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Monday May 10th

Students are free to make their own decisions on sex


In the letter to the editor by Christopher Spargo (“Self-control is the solution, not blaming Harris Teeter,” Sept. 14), it seems he made some big leaps.

That the educated people at this university are blinded into a sex culture by sex ads, that the DTH is just continuing this cycle of sex addiction, that abstinence is the only way and that Harris Teeter is not at fault for not wanting to promote sex.

How about Harris Teeter’s commitment to customer service?

How about the desire of the customer to not feel embarrassment or scrutiny when he or she goes to the grocery store to get something legal and unregulated, that will not only prevent pregnancy, but STIs as well?

Yes, abstinence is the best way to prevent these things. But is it fun? No.

People at this University are educated. The beauty of the University is not the sexuality, but the freedom of choice. Some people choose to abstain — a choice that I respect. And some choose to engage — a choice that others should respect. Freedom of choice is what the University and education provide; the ability to make an informed decision and to not be made to feel shame for that choice, no matter the issues.

Harris Teeter has the policy to put the condoms behind the counter with the cigarettes, making them a taboo item, and I have the choice to take my business elsewhere.

Trent Kool
Mathematics, Philosophy

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