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Tuesday May 30th

Kvetching board for Jan. 13, 2017


v.1 (Yiddish) to complain

Can I complain about big swings in temperature from morning to afternoon, even when we keep having 75 degree days? Yes.

Dear bicyclists, I know saying “on the left” is polite when passing someone on the left. But since that phrase always causes me to jump left as you’re passing me, can you pick another one?

Can’t commit in my real relationships, but I told a dog on Franklin Street I loved him within 30 seconds

FedEx has forgotten my humanity. My bed has taken 10 days to arrive. Where shall I sleep?

To the professor who in the course of an example let out that Jon Snow had been killed in “Game of Thrones”: you fail in my gradebook for not including a spoiler alert.

I am from New York. Thanks, winter snow, for at least giving UNC one day where undergrads dressed like grown ups that save their sweats for the bedroom or gym.

If R. Kelly is playing the inauguration, I would personally pledge him a million dollars he does not need if he will be true to form and piss in Trump’s face.

Rogue One was significantly better than The Force Awakens and if you disagree with me you’re wrong.

Hey students, I know I might be about to blow your conception of reality out of the water multiple times over, but did you know using computers in class is actually proven to be less effective for learning?

What sort of astrologically ignorant goat is writing the Quick Hits column? Rameses has his own Zodiac sign — Aries, The Ram — and leads off the celestial parade March 21-April 20. The first out of the gate even before the race has begun.

Damn, Lenoir, back at it again with that serving hot chocolate on a 70-degree day.

Yesterday’s Quick Hits section left me aghast and had me clutching my pearls. In what world does the goat-mermaid Capricorn look more like Rameses than the actual ram Aries???

It’s FDOC and I have already identified The Man Who Talks Without Raising His Hand in my feminist philosophy class.

I hate people who talk about their social capital all the time. Like damn, find something better to do.

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