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Monday August 8th

After crash that killed 3 in July, Chapel Hill bars to see review

Kania, a 20-year-old former UNC student, faces three second-degree murder charges for the crash, which also injured another passenger in the other car.

Kania, who is suspected of having consumed alcohol at the two bars on the night of the crash, was also recently charged with two counts of using a driver’s license issued to another person to enter a business where alcoholic beverages are sold.

Alcohol Law Enforcement Agent Jeff Lasater noted that these additional charges are different from buying alcohol with a fake ID, although it does come from the same statute.

As a result of the investigation into Kania’s access to alcohol at these bars, reports have been submitted by ALE to the ABC commission in regards to La Residence and He’s Not.

ABC spokeswoman Agnes Stevens said the next step in the process is a review by the ABC commission’s legal team.

She said the lack of a liquor permit at He’s Not does not have any bearing on the outcome.

Stevens said the ABC commission does not bring criminal charges against businesses; their only authority is over alcohol permits.

Possible sanctions for La Residence and He’s Not include the suspension or revocation of permits, Stevens said.

And she said another possibility is known as a notice of alleged violation and offer of compromise. In this case, the business can either agree to the settlement or opt for a hearing in front of an administrative law judge.

Jim Gregory, the director of media relations for UNC, confirmed that Chandler Kania is no longer a UNC student. He is also no longer listed in the UNC directory.

A 19-year-old UNC sophomore, who asked to remain anonymous, said he had been to both He’s Not and La Residence, among other bars, while using a fraudulent ID. He said getting into bars underage was somewhat difficult.

“When I say difficult, I mean I’ve never had my ID rejected. It’s difficult because I’m a little nervous,” he said.

He remembered on one occasion a bouncer at La Residence questioned his age and only let him in after affirmation.

“He gave me this look that he knew that it was fake,” he said. “But he still let me in.”

UNC senior Amy Forster, who is over 21, said she goes to He’s Not pretty frequently and would be disappointed if she wasn’t able to go there anymore.

“I haven’t really formed an opinion on whether or not He’s Not should be put on probation,” Forster said.

“But underage people drink at a lot of places, and I’m not sure that putting He’s Not on probation would change that.”


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