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Tuesday January 18th

Kvetching Board for Feb. 12, 2016

It’s hard to believe that about a week ago I ventured into the outdoors in shorts. Now it’s too cold to even consider going outside in my triple layered sweaters and heavy winter jacket, but, hey, that’s part of living in Four Seasons, North Carolina.

Wilson Sink’s campaign video parodying The Office was poorly executed. But the idea was amazing and one of a kind! Which is essentially every Michael Scott moment ever. Good job?

My professor made fun of the small town I was from in the middle of class. He did not know I was from there, but I want to let him know I am not as bad as everyone else from there.

To the people trying to get rid of Bull’s Head and Daily Grind: You will be remembered when the People’s revolution takes back our university.

Panthers should have put Steph Curry in as kicker, he makes his 3-pointers.

To the student in the group project... Spoiler Alert... it won’t be any different in the Real World.

Kanye West just needs to stop. I hate how hard it is becoming to listen to his music.

Why stop at the corporatization of the Daily Grind and the Bull’s Head, Brad? My suggestion: J. Crew University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

John Fennebresque was arrested for trying to bring a gun on an airplane. I am pretty sure the truth is funnier than any joke I could possibly make.

Another Student Body President election cycle has come and gone. How will the new winner destroy all my hope in student government?

The second worst feeling in the world is when you hear dogs were in the Pit while you were studying for a midterm. The worst feeling in the world is when you failed the test and there are no dogs to comfort you.

Trying to not eat meat is hard. People get super defensive when you tell them why and it was so hard to avoid chicken wings at Super Bowl parties. But this is my life now and I need to accept it.

Why are the Carolina Panthers becoming the new down-on-their-luck team in the NFL? I now sympathize more with Chicago Cubs fans — but even they have a curse to blame. All we have is bad luck.

The rich are getting richer (UNC- Chapel Hill top administrators) and the poor are getting poorer (the rest of the UNC-Chapel Hill staff).

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