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Monday January 24th

Kvetching board for April 22, 2016


v.1 (Yiddish) to complain

“Life’s just a party & parties weren’t meant to last.” — Prince #RIP

Damn you Wendy’s... How dare you be closed at 10 in the morning when I am jonesing for a Baconator. Who are you to judge me?

Only people from the business school prefer Starbucks to The Daily Grind.

The thought of watching UNC basketball without Justin Jackson and Joel Berry next year makes me want to ugly cry while eating ice cream and watching “Friends” even more than I already do.

I bet Ted Cruz is really good at Chutes and Ladders.

What are all these college basketball coaches doing to their knees that is requiring knee replacements?

Taxation is theft.

You know you’ve taken the wrong class when the shorthand notation for a math equation has more Greek letters than the entire IFC system.

Note to Pat McCrory and the General Assembly: The bathroom stuff in HB2 is largely pointless at UNC because we would have to have bathrooms that, you know, human beings would feel comfortable using.

The article about football coaches’ wives was nice. Lots of family inconveniences. We probably should consider that many of the families have six figure incomes. That probably tops the faculty average. I hope that they continue to cope.

I enjoy reading the Kvetching Board, but sometimes the kvetches get risque. An example is one posted in last week’s paper. Calling someone a D*** seriously? It would be nice if you could keep the kvetches funny but respectful.

Barnes and Nobles is the kind of bookstore you go to only when there is no other bookstore to go to.

Sure, it has books. But the staff are often just as faceless as the corporation itself.

Seriously, check out any Staff Recommendation at a Barnes and Nobles. I guarantee you they will be “Catch 22,” “Paradise Lost” and “Killing Reagan.”

Like if I wanted those recommendations I would just ask my grandma.

I love books more than UNC, honestly. UNC should love books more than UNC. We are a public center of learning.

Shoutout to Flyleaf. Prepare to get all of my business. You all should just make an on-campus popup location.

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