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Thursday June 1st

Kvetching Board for April 28, 2017

kvetch: v.1 (Yiddish) to complain

Editor’s Note: Here’s the top kvetches from this past semester! Thank you so, so much for sending us your questions, comments, concerns and above all: complaints!

It’s FDOC and I have already identified The Man Who Talks Without Raising His Hand in my feminist philosophy class.

Enough with the reflexive contrarianism, sheesh!

To the cute brunette in the chorus with all the allergies — hope you’re not allergic to dates because I’d like to take you out for something romantic. And dairy-free.

I asked out a girl through the kvetching board a few weeks ago, and she said yes. Thanks print journalism!

The architect of the Muslim travel ban, Steven Miller, went to Duke. Just sayin’.

The class b4 mine always leaves notes on the board & today one bullet point said “sexy coconut farms.”

Obligatory “why isn’t there a closer Cook Out” kvetch.

The best #GDTBATH is the day when it’s a #BDTBAD (bad day to be a d00kie).

CDS, stop trying to make “Chase Dining Hall” happen. It’s not going to happen!

Can’t commit in my real relationships, but I told a dog on Franklin Street I loved him within 30 seconds.

Not funny: DTH publishing a photo of Linda’s under the heading “Bye, bye business”. Way to make us read the article!

My professor told me I “looked awake” as a compliment and I’d never felt so flattered.

Gluten-free pretzels are pretty good. Give them a try, UNC community. I find them better than regular pretzels; fight me!

Gonzaga? More like GONEzaga. Lol we won.

Has The Daily Tar Heel forsaken the bees?

Send your one-to-two sentence entries to, subject line “kvetch.”


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