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Friday June 18th

Here is a list of things you can do to show kindness this week

<p>Loki the dog wears a tiny shirt.&nbsp;</p>
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Loki the dog wears a tiny shirt. 

This is a hard week, regardless of your political affiliation.

This was a gross election.

A lot of people are very upset for valid reasons, and the eerie feeling on campus has made it hard to ignore.

Now, we could use this space to rant about everything that's gone down over the past few days, disparaging and throwing out cruel nicknames to describe those who disagree with us.

But anyone who wanted to read that can just look at their Facebook feeds.

So, instead, we're gonna go a different route.

It may not feel like it right now, but the people elected on Tuesday who will represent this country on a political level don't have to guide what we do on a personal level.

There is actual scientific research that says that being kind to others and doing volunteer work can improve your mood.

In a time when everyone can use a little extra kindness in their lives, here is a list of things you can do to be kind:

Buy your friend alcohol. If you legally can’t, buy them ice cream. Maybe, if you’re lucky, YoPo will have their kahlua and bailey’s flavor, and you can kill two birds with one stone.

This cloudy day isn't anything YoPo can't fix. #TARgram

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If you have a dog, let your friends and strangers pet it.

Adopt a dog. If you live in a dorm, adopt a fish.

Offer to get Taco Bell for your coworkers.

Start thinking of Secret Santa gifts you can get for your friends — Redbubble is a great place to start.

Laugh at your professor’s joke and at least try to act like it’s not just for extra credit on your paper.

Go with your friend to Pint Night if they need someone to go with. Friendship is more important than sleeping.

Send dog videos to your friends in a fun email chain.

Bring cookies into your class!!!!! ASTR 101, Rachel is coming for all 250 of you.

Text a friend. They might make you a Google spreadsheet of jobs to apply to.

Play Christmas music because it’s time for that.

Tell your friends it’s okay for them to skip class. They were probably going to anyways, but affirmation is nice.

Tell your friends that you love and appreciate them.

Tell your family that you love and appreciate them.

Tell a random dog that you love and appreciate them (also tell their owner too!)

Call your mom! SHE MISSES YOU!!!!!!!!

Leave a large tip at a restaurant you go to, especially if that restaurant is Bandido’s.

Pay for the person behind you at Starbucks/ Alpine / The Meantime.

Write fanfiction about your friend and their political idol.

Offer to go on a soothing walk with your friend. There are some great trails all around campus.

Actually volunteer. Here are some great opportunities that you can get involved in.

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