Carolina is bucking the higher education trend — and not in a good way.

As spring semester nears, students fear class costs

As students gear up for their recently registered spring semester classes, many are considering the costs of textbooks, printing and clickers that will inevitably pop up.