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Friday February 26th

Tips for finding off-campus housing that works for you

It is the time of the year where students have to figure out where they will be living next school year. Students who choose to live off-campus have the option of either living in an apartment or in a house. Finding a place to live is not always easy, even with the wide range of options out there. There are a lot of factors that go into finding a place to live and upperclassmen who have gone through the process before have shared some tips about finding the perfect place to live next year.

Cassie White


Shortbread Lofts

“Sign your lease as soon as possible. I preferred somewhere that was closer to campus so I don’t have to rely on buses.”

Sonia Vasconcellos

Public Policy, Global Studies

Shortbread Lofts

“Definitely start early — a lot of the freshmen I know had a hard time finding a lease in time. Find good people to live with because I had a roommate move out because it was a bad situation. Shortbread is a good location, Lux (at Central Park) is far and uphill — I would suggest Shortbread or Warehouse for sure.”

Wendy Ji

Public Policy

Warehouse Apartments

“I know I picked (housing) off convenience and location — something to keep in mind is quality of the stuff too. Find people you enjoy living with.”

Alex Fisher


Lux at Central Park

“Plan very early — it is important whether you get your own room and other basic amenities. I live in Lux and the shuttle is pretty clutch when it comes to getting to class. Look into roommate matching services. It obviously helps if you have a group beforehand.”

Alex Kacvinsky

Journalism, Pre-Med

Off-campus house

“Talk to upperclassmen that you know. One of the easiest things to do is to contact people that you know that might be leaving, or know seniors that may be leaving to see if they know of any availability. I think that the websites can be kind of confusing and you really never know what is really meant for college students and what is meant for actual families. It is nice, if you work through UNC students, you have deeper insights about potential houses.”


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