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Thursday July 7th

Greeks need to accept responsibility, move on


Let’s be real here. Stop being defensive and screaming “unfair” because the Greek community is in the spotlight of attention right now. After all, to an extent, you have earned it.

First, as an alumnus of the Greek community at UNC, I can say confidently that the vast majority of the Greek community are hard working and good natured people. And yes, a few bad apples do ruin the image for everyone.

Welcome to life in the real world.

When you cannot understand that a fraternity is mourning the loss of one of their own because of alcohol at a pledge party that should not have been there, someone needs to call a time-out.

When you cannot understand how or why cocaine use is much more serious, and therefore newsworthy than, say, alcohol, someone needs to call a time-out.

When you make excuses for the lack of reporting merely because an incident was illegal (underage drinking), instead of focusing on the extent of its illegality (cocaine), you are reaching a bit too far.

When you dismiss the scale of the incident by claiming only a “few” members of the Greek community were involved, when the incident was located at an unofficial fraternity house of which several residents charged were in the Greek community, with nearly 200 grams of cocaine was found, you’re borderline delusional.

I can safely assume you are all well-educated and smart students, so please either be more reasonable, or have someone do you a favor and slap the stupid out of you.

This is not a game.

You’re in the spotlight because you’ve earned it, not because of “unfair” attention.

There is no obvious incongruence, but plenty of obvious ignorance and irresponsibility. Accept responsibility and accountability for what has happened as a community, regardless of the few who have given you a black eye, clean it up and move on.

It’s the only responsible thing left to do.

Thomas Jones
UNC ’09

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