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Tuesday March 28th

Online reader responses to NYT gender article

Finally, it’s not just me

I graduated in 2008, and the NYT article was nice in that it made me say finally “I’m not crazy! It really is 60-40!”

I had to spend my college years on finding guys at Duke and State. I met some great men that way, and I still keep up with a few of them, but I always found it really sad and disheartening that the few straight, single, UNC guys that there were learned within weeks of landing on campus not only that they didn’t have to put in any effort, but that they could treat women like crap and get away with it.

— posted by “unc_cindyp”

NYT ignores ‘normal’

What are the “normal” dating rituals this article is saying UNC gals are missing out on? And what are the interviewees comparing their experiences to? There are so many things wrong with this article, it’s hard to know where to begin.

— posted by “cewillia”

Why aren’t there more men?

While the percentages may be true I personally think they have nothing to do with these girls’ opinions or decisions, and their statements certainly do not hold true for all women on campus (and I really hope they do not hold true for most women on campus).

I also do not appreciate the fact that this author assumed that women’s main purpose in college was to find a partner, stating that it may be a priority for schools to even the percentages, even mentioning “affirmative action for men.”

I think the percentage shift is an excellent demonstration of the women who have worked hard to be successful. This article should have focused on why men are not doing well in college, not why a select few sorority girls are desperate to find someone to pacify their insecurities.

— posted by “mooreh”

How to avoid the ‘brute’

Step 1 to avoiding guys like this is to not be one of the “6 provocatively dressed girls hovering around 1 guy at a bar.” Just because guys think you’re hot doesn’t mean they respect you, and if they don’t respect you they won’t take you seriously.

— posted by “jkgeer”

Article ignored minorities

The most depressing thing about this article (and the accompanying photos) was that you would end up thinking UNC was lily-white and the only way to meet people was the bar scene on Chapel Hill. It’s been a while since I was on campus but I am guessing the experience of minority students is a bit different.

— posted by “UNC9607”

Not my experience

I think that the ratio does play an important role, but the article did not portray my experience here. When I wanted to have fun, I did. When I was ready for more of a commitment, I got one. I’ve never felt that I had been pushed to do more than I wanted to, and I’ve never felt used.

I’ve had my fair share of rejections and doing the rejecting.

However, I do think that it is very true that Carolina men are able to date women who are smarter and better looking. You tend to see that a lot around here. But that doesn’t mean that those women aren’t happy. I’m sure many of them are.

— posted by “pmoney”

Offensive to men, too

As a male student on campus, I felt like the article was demeaning to the student body as a whole. It makes the whole female population sound like a bunch of desperate whores who sleep around in the hopes of finding a “steady relationship.”

It also makes all of the guys look like heartless jerks who could care less about a girl’s feelings and are just looking for a one-night stand.

While these assumptions may be true for a portion of the student population, they are not true for everyone, as the article made it seem.

— posted by “morgan13”

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