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Saturday January 22nd

Kvetching board for Sept. 16, 2016


v.1 (Yiddish) to complain

Is this a kvetching board or a lonely hearts club? I hope the shiny newness wears off soon and the resentment and pain creeps through. #TrueKvetch

Driving home from work when a guy, in passing, gives me ‘that look’. Child ... not everyone in Chapel Hill is in their 20s and while I may be ‘old’ enough to be, I’m glad I’m not yo’ Mama.

To all my fellow south-of-Manning Drive residents who shoot me funny looks when I cross before the walk sign comes on — learn the light sequence. It’s safe, I swear!

To the Quick Hits writer, the Cubs were mean to a precious goat. They had it coming and deserve to lose.

The radical magazine is back in the Pit. Every single time I pass by them I wonder, maybe I could be a fringe writer. But then I realize I am too complacent in a neo-liberal lifestyle.

Isn’t it strange when your favorite punk artist starts writing music for suburban families?

I just like rainy weather because you can walk through the Pit and not have to talk to anyone.

Sometimes The Daily Tar Heel opinion page can be a parody of itself.

The stigma around reading for fun ought to die. I don’t make fun of you when you watch three straight seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Stop judging me for reading three volumes on Marxism.

Vinyl Perk was too good for this earth. While we miss it, we know something that pure would never last.

Kvetching about every single student who went to the Kanye concert. Like I am happy for you and I am going to let you finish talking about the experience, but honestly, I wanted to go.

The NCAA should just buy an apartment room to house all the investigators they must send here. Honestly, they can just sublease from me over the summer.

The Daily Tar Heel hasn’t run a wire cartoon in a while. That is a real improvement.

There are so many protests going on this weekend, I don’t know what to be more outraged over. Can’t we all unite for something?

Why are classes allowed to be held beyond South Road? It is so, so far away from anything worth going to. South Campus should be abolished.

When your friend is super excited about BugFest and you reconsider why you ever liked them.

I never go into the Student Stores anymore. It is too sad, too painful. Long live The Grind.

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